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Jul 2, 2016
Shounen Maid (Anime) add
People beware, despite it doesnt have explicit shounen ai, you can feel the implied shounen ai in the behaviour of characters, is obvious main characters of this anime are gay (or bi), even when story never develop any romance between them. I don't care about it and actually I enjoy this show, but I am surprised to read reviews which can make you feel this doesn't have anything to do with gay characters, when it does. I mean, this is not kuroshitsuji (which already have some "almost gay moments"), no, this is closer to loveless or super lovers, believe me, if you don't like shounen ...
Apr 19, 2016
The story is not really original or complex, it is another Rumiko Takahashi works, and that is the best and maybe the worst you can say about this anime. If you enjoy Ranma, Inuyasha or Maison Ikkoku then you would probably enjoy this new work, otherwise better try to look for something else. It has the same kind of comedy, similar drawing style, similar kind of romance... this anime make me feel like watching a 90s anime, I mean the drawing style is old, characters as well give me a feel of old style (that do not correspond to the typical cliches that we ...

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