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Dec 2, 2019
Well... Asumi is such a nymphomaniac and Keiichi is lacking in affection.

''Asumi: hey youre so tired hehe and if i help you TOUCHING YOUR DICK?''

Keiichi has a son, and used to have a wife, but she probably don't wanted the kid and leaved it to father. Asumi is a worker in his house. He clean things and all.
That's it. The story will develop in this, with gay romance between Keiichi and Asumi (and sex in every episode. That's tiring)
Oh, i mustn't forgot. This is hentai, and there's explicit scenes (with dicks and ass you know) so you shoudn't expect something big and really really good, read more
Nov 24, 2019
Looks like a robocop made in Japan, but it's not a robo at all. He ...she? hm... This thing. This thing apparently has a enhanced human body.
It's ok. I don't see it like a horrible thing or a masterpiece. It's just ok. It's something that maybe i watch again.
Has some romance in this, so you can see what is love (baby don't hurt me)

Nothing big and complex, but it's pretty fun.

ART: 6
It's nice and presentable.

Nothing to say about it. It's good.

No time enough to really develop, but isn't bad.

I enjoyed watching it. I think i already have seen read more
Nov 23, 2019
I have no words to describe. It's just... ''Woah! What i have seen?'' It's totally random and bizarre. Somethings happens and you think ''why the fuck?''
I think it's better to do not watch it. It's waste of time, even if it is about 6 minutes. Surely you have many better things to watch instead.
Good to laugh if you have humour to that, and good to be angry thinking that this would be good.

Well... Bad

ART: 7
It's too good to be in this

Pretty fine

hm... Bad

My life was better when i didn't haved watched it yet

(Saved by ART and read more
Nov 23, 2019
Bad End (Anime) add (All reviews)
I don't really know if i get the point of this shit.

It's about a rapists gang in a school, and one of them do a kind of newspaper in the school. Atonement or something like that. Everyone who is ''wrong'' or get in the way will be raped (basicly)
It's ridiculous. They do things in public and nobody give a fuck, they rape in the hall and nobody sees it. It's just... What? It don't make any sense.
This is just trash, dont watch it.

Oh hell. It's stupid and i don't even understanded it

ART: 4
Dicks are badly drawned. Looks like all of read more
Nov 23, 2019
Kazuya is a famous singer, an idol. Akihiko is a friend of him. They play video-game in freetime and sort of thing. It's a yaoi, so you can expect... eh... gay things.
I have to say that this anime is a little rushed. It's only 26 minutes to put a whole story in. I think that's the big problem of this. I don't think this is time enough to develop characters and to situate in this wolrd. Maybe would be better with more minutes in, and making it a movie, or making some large ovas (Ai no Kusabi 92 it's a good example of read more
Nov 23, 2019
001 (Anime) add (All reviews)
It's apparently a car in rain, with a blindman on the steering. I dont get it if he is hitting people with his car because he can't see trough that rain, or because he is in a drug trip. This don't look to have a big story or some of kind. Just violence out of control.
Its a bit curious how when the windshield hit the men, they get older with that. Hit after hit, dies of oldness (i think). It's 4 victims with the same face, and same first scream. Everyone of this 4 have 5 unique screams (with the first scream it's read more