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Jul 29, 2015
I just read chapter 34 today and I'm here hoping that wasn't the last chapter, 'cause if not WOW what a shitty and rushed ending it has, thought it fits the plot that is as bad, let me explain what I mean

EDIT: Apparently the raws go up to chapter 105 *sighs in relief*

Story: 3. So you see, long story short, Girl A and Boy A see Girl A's boyfriend (Boy B) kissing with Boy A's girlfriend (Girl B). So instead of confronting them, like a normal and sane person would do, they decide that pretending to be lovers and making Boy B and Girl B read more
Apr 25, 2014
So yeah, the anime is pretty short, 3 episodes, 1 minute each, so it's hard to imagine someone making a story with an introduction, plot and ending in such a short time. But Sugar Soldier was able to do so. It was a cute,little story about a guy and a girl liking each other, and it was pretty good, though I would have liked it to be longer. The art was beautiful, I liked really much how the characters were drawn and the use of soft colors.

So, in overall, if you want to see a cutsie, little romance anