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Ethereal-Lament May 16, 2014 2:23 PM
Ah you're right; my friend said the same thing about Yemen. Media portrayal really does show the worst and nothing of the good...

Ouch, do you happen to have a macbook? xD every time someone says the hdd on laptop died I guess macbook and I'm right 100% of the time, so far :P, I finshed Little Busters; Refrain. Did you happen to see that + fist season? If you've seen Angel beats and haven't seen this, maybe you should consider it :o

Don't you think Joffrey's brother Tommen look so similar? They did an amazing job with casting xD. Tyrion's trial was surprising, I didn't expect Shae to appear. When Tyrion said he was going to confess and go for the trial by combat thing... Her face look absolutely horrified like, "I shouldn't Have done that... fuck".
Ethereal-Lament Apr 27, 2014 8:46 PM
I heard about that place as well, too bad I never got a chance. Maybe another time xD tell me how it is if you go! It's a good thing you witnessed that before it was gone :( it sounds amazing. I've seen pictures in books but, I doubt its anything like seeing it with your own eyes. No... Never had a chance to go, I've only spent a day in Ecuador for a transfer flight in terms of venturing into central-south America. Especially now, I hear its quite dangerous and probably not worth the risk :(

I have been busy lately, but I finished Kill la Kill and just started Kyousougiga. It is over the top at times but the end was pretty good, I suggest you hang on if you haven't given up.

I've been craving smoothies lately, I'd take yours for free thanks :3

Totally forget about those parents. I'm grown up and they're late bloomers, it's okay. Did you see tonight's episode yet!? I'm sorta sad to see Joffrey go because the actor is just so amazing at being Joffrey. I actually expected him to live longer, oh well.
Ethereal-Lament Apr 13, 2014 9:40 AM
It is child abuse, but I've put that behind me. They actually thought I was acting and like I said, they thought everyone was conspiring against them. The strange thing was, a lot of the hotel staff, guides and tourists discourage people from eating local because of sanitation issues. If you are familiar with the caste system, basically something like Italian, Chinese, Mcdonalds, KFC was considered royal and upper class. Anything else is sort of off limits if you wish to stay off the toilet. I've heard of the Milford track... But I was never really into hiking xD I'd be more than happy with visiting animal sanctuaries the whole trip. Have you ever left the US?

Thanks, I'll look into it. I was really having trouble and I never found a site like this. Years ago I used to use a site like this but it kept shutting down

All I ate was soup too :( like a mashed potato-chicken-leek-??? mix for a long time, I guess that was my biggest hurdle too. My parents tried to add tofu for nutrition but I couldn't keep it in my stomach >.> I think it took over a week before I could keep solid stuff down. So sad. NEVER AGAIN

Yep, but I think it's sort of a cultural issue. They are physically in another country but sort of failed to leave behind their obsolete mindsets. Like I said though, moving past all of this :3 not really a big deal. What'd you think of the season premier!? Did you see it yet?
Ethereal-Lament Apr 5, 2014 8:58 AM
My parents were not scared at all, they thought me, other guests and the hotel staff were conspiring against them... Since it was a 99% consensus vs. their 1% it felt like someone "cheated" the polls or something. Typically, my dad thinks I'm lazy as fuck and whenever I complain of a stomachache or ANYTHING he thinks I'm just trying to get out of walking around. It felt like I was a zombie because I was not allowed to sleep until we got back from regular vacation activities... Such as walking 8+ hours and lunch/dinner at Mcdonalds or "chinese restaurants". That medication sort of did its job I suppose, I was fighting it pretty well but you can't completely become immune.. Nothing like that exists because malaria is always changing. When I got back my primary care physician was just completely speechless and was flabbergasted they actually made me go despite his warning. We were actually supposed to go to New Zealand but when we spoke with a group of American and some European backpackers they convinced us not to go. W only had 2 weeks left and there was too much to see in so little time + it was quite expensive to fly. I'm not sure I like the idea of flying over 24 hrs, but maybe when I have the chance I would go and visit :3

Nope, I am usually a season or two behind. I watch things on impulse, whatever is available to download and finished airing = best results. Yup, I liked Mushishi :3 I actually wasn't aware they were rebooting the series? Guess I will look into it. PS. I have kyousougiga TV downloaded, but I am trying to find the ONA and 2012 ver as well. Did you watch streaming or do you happen to have a torrent URL?

