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Sep 21, 2023
Kansen 3: Shuto Houkai takes place after 4 years of the original Kansen anime. supposedly the virus has hidden itself here and returned 4 years later much stronger but i find that quite weird because virusus dont work like that. The story is actually quite enjoyble, with a good plot too. The hentai have 2 episodes each one with its unique settings, But not gonna lie every shot made by a pistol made me laugh out loud, because it happens so swiftly you cannot see it. The characters design is pretty nice, the blonde babe was so goddamn hot and they made her sleep with ...
Aug 24, 2023
Natsumushi The Animation is unfortunately one of the not so good Hentais out there due to the fact that there is hardly any Fu**ing in it, like goddamn man, 3 scenes only where pee pee enters the womenhood in 2 episodes?! holy shit man might as well just masturbate to Cars 2.
The settings are all in a train and a public toilet , so there is really not that much to work with, you will get a pervy molester and a scared girl or an over the top prostitute that does not care about the public moral codes and thats it. The Female main characters ...
Aug 19, 2023
Mesu Kyoushi 4: Kegasareta Kyoudan is an anime based on the Mesu Kyoushi VN series except we jumped immediately from 1 to 4 with no 2 and 3, no idea why.
The story in the seires is what you would expect from a hentai made in a school settings which will usually include blackmail and rape and such things.
The characters design in actually quite good and i think there is a good chance this will appeal to a lot of people , the voice acting was good but there was a bit too much talking and stupid comments that made me want to play superman 64 ...
Aug 4, 2023
Anata no Shiranai Kangofu is your typical Hentai about nurses and a patient but this time the patient is not so ugly to look at. The art style was good ,the women are cute, and the best thing about it is that you can find this anime uncensored , the worst thing about it is sadly the plot , you can see they tried to give us a good horror style story but they failed at it because there is so many plot holes left unanswerd. One of the best things about this series is the goddamn OST man. I thought i was watching Hentai ...
Jul 13, 2023
Holy Moly man . I watched this expecting nothing from a goddamn 4 and a half minutes but goddamn was i wrong.
Saimin Jutsu Zero Special takes place in what i think after the original hentai. This time the animation man, the animation was so good i thought i was watching a Mappa produced anime or something , i did not expect anything like that. This time we are looking at the other MC from the Saimin Jutsu, Susumu-kun which was unable to speak in the prequel, but now..this fucker does not shut up ,and he says what should be said , in a good way ...
Jul 13, 2023
This hentai was really good compared to a lot of other saimin type hentais.
Saimin Jutsu Zero takes place in an alternative world from the prequel Saimin Jutsu with the same loved four eyed Bastard MC Prof.Dr. Murakoshi. Last season this wanker was just a run in the mill new neighbour but now he is not fucking around and goes right into business . The best thing about this anime that it is uncensored man. What a treat to the eyes. The animation, the sound track, and the pussy match were amazing, but there were some ladies that did not had any action which is a ...
Jun 22, 2023
Shion Special (Anime) add
If i were to choose between this and the parent hentai i would go with this short Ova all day long.

the story is a continuation to the SHION hentai ,you can even call this Episode an extended canon ending to the orginal series.

there is unfortunately only one scene on this OVA and it is better than all the scenes combined in the parent hentai. What can i say ?

tentacles are really not my thing.i really wish they made it into a full episode so that you can wank to your heart content. I really think

that if you enjoyed the Parent hentai , you ...
Jun 19, 2023
Shitsurakuen (Anime) add
I actually really enjoyed this one as it has plot and not just doing the deed. The story was unique.
It is not the best art and animation but it is what you would expect from Y.O.U.C. The 2 main girls are alright too. son of a bitch glasses guy made it a bit worse sadly. one of the girls had a complex about her body which i found so hot for some reason. But sadly there is a lot of things that are just not explained. **SPOILER**: I really liked the last scene when you they referenced god and adam.

Do give it a go if ...
Jun 19, 2023
This shit is awful.
It is a story about 2 women and one ugly bastard , but do believe me , this man is not just ugly he is so old i bet when he was born rainbows were black and white.
the 2 episodes are terrible, no good scenes as it always rape and they would just not shut up, i just had to be a chad and watch it with no headphones. both parties would just not shut up. They always talk about saving the crew but i only saw the 2 woman and the UG and one dead corpse at the end, ...
Jun 5, 2023
The 3 episodes of Yama Hime no Mi is about a horny mom and a pathatic son.

This hentai has 2 parts, Part 1 is Ep 1 and 2 which talk about the journey of a divorced mom that likes her manger , i have no idea why she likes him i thought he was pretty normal , the son on the other hand was just a sarcastic piece of shit,he watches her AV videos that the manager uploads online ( cheeky bastard ). Art style is different each episode which is quite nice so that you can taste some diversity.

Part 2 is Ep 3. Here ...

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