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bomi Nov 18, 9:00 AM
I'm cursed or something because I deleted the reply two times without noticing :(

Don't you get overwhelmed? I remember when I had a schedule similar to yours or even busier that I ended up doing nothing because I wanted to do so many things I couldn't decide lol

How come you're shy? I'm sure a lot of people like your works! There was a time when I wanted to write fanfiction too because there are some headcanons I love but they're not written or I don't particularly like the way they're written (yeah, I know, I'm really picky when it comes to the way of one's writing) but then I go back to the "I don't know how to do it and I get frustrated" xD Do you write about original characters or anime, movies, etc. ones?

Right? It sounds happy and at the same time it's everything else. Btw that "makes me feel" reminds me of this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUmjKCjeu1A I found it when I was watching pole dancing videos

Tbh I don't find instagram that fun either. It's just a plataform for people to show us about their "perfect" lives. I have an account because I love sunsets and I used to take photos and post them there. When I stopped using it I deleted everything and now I sometimes use it to watch people's stories (mostly famous people) when I'm waiting for class to start or something.
Oh, so they're like AMV but shorter? I LOVE the Yato one. The song that person used is perfect for him and I forgot how good looking he is *sigh* I'm laughing so hard with the last one. I was watching it for like 5 mins waiting for it to finish before I realized it's always the same lol

Oh why don't you upload them to youtube?

I listened to Better than That and I loved it! I'm gonna listen to the album later <3 That actually happened to me with Lana del Rey. I didn't really like her music until I got used to it sadly I don't listen to her anymore

Don't say that! You're never late to play a game. I played for the first time this last summer FFIV and I still have to play IV and V. You can download almost every FF so you should try them if you're interested!! How's Persona 5? I love the aesthetic but I don't know anything about that game :( The Last of Us is really good, I love the main characters TTT you should check it out or at least watch the story cuts if you can't play it.
I've played Ib and To the Moon. I barely remember what was Ib about tho. Do you know OFF? I loved that game, it's a bit similar to Ib I think.
Glad to know there's someone out there wasting money on books and not reading them too xD

I bet... I'm happy I never had to mention it because when I was little they saw me watching anime on TV or it would be the same as you :c
GlowingAura Nov 16, 10:14 PM
That's a good idea, though usually I watch a bit of the dub and see if I'm able to deal with the VAs for main characters. Not really, though back when I was a Fairy Tail weeb I used to rewatch that over and over... I've also rewatched a season of Teekyuu, but a whole season is literally 24 minutes so that's a bit different.

Yeah, though I wish the episodes were longer. It has 4 couples (one is canon the rest aren't but it's obvious they will be) and I love all of them ♥

Lol, that sounds like Bakemonogatari gone wrong (minus the edgy killing, totally recommend it btw). All I know about it is there's some kind of supernatural creature girl who got experimented on, broke out and became a yandere or something.... no idea.

I really liked the anime, tbh I was expecting Tohru to end up with Yuki since that's how most shoujo would go but she actually got with Kyou. I'm happy because I really liked him. I'll probably read the manga but I feel like the final episodes were a bit overly-dramatic, but I'll still try it out.
GlowingAura Nov 16, 1:26 PM
You're welcome!

That's cool! I really like Jerry's voice. Aw, that's a shame but it's lucky enough for them to go to your city. Hmm, I started out with dub so I've watched quite a bit but I mainly watch sub now (Unless the dub is said to be way better or it's Fairy Tail, which I started out dubbed). How about you?

There are a lot of time-skips and the couple makes no sense at all, not to mention they still acted like acquaintances after getting together. Most good shoujos you can find don't have adaptations, but Nijiiro Days is really good. The anime only has short episodes though, the manga is better but I recommend both.

I'm not sure that I would like Elfen Lied, I may not even watch it because of the horror tag. But I've heard it's pretty bad.
bomi Nov 16, 8:22 AM
Oh, what a pity :( I'd say french is easy to learn and maybe you could learn it by yourself but I think I find it easier since it's similar to spanish. Why don't you go to a language school? I bet they offer more languages there.

Only a day? wow then I'll try it, too :P I have never tried it because I thought it would be difficult and I never thought it would be useful but who knows what could happen.

Sounds interesting! I'm already curious about why the boy's world is going to be destroyed, so I would love to read it someday when you finish it. Ah, yeah I get it. I suggested that because a while ago I knew this girl who was friend with people who wrote fanfiction and then, she started to, too. Whenever they finished a fanfic or were almost finished they passed it to someone to read it before publishing it (they called them "beta" or something like that) and they'd point if the author had misspelling or plot holes.

