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Jul 31, 2016
Mod edit: this review may contain spoilers.

Welp I started reading this series called Fire Punch and the first chapter is probably the most absurd and gratuitously savage thing I've read in a while.

The world is so fucking cold and there is some dude who has regeneration powers. He rips his arm off in order to feed his people. Soldiers come to enslave them. The sergeant, who has the power to burn all out, decides to destroy and sacrifice all the town, so the regenerating guy is permanently burned while he regenerates, suffering for 8 years and over until he gets to dominate his regenerative power read more
May 1, 2016
Ah, Saiki Kusuo... The eternal underrated of Shonen Jump of recent years... So much so it hasn't any review at the time I'm writing this first one, four years after it began serialization in Japan's most known shonen manga magazine. Also keep in mind that since four long years, it has no anime series (the shitty flash ONA doesn't count) while other series like Assassination Classroom or My Hero Academia already have their anime, and there are only 33 translated chapters while there are like 200 chapters currently.

This is a manga focused around a boy named Saiki Kusuo (obviously pun on “saikiku(suo)” (psychic) that has read more
Feb 26, 2016
Crows (Manga) add (All reviews)
“What’s wrong with crows?! Compared to a poor bird that’s been caged and has forgotten how to fly, this is much better. I’m fine with being a crow!”

Even if nowadays it's not as popular as it was time ago, the high school gang fights genre is one of the most prolific and representative manga genres since its beginning. Slicked hairstyle, face masks, all-boys' schools, quarrel for any bullshit, and that kind of things. Many of us find this appealing, and you could say it's its main charm. Crows is probably the title that can more easily bring us into this world, and you can say read more
Feb 6, 2016
Ok I know most of you won't even read this review since it has this score -which I consider a good one, you pass an exam with a 6 you know-, but well, whatever.

Platinum End is in general terms a stunningly edgy manga, although it has nice things which make its reading a little enjoyable.

All of us did come here because of Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. That's a fact. Their names are guilty of attracting all of us to this series. Not for less. They aren't that acclaimed for nothing. They have wonderful works. But each passing month, the more I think their field read more
Jun 13, 2015
Hinomaru Zumou... The last spokon manga of the Weekly Shônen Jump which has been relatively successful. First of all, I find worthy of admiration that the author Kawada decided to a manga about such a sport as Sumo. I personally don't know nothing but a few things about Sumo. I know it's a very prestigious and ancient sport in Japan, but despite it, it's also a too little popular sport among young people like me, like you, and like the average Shônen Jump reader. Two almost naked fat men almost fighting while grabbing his underwear? Honestly, I understand why is not very popular. In fact, read more
Mar 21, 2015
First of all let me tell you English isn't my mother language so this review will probably suck.

The story focuses on a strict female high school where boys starts to be welcome and on the five boys who get in this high school: The typical well-intentioned protagonist Kiyoshi, who he gets into trouble because of misunderstandings, his childhood friend, Shingo, a Japanese history freak and the one who will figure out most of the plans (And also my favorite character) Gakuto, a masochist fat boy whose face is very small compared with his head, Andrei, and the most mysterious one, Jô, who is always covered read more