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Aug 7, 2014
Mixed Feelings
The Gundam metaseries has a long history. Given that so many of the series in this universe are drastically different and given the diehard nature of Gundam fandom, it's not a surprise that people have strong opinions about each Gundam story. I try my best to avoid letting show reputation and fan opinion color my enjoyment each time I watch a new show, and to be as objective as possible. That being said, Gundam SEED is an okay show which ultimately does not do anything original and is perhaps best skipped over.

I accept the fact that each Gundam show plays homage to older Gundam shows, ...
Jun 27, 2011
Turn A Gundam (Anime) add
One thing that has kept the Gundam metaseries relevant over the decades is the fact that it can completely change the setting, style, and characters from series to series yet still feel like a Gundam show as long as it retains some key elements. The great flexibility of Gundam is shown yet again with Turn A Gundam, a series that is not without weaknesses but still successfully tries to separate itself from the Gundam pack.

When I first started watching the show, I immediately connected with most of the extremely likable and interesting characters. Sometimes, it takes a while for characters in a Gundam show to ...
Jul 31, 2010
"No mystery is unsolvable. Truth smiles upon me!"

I feel it very necessary to say, I have not yet read anything written by Agatha Christie. I have no doubt that the original books were superior to this adaptation, and I can tell just from watching the show that the stories had an excellent source material. The main question for Christie fans will probably be, "How much adaptation decay is there?" I cannot answer this, only talk about how I felt as someone who was experiencing everything in this show as fresh and new.

In part to provide a common link between Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot, the ...
May 29, 2010
xxxHOLiC (Anime) add
There are no coincidences in this world. There is only inevitability. If you find Yuko's shop, then that too was fate. It means you have a wish that can be granted. For a price of course. This is the simple premise for xxxHolic, a stylish and magical anime and manga series by CLAMP.

xxxHolic is a show that tries to stimulate the viewer in many different ways. There's adventure, philosophy, plenty of comedy, and sometimes action, all with a distinctly CLAMPy flair. The routine nature of Watanuki's life between school and the shop allows for episodes to be largely interchangeable with no heavy storyline that covers ...
May 1, 2010
As of this writing, I am only the 68th person on MAL to complete the show Rokushin Gattai God Mars and the first to write a review for it. That being the case, there's a very strong chance that you haven't even heard of this show. I hope that my review can give people an idea as to just what God Mars is all about and if they want to check this rare series out.

God Mars is a 1981-82 show in the Super Robot tradition. If you haven't seen God Mars, you may have at least seen footage of other Super Robot shows, where a ...
Apr 12, 2010
I am acutely aware that reviews that do not praise an anime are often flagged as "not helpful," so We expect some backlash here but onward We press, as Louis XV might say.

Le Chevalier D'Eon is an anime that tries to draw off a lot of people who existed in European History, including the main character and several other characters with large roles in the show. The main hero is based on a cross-dressing French spy from the 18th century, given an original backstory to explain his gender confusion. Other, more recognizable characters, include Maximilien Robespierre, Catherine the Great, King Louis XV of France, and ...
Mar 17, 2010
June 1983, a sleepy rural town in Japan. This is the auspicious setting of a tragedy that will befall a small group of classmates and their entire community. This is a tragedy that is destined to happen again, and again, and again. How and why is Hinamizawa doomed to this fate? What dark secrets does the town hold? This is a tale that seems simple on the surface but the use of character, perspective, and story-telling helps to make Higurashi one of the greatest anime ever made.

The very first episode of Higurashi can be off-putting, as it introduces a cast of characters that seem at ...
Jul 13, 2009
Eiken is a show which has the unfortunate distinction of being one of the lowest-rated anime on MyAnimeList. As of this writing, there are 3,381 anime which have been given a rating on this site, and Eiken is ranked #3,367. Why is this two-episode OVA so reviled across the animeverse? The answer is pretty obvious once you watch the show, but I still feel that many of the people who dismiss Eiken are either not the intended audience or perhaps don't understand the over-the-top nature of the show is supposed to be comedy unto itself.

The premise of Eiken is very simple. It's an ecchi comedy ...
Jul 5, 2009
G Gundam is an anime that is stylistically very different from most of the other Gundam timelines, disregarding a lot of the more serious and realistic aspects of the metaseries. At first, the mesh of Gundam with martial arts and silly-looking robots might be off-putting to hardcore Gundam fans, but once you embrace the show for what it's trying to be, it turns out to be pretty good.

When you think Gundam, you probably think about war and a serious space opera with minimal wackiness and very little in the way of anime-style expressions. G Gundam, for better and for worse, does a complete 180 ...
Jun 15, 2009
Mixed Feelings
One of the things that gives Gundam ZZ a bad rap is the way it is so jarringly different in mood from its direct prequel, Zeta Gundam. Zeta Gundam is a great, brooding anime and a testament to how anime could tell a serious space drama. Bracing myself for what I knew would likely be a more upbeat anime, I gave ZZ a chance to impress me with an open mind.

The collection of characters in ZZ, particularly the new group of protagonists, aren't terribly deep and aren't incredibly original, but they do have a kind of chemistry together that can carry the show during the ...

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