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Oct 26, 2023
Long version:

When I first saw the poster for this anime and MAL's low rating (at that time, around 6/10), I thought "probably another pretty anime without much depth." But I played the trailer anyway, and was pleasantly surprised.

Despite loving the trailer, the low rating still made me hesitant - how many other subpar animes have I watched thanks to MAL? I put it off month after month... and then last weekend, on my birthday. I decided to do something for myself instead of others (lol) and watch it.

I. was. in. awe.

Fuuka was extremely relatable for me. A young woman who moved alone ...
Aug 5, 2023
Hal (Anime) add
TLDR version: This film was less 'love story in Kyoto' and more 'mediocre sci-fi fanfic'. Everything is half-hearted in this show.

Long version:
I was so excited going into this film. Seeing the Kibuneguchi (貴船口駅) sign set me off, and I knew it had the makings of a beautiful, heartfelt anime... good looking characters, a colorful craft / souvenier shop set in the heart of Gion... what's not to like? It's got the recipe for the perfect love story in Kyoto, and (almost) everybody loves Kyoto. Except that this film wasn't so much about 'love story in Kyoto/Japan' as it was 'mediocre sci-fi fanfic.'

Things they should've improved ...
Jul 19, 2023
Fairy Gone (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
I don't review animes I didn't enjoy - not as often as I used to anyway. But I felt like I had to speak up about this one - it's confusing from start to finish. The first episode had a lot of potential: historic setting, fairy fantasies, and a dash of military power and action. There's clearly a backstory between the protagonist and her long-lost childhood best friend suddenly appearing as an enemy. It had all the makings of a wonderful, intruiging story.
And then it kinda goes downhill by the 4th episode. There's too many plotholes to list (LOL) so I'm just going to ...
Jun 11, 2023
If you grew up or spent a lot of time in East Asia, and then had to move to a foreign country (in a different region)... this is the anime for you! In a land of heroes and fantasy magic, I think food is often overlooked, if not placed on the lowest priority for many people. However, in the case of Mukouda, food *is* his only skill, and he makes it work really well!
What sets this apart from other food-based animes is that:
- There's an actual storyline
It's not just 'one diner, one episode' or 'one meal per visit to an isekai restaurant' *cough*. There's travels, ...
Jan 18, 2023
Mixed Feelings
It's hard to watch a love story unfold when you're rooting for the underdog in a love triangle.
I was drawn in because I love vampires, fantasy, and handsome anime boys - and this ticked all the boxes for me. It's an EXCELLENT series that scores well in thoughtful writing, music, character development and more... it felt like I was watching an anime movie with cinematic frame cuts and zooms, perfect editing and metaphors in every single episode. I wouldn't describe it as anything other than a visual and literary masterpiece, as it evokes the kind of complex emotions one rarely feels from series today. ...
Jan 15, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Man, I almost dropped this show. I was disappointed to say in the least, because I'm a jewelry artist with my own small business. I was over the moon during the initial episodes, where each episode revealed a different 'case' or customer story and their connection with gemstones/jewelry. The insight and knowledge on gemstones was pretty spot-on. But after Episode 5... the series focuses heavily on the relationship between Seigi and Richard. Which, despite my reservations, proved to be increasingly romantic... there's even a marriage proposal. There's nothing wrong with that, I just wish there had been a 'Boys' Love' tag for this title, because ...
Jun 18, 2022
Spy x Family (Anime) add
Preliminary (6/12 eps)
I am in love with Loid Forger, and this review was written for straight women like myself, but anyone is welcome to read it. (I noticed others writing reviews early, so I will write mine and update it if needed).

My first thought: Ohmygod. No one told me the main character [Loid] was hot!

I'm stunned that friends had mentioned the series to me, but no one said he was this handsome. They should've, because I'm thirsty for hot anime boys and would've dropped everything to watch this WAY sooner. The Animaxplay synopsis is actually accurate for this one and the vibe I would describe is a ...
Jun 1, 2022
Been a while since I reviewed something with such a low score, so... get your popcorn ready if you wanna read my 100% personal, biased, interpretation of dirt. Because I'll be dishing it out by the PAN.

To start - I fully enjoyed Hakuouki Season 1. Even gave it an 8/10. It's got ridiculously good looking ikemen, fighting/action, natural dialogue among characters, and a solid plot based on real historical events in Japan ... sounds like all the elements of a 素晴らしい subarashii anime (let me be my weeb self). I loved every minute of it as much as I love my 'historical otome ...
May 30, 2022
My synopsis:
Watch extremely handsome men battle it out in an apocalyptic world where it's humans vs. vampires, a nice take on a classic situation! They're so good looking that I was honestly surprised there wasn't a josei/shoujo tag.

Ok. I actually wanted the vampires to win this one. I mean it was hard to pick sides since I liked them all so much, but I'm starting to wonder if I just want vampires to win against the human race, because I don't like most humans.

1. This anime is all about honoring the past.

I feel like it's really common in reality for people to forget their ...
Apr 27, 2022
I first started watching 'Kara no Kyoukai,' after seeing it recommended on a forum here for 'strong female leads,' and I haven't been disappointed once. I adore this series/franchise.

From the beginning (Part 1), it was clear that the writers of this show had very in-depth knowledge and possibly personal experience from the stories they were portraying. I had never watched a series that fully accurately conveyed how I felt about death (and more importantly, suicide) until now. Satsuriku no tenshi (Angels of Death) came VERY close, but this took it to the next level. I felt so completely understood and validated. If I had ...

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