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Dec 31, 2017
This anime entirely eliminates one of Houseki no Kuni's (the manga) stand-out flaws. Unlike its roughly drawn, sparsely backgrounded manga counterpart, the anime looks amazing and uses CGI to its advantage, rather than as a tool to drive down animation costs.

The refraction of the gems' hair looks amazing, the colour palette is bright and beautiful (though gets a little ugly in the later episodes), and the music gives a whimsical, almost-Ghibli vibe that you can never go wrong with. Some of the fight scene sound effects are pretty questionable, but the music makes up for it. We can finally experience Houseki no Kuni in a read more
Nov 11, 2017
[Spoiler Warning]

I really do like Houseki no Kuni's wonderful characters and whimsical fantasy tone -- until it loses it along with most of its charm and Phosphophyllite's sanity. From chapter 19 onward, Houseki no Kuni's tone and pacing suffer bouts of schizophrenia. Excessive and often repetitive action scenes drag out the midsection of the currently released chapters, littered with gratuitous "deaths". The most interesting and nuanced characters are sidelined until all that's really left to focus on is Phos, Cairngorm, and Adamant -- and maybe Cinnabar, too, since the mangaka really likes to remind you that Cinnabar exists just as you're about to forget.

Houseki no read more
Dec 2, 2012
I give this anime a solid 7 because it has too much plot and there is not enough tits and ass for my liking

But there's a trap in it so it's okay!