I took my pain meds every time I could because I figured... If I was hardly able to swallow soft things, the pain = limitless. I was in a daze too, but I spent it with music lulling me sleep. Mine was during spring break so I had a lot of time to waste during the worst first week @_@ hope you are recovering well or finished recovering. Were you able to eat...?

My parents are very backwards and similar to "helicopter" parents if you've heard of the term... In fact, as you may know.. I'm doing this teaching internship with a friend right? So parents, one day, took it upon themselves and found a job opening for something. I told them well that's great, I'll look into it and call the number if I was interested (beating around the bush). Then they went nuts and said NO it had to be THURSDAY because the recruiter was waiting for my call. Wait a minute, I had this done without my adult consent? Well shit, I had posterboards to help prepare for an upcoming lessonplan. So I had essentially decided, forget that shit... Need to do the posterboards so we can watch Game of Thrones. Then on Friday, afterschool I was helping with some paperwork and I get a call saying something like, you asked for help in applying for x here at company y. Allow me to help, go to WEBSITEURL and I just cut the lady off and said I was sorry, and this was a mistake, good night etc. No words man, no words.
Ethereal-Lament Mar 24, 2014 1:15 PM
I've only seen sloths in zoos... I would love to interact with one up close one day :3 and that's right... Predominantly touristy stuff + the occasional dad's-friend's advice sort of thing. Actually, speaking of stories let's discuss Nepal, it is a very unique country in terms of geography... I believe they are called biomes? because of its altitude variations. I really didn't want to go, I'll tell you why in a moment. Visiting a country like that can be hazardous simply because of infectious "3rd world diseases" and adjusting to drastic sea level changes. My parents and I got hypoxia when we were there... As do most people who visit... But its sort of a hurdle you need to overcome if you wanted to hike around the slopes of Mt. Everest or go for the real deal (not us). Took about a week to recuperate from symptoms... except me, I actually had all kinds of random shit I'd rather not mention happen to me. So what happened? When travelling to a country like Nepal you need like 23874289374289734 shots. One of which is to help prevent the contraction of malaria; my parents took a shot for malaria but it turned out I was allergic to something in the formula. On top of the shot, you needed to take like 2 supplement pills. That was the only preventative measure I could take :( SUPPLEMENT to the shot I was allergic to for best effectiveness against malaria, I'm going to guess its probably like 80% or something. I didn't get the shot... So those pills were like 10-25% effective on its own, isn't that great? They are not meant to replace the shot but was better than nothing -_- the doctor told my parents I was probably better off NOT going because it's quite dangerous. Conveniently, at that time NHO reported mosquito populations carrying a certain type of malaria were at its peak because a monsoon or something passed by (can't remember details anymore). Obviously, they didn't heed the doctor's warning and what happened? No surprise I got malaria and my parents didn't..... Whoopdeedoo. Do take care to assess risks before going to exotic places xD moral of the story

Sounds like it might be interesting. I'll try looking for it after I finish all the anime I have lined up. I finished Sankarea, and Rea's relationship with her father gave me the super creeps x.x I hope there is a S2 too. I don't read manga so I only have anime to rely on :(

Wowwww, have fun with that..... At least you have spring break to sort of wait out the recovery @_@ I'm dreading the day my last two emerge..... I had 2 removed through a procedure; last two can be pulled out. STILL NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO IT AT ALL. Not returning for now.... I don't think my parents have grasped the whole independence thing, at all.
Ethereal-Lament Mar 16, 2014 1:50 PM
I guess I do have some lol whenever a story fits an occasion xD well the best place was probably Australia. Sydney and Melbourne felt very urban so I didn't feel very homesick; often when you travel you sort of need to hunt for necessities since nothing is familiar. When you're in a MODERN city, that's not the case. That wasn't the best part though... The best part were the animals!! I love animals and they were EVERYWHERE! I've been to many many countries but I couldn't appreciate the wild life because my parents were not interested in whale/bird watching or diving in other countries simply because it was not a "thing". Example, is like... If you go to San Francisco, the average person would probably want to see something mainstream like the lombard street? But someone like me would want to got to Monterey Bay and appreciate marine animals. However, Australia's unique marsupials make it a "thing" to see. Since my parents had absolutely no interest in animals... Something like diving at the Great Barrier reef was not on their list. That's probably on the same level as Monterey Bay from my previous example. I guess the second best place would be Nepal because it was a "thing" to go to the jungle safari. More animals!