Yeah I feel you, before I decided to make a spotify account I always had trouble finding new music. I probably found a few songs I liked but everything else was just... meh. I'm grateful for spotify since it has the discover tab and it suggests songs based on what you listen to. Besides, let's be honest here, I'm such a lazy person that I never spent more than an hour looking for new music so this is heaven lol. P!ATD is one of my favorite bands!! How could I forget about them. Oh, I didn't knew BABYMETAL, I'll check them out today :> In Love With a Ghost music is just so relaxing and refreshing... Mine's "sorry for not answering the phone, i'm too busy trying to fly away" I think

Btw do you know Acid Ghost? I love this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiLAEkIONRQ

I do barely use instagram but I don't know what you're refering to or at least I think I know but not exactly. There are accounts that make videos with music?
I did once! I think the song I listened to was "Teen Idle" and then I didn't like the next song I listened to and stopped lol but I will check these songs out 👀

I play any game I can. Final Fantasy would be my favorite franchise even though I didn't play all of them but my fav are IX and X. I don't play much these days because I don't own a PS4/Xbox or a good computer. Oh, and my DS is broken. So I have to limit myself to watch gameplays ;; it's sad because it's not the same as playing and even if I know a lot about a game I can't say I played it. One of my favorites outside the Final Fantasy ones is The Last of Us but guess what! I didn't play it because I can't :( Sometimes I buy games in steam but they're rpg/jrpg since they don't have that much requirements, usually. I know I could save up and buy a console but when I finally decide to do something I lose interest. Like, I buy a book I wanted so bad, then don't touch it for weeks or even months. With this it would be the same, I don't want to spend that much money to not use it or to just play a few games (because one thing is the console but the games too, I'm too poor lol). Do you play any games?

lol same, I forget to say hi and maybe people think I'm rude or something.

Yeah I agree, but at the same time I think they should try to open their mind a bit, try to be more comprehensive of their kids. I try to do that with them but is just tiring because they don't cooperate at all. One thing I realized is that they open a bit with their kids as times goes by and they grow up, it's something :c
GlowingAura Nov 16, 2:34 AM
Thank you, Aurora is a really pretty one too! I guess it isn't that common ^^

I don't have any conventions where I live, there are probably some in the bigger cities in Australia but it'd be a pain to drive to those.

Yess > < I'd love to see a fanfiction about them, better yet a doujinshi.

I see you've added Itazura na Kiss to your PTW, I don't think you'd enjoy it at all. Maybe less than Elfen Lied (though I haven't seen that yet).
GlowingAura Nov 16, 2:14 AM
Wow, we have similar names.. we both like Todd as well. Have you seen some of the panels he's done? He's so funny.

karma x izaya and karma x karma ftw
bomi Nov 11, 11:42 AM
Don't worry, mine is long too :c btw I sent you a friend request if you don't mind
bomi Nov 11, 11:40 AM
My first language is spanish :> Your school don't offer another language? When I was in school english was obligatory and at the same time they offered french, too. French was optional and I studied it for 6 years. However I don't remember anything so it's like I didn't learn it lol. Yeah, I tried to learn another language by myself with online resources but it was just a waste of time and it's better when you have someone teaching you. Woah, really? So cool! Is ASL difficult?

Little by little I'm sure you'll write a wonderful story! Can I ask what's it about? Maybe if as you write you let someone read it, that person can tell you if you messed up in case you didn't realized it? For the plot-holes you could ask yourself questions about the things you introduce (why did I introduce it, what can I do with it, how I resolved it or something like that). Ah, I hope you don't stress yourself, I heard that the beginning and the endings are harder to write.

At least you wear some colors, if you open my wardrove you'll see everything black and then a few gray/white t-shirts and that's it lol. Yeah and besides the time it takes it's really expensive. Not everything, of course, there're really cheap things that have a good quality but the "best" or prettiest = $$$. There are some lipsticks that I want that cost 10$ and I'm not going to buy something that expensive just to wear it one time in the whole year.

Oh, this question is kind of difficult because I listen to everything. I guess it depends on my mood but what I like the most is dream pop and indie. A long time ago I loved rock (and I still do) but I don't listen it that much nowadays. I just open spotify and go to the discover tab and save the songs I like, usually. So I could give you a bunch of genres but I'll go with songs I've been listening to lately:

I hope you find something you like in those few songs/artists if you don't know them yet :) if you want more I could look in my spotify account. And I thought I barely listen to anything but looking for differents songs for you I realized I listen to too many artists that I got overwhelmed lol.

Maybe they're anxious because they don't know how to talk with you but I'm glad they're warming up to you <3 I'm kind of invisible in my classes so I don't know how I should feel.

