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Sep 29, 2018
Absolutely beautiful and unique art design.

If I was going to try and be pretentious about it, I'd say it was contrasting the cute pastel crayon-like likes with the crassness of the humor, but I don't actually think it's conceptualized as That Deep, it was just really nice to look at. But hell, it might be, who knows.

It's a gag comedy with little overarching story-line. A cute girls doing cute things comedy series that is a little more interestingly attractive than others of the same vein, and with a little crasser humor.

But the crass humor has a great restraint to it, never really crossing over read more
Sep 29, 2018
Thicc girls playing beach volleyball. Lot of butts, stomachs and thighs. Appealing color and character designs. Decent animation, somewhat shallow story but fun enough to watch.

The characters spend most of the time in bikinis. I'm sure there's some merit to the friendship and story element, but I don't care. The character really likeable enough. They will last in my, and probably yours, memory almost solely because of decent design.

If you look at one of the girls and think 'she's cute' you should watch it, it'll probably be worth it. I think I completed it solely because of this one scene in the first episode, where read more
Sep 29, 2018
Really fun, with nice and attractive character and color designs, and great character interaction. I suppose I can see the criticism towards the type of humor, but personally I found it endearing.

There's plenty of dull 'four cute girls do mildly funny cute girl things', and this is comparable to that, but ten times better and with bros humor instead of cute things. And you aren't meant to fap the dudes, I think. You're meant to fap YOUR HEART to the bro-hood.

There are times the animation feels less than excellent, but it's always what it needs to be in the moment to serve the role. read more
Aug 20, 2018
Sanrio Danshi is like Free! if instead of swimming they bonded over commercial corporate mascot characters. It's weird.

It's super weird how there’s SO MUCH commentary on this show is about soft masculinity or something because of how much ANN/etc hates harsh masculine men and not on the weird emotional connection to corporate products that is MADE by that same corporation in order to push MORE emotional attachment.

Listen, I'm not the type to preach to you that capitalism is evil, but a show that's entire purpose is to attach sentimentally to corporate product is weird. And I kind of hate how good the character design, read more
Aug 10, 2018
It's okay.

The timing on the jokes are a little off, feels like they couldn't quite translate the punchiness of the manga joke into the anime format. Definitely a romance before a comedy, and if you can't buy into the slightly over dramatic romance moments where the comedy takes a backseat, no amount of 'pretty okay' otaku jokes will drag you back in.

The art is nice when it's nice, but definitely has 'don't look too closely when it's showing a far away shot' syndrome. All the characters are pretty good, would husbando Hirotaka. Really lacks any ending, which I suppose should be expected from an read more
May 18, 2018
I could never recommend this to anyone for the pure fact the only method available to watch it is the ugliest. I'm too spoilt from the crispness of modern format and unable to get past how bad the quality was on the version of this I watched.

It feels like blue balls. The main girl is cute to look at, and there's... some 'cute teen girl on a space ship' aesthetic but it's not great. It's most interesting when you get to some cute dynamics, but like blue balls, it's a release and continuation that will never come.

Maybe if this ever gets a release that read more
May 18, 2018
If you want to watch something light and straightforward and uncomplicated with an attractive late 80's OVA school anime aesthetic, this is a decent watch.

Not a particularly deep plot, but it's sincere and decently nice to look at.

Not every anime needs to be some complex, intricate, and elaborate affair. There is value to anime that is... "easy" for lack of a better word, to watch. You could put this on during a Halloween party and you wouldn't feel guilty about talking, drinking and smoking weed over it, because even the people who were watching it wouldn't lose too much of the plot. But it's still read more
Dec 24, 2017
Code Realise never quite lives up to the promise of it's setting. The art is... both bland and interesting. Incredibly awkward. The color both never lives up to the visual novel, and I'm not sure if it could. Visual novels just have such a fundemental different aesthetic from anime.

And that the main character's design is fairly nice. It's one of the few designs that really works. The guys just seem generic, especially in design.

I didn't hate it. The types of aesthetics it tries for just never truly works.

Never quite commits to the rich chocolate browns that are it's best feature. Sherlock Hound, Kino no Tabi, read more
Dec 14, 2017
This show is... fine.

The animation itself is just good effort to be acceptable -- tolerable but just below average. There's perhaps two or three short scenes of interesting animation, the rest would is below average but not so terrible that it will stick with you for an extended period of time because of how terrible it is. It somewhat makes up for it with fairly cute character designs, and art and color design in general.

It's extremely... tolerable. If you are looking for a romcom that isn't based around a thousand episodes of 'will they or won't they' (the couple in this show go out read more
Sep 18, 2017
Really funny, really sweet, really fun and really beautiful.

The art style--both character design and the show colour design--is absolutely wonderful in convoying the comedic and cleanliness of show. In the same vein of Daily Lives of High School Boys and I'm Sakamoto, with the added fun of both good clean sports anime while at the same time pointing fun at sports anime.

The ending in particular is a great shout out to classic sport anime, and cast members having really dumb 'specialities'--like soccer tricks balancing a ball on your ass--is a fun take up of the superpowers in regular sports anime.

If you like either read more