I just finished Hyouka, it did sort of bore me at some parts but the development was good. I like Oreki too for the same reason. I personally found Eru kind of irritating =_= but I guess without her... We don't really have much of anime. It was definitely way better than Eureka Seven AO by far. I have not seen Kyousou Giga, but I could try to watch it since it appears to be 1 ep? I'm watching Sankarea now, the first ep or two were kind of awkward o_o if you haven't watched it I won't discuss it

Yup, but this sort of story will only be reserved for serious scenarios x_x I've just been doing my job, watching some anime, and playing games :P how about you?
Ethereal-Lament Mar 8, 2014 10:36 AM
Yup, it's far from overreaction time... Either way, it's my life. I don't see why I can't... Relax a a bit, maybe go broke, reestablish myself etc. It's part of life to mess up here and there, but my parents don't want that to happen at all. Over time they fit the description of controlling parents more and more and it's beginning to frighten me lol

Yeah, I went to Australia... Otherwise I would not have known :P I traveled a lot growing up; every continent except Antarctica

It didn't seem to flow well from Eureka Seven... At all. The show definitely had potential to be epic but in the end... I thought it was kinda pointless too for the same reason -_- at times I felt tempted to fast forward (something I rarely feel like doing). What a let down ._. Right now I am watching Hyouka and so far it's quite intriguing but somewhat slow? Have you seen it?

I actually haven't told a lot of my irl friends where I am because I'm afraid my parents will go nuts and try to find me and go after them. I'm still in the North East though xD so I'll leave it at that.

Ethereal-Lament Mar 1, 2014 8:34 PM
Yeah it does make us feel and insignificant. Those who live much simpler livesare probably living the "seclusion" wealthy people seek later in life.

Good luck, I hope your HS pulls through for you :( 6 years is a long time. I barely just breached my first year out of school and my parents are making a big deal out of this TA thing. I have been told my multiple individuals that I should do it for at least 2 years because other applicants often have over 5 years of experience... My parents wanted me to go back to school like, right away and that's pretty much suicide; applying to a MA program with 0 experience in the field? Yeah right... Sometimes I forget who the student is here..

Only passed by that place, never found a reason to go in... Not even out of curiosity xD you know in Australia they sell so many taxidermy cane toads its not even funny (including purses). It's ironic because they imported those toads to get rid of a certain bug and now they can't get rid of these toads. The souvenirs are probably toads that were culled successfully....

And in terms of TA I am doing it in another state so I can't see my friends until I head back for a holiday xD
Ethereal-Lament Feb 21, 2014 10:21 PM
Everything except NY and Cali are "cheap". Every time I visit a different state I make an effort to research the real estate. Even the states around NY are dirt cheap compared to the city. It's kind of mindblowing....

It will spread, it already is. Where there is money, there is definitely a way... Like the Comcast-TW Cable merge. Bribes already happening... Wahoo... And yeah that building is ugly as shit, it's Chase bank now isn't it? Chinatown also has random modern/wavy building smack in the middle of old tenant buildings lol I have no words

They are not backing me up. They are still harassing me to go back to school and its driving me nuts

Right now my internship is just a TA to one of my mentors in a school. Simple enough xD I don't get paid but I get to add some text to my resume.

Up to anything new lately?
Ethereal-Lament Feb 17, 2014 1:26 PM
Yeah, you'll get out of it eventually :3 I hear Oregon is kind of picking up in everything... As one of the more popular locations that people relocate to/start businesses. Don't take my advice because I don't know anything about real estate lol

It was very unfortunate that CAS had to shut down for a condo... But what can you do? Business > art/education lol can't really win there and we've all pretty much accepted that. We also need to accept the fact that NYU > everyone. That's a separate battle I'd rather not discuss lol its a sore subject

My parents were very very upset... I did not tell them until I graduated so you can imagine how outraged they were. Good for your friends, they did what was best for their own wellbeing and so did I. If our parents refuse to understand the sacrifices that we can't make then too bad.

Right now I'm just interning so, I am not concerned about a job
Ethereal-Lament Feb 10, 2014 2:55 PM
Sounds like you've got your life going for the most part, great to hear :3 I'm surprised you decided to take a risk with real estate... in NY right? Unless you moved at some point?

Currently, I'm unemployed. I lost that substitute receptionist job. I was so sad, the building was sold and demolished. I grew up going there myself and couldn't believe I actually ended up working there... and seeing it go down :/ Maybe you know it? Children's Aid Society PCC in Greenwich Village.

Thanks for the congrats, I finished my BA in anthropology. I had been crazy stressed studying pre-med/medical anthropology for 3 years. I had been shedding hair like crazy, losing sleep, and having all kinds of medical problems that got progressively worse. Basically, it was like having a nightmare without sleep (literally). In the last minute, found myself without the resolve to continue that mess. The idea that I must deal with the workload/stress of studying medicine for another 7+ years was just unbearable. I had always been a social studies kind of person so I just opted for regular old anthropology. As for returning to school... its probably to get an MA for social studies education x_x really don't feel like it though. When I switched to anthropology, the stress was cut by 80% and it felt so liberating. Now that I have no school at all, the feeling of maybe 10/100% stress is mindblowing. Truly blissful... xD
Ethereal-Lament Feb 3, 2014 6:44 PM
Yup, graduated during Spring 2013. So glad I'm done with that stuff... I actually have time to watch stuff (sorta). How have you been? Still in school?
Ethereal-Lament Jan 28, 2014 1:53 PM
Hey! After a recent comment I realized its been 4 years since we last spoke xD

Hope you're doing good. Nice "new" username
Stellaluna31 May 26, 2013 5:54 AM
Haha, no prob ^^ this week has been hell for me too >.> eww. I've never really had to put up with traffic; it's gotta suck. NO patience for it xD

And I thought my musical tastes were diverse, lol. But of the ones I recognized, you certainly have good taste!

WHAT. And you gave that up!? YOU COULD'VE LEARNED TO DO THAT!!!!!!! hahah
Ahhh, archery does sound really nice. Definitely super jealous.

Yes! Thankfully I had my phone, because if I couldn't read manga every week right when they're released, I would be very unhappy. Your phone sounds much more fancy than mine xD I have my sister's old Droid X because I smashed my Droid2 last summer *headdesk*

I've heard of Game of Thrones, I just don't have any means to watch it. I mean, I could dl the eps, but that seems like too much work :D OMG PSYCHO PASS though. I just watched 16 and I'm freaking out. The chief, and and.. Shuusei, and... :(((((
Stellaluna31 May 15, 2013 6:12 PM
I'm sooo excited for it! I bet it's gonna be really great too :DD it's general admission, so if I get there early enough, I can get a really good spot! I'll listen to just about anything, but my favourite bands are Lifehouse, The Cab, and Marianas Trench (and Flo Rida.. ehe..). What kind of music do you like? :3

I would lovelovelove to learn archery! I'm so jealous! It just seems like it would be soothing, I guess. I envy people who do any sort of kung fu/tae kwon do/whatever, too. It's so cool o.o so don't be too lazy! hahaha

I doubt they left too much out of the anime from the manga, because it wasn't action-based, so not a lot actually.. happened at one time. But I still suggest it as one of my favourites :D Ahhhhhhh. My internet is down, so I can't even watch any more of Psycho-Pass right now ;A; I like its interesting take on crime. It just really gets you thinking. Plus the scenes in the computer were so neat! I looooved Spooky Boogie!