That's really good! I learned that I have to ignore (only a bit) my parents opinions since we barely agree on anything and if I contradict them they think I'm attacking them and everything ends on fights. So I decided to save the suffering xD Hahaha poor adults, they can't understand how good is to observe people
bomi Nov 7, 7:38 AM
I wish I was as serious as you are about writting because after I tried a few times I grow frustrated since I couldn't capture the essence of my thoughts and just gave up (plus I'm really stubborn and if I writte something I want to do it in english, which isn't my first language and it's more difficult for me). And honestly, after doing a lot of essays and works for my classes where some of them turned to be not that... great, I'm more disappointed so I just stick to reading what other people write and fangirl about it lol. OH, do you know what would your novel be about? or you have no idea?

Don't worry about rambling, it's interesting! Do you dress up with dark colours or brighter ones? From what you said your style it's really good! I have never wore makeup either, just recently I started to use lipstick but that's it. I don't really have the time nor interest to learn how to apply make up :c but I find fascinating what make up artists do.

Agreed, but in certains moments memes are a breath of fresh air. Yet, I have to admit that when they're overused or not really funny they end up being annoying

I used to do that too, but I stopped because sometines those thoughts made me a bit depressed like... "this person looks bored when we're together/doesn't laught at all" and when I saw them (or thought how would they be) with someone else and them being a bit different I felt weird. I don't know how to explain it ;; Tbh if someone is telling me something even if is boring/uninteresting I'd listen anyway because I really like to observe how people talk, how they move and how they get angry, happy, excited or even bored themselves for a short period of time
Wennarg Nov 4, 8:21 AM
I'm fine and you?

Yes I'm watching Durarara !! but I do not feel very excited, the anime did not involve me much in this second season.

One Piece is my favorite manga, I really like it, what do you think so far? The story is very engaging.
bomi Nov 4, 8:08 AM
Exactly, I'm not good with people either and that's why I don't really understand when people say things like "why don't you make more friends and go out more often" or "are you going out? alone?". I don't think is that difficult to understand that not everyone likes or gets along with others, but well.

Oh, what do you write about? I'd love to do so but I don't know how to put what I think into words and then sentences :( btw I don't get the eccentric/meme part, I think I live under a rock lmao

Yes !! when people are happy it's like they spread their happiness and that makes you happy too, I really love it even if it's not because of me but I guess I get more excited when fictional characters that I care about are happy since I don't interact that much with people besides my family. Haha we're similar, my face to face convos are based on monosyllables from my part and maybe smiles/laughs. And silence. Probably for a lot of people silence is awkward but I love it. I want to know what people think when they're talking to me lol. I like how you think! We're always trying to impress people even if it's unconcious and we should be ourselves
bomi Nov 3, 2:30 PM
It is! When I was younger I never met someone who felt like me so I always thought that not having friends or someone to talk was my fault, so when I actually met someone like that it felt really good, even though it was a bit late because that was when I started to be happier by being by myself. This is one of the reasons I mentioned it to you even if we don't know each other, because it's really hard to accept and it is reassuring to know more people like that (even in the bad days, because those never get away, it's only normal) :> Especially when adults/society are always telling us how to live our lifes since we're kids (have a lot of friends, get married, have kids...) and then try to make us feel bad if we don't have something of that. It's pretty tiring. Being alone should be encouraged. In a good way, of course, because it's something positive. You use your free time for yourself and your needs, it's even... therapeutic for the lack of other word.

I'm glad you're happier now and I hope it continues like that! And well, that depends on the person but we'll always meet new people and someone will stick, even if for a short time. If I put myself as an example, right now I only have two people I care about (as friends) but they both live in different cities so I barely see them and I barely talk with them. Here applies what I said before: since I spend my time for myself and make myself happy, I don't really much time for other people even though spending time with them sometimes is nice too in my case I always end up pretty tired after an hour, two hours? socialising, and don't get me started because I'm super awkward, that's why I don't even try to meet new people lol

Yes, it was a compliment !! Things will change for sure, but not every fourteen years old sounds mature especially when being a teenager is though per se, so I was a bit surprised when I visited your profile after reading that post on the forums (not that I know a lot of teenagers but you know)
CookieGawd Nov 3, 8:09 AM
ah that's understandable, sorry i wasnt thinking about the situation.

do you guys have any activities you usually do there together as like a family?
bomi Nov 3, 6:53 AM
Hey! I just saw this on the forums:

and I have to say that I feel you on a spiritual level :c I struggled a lot when I was in my teens because I didn't know how to make friends and when I made them they didn't last. Now it's been more than 5 years since I stopped caring for that and I'm just being happy with myself and don't feel lonely anymore. It's sad because I had to learn it the "hard" way.

Btw, are you really from 2003? you sound mature :o
CookieGawd Nov 2, 10:43 PM
Sounds top comf desu, what do you find stressful about it? Chores are a pain, but getting away and living around nature sounds great.

How often do you go to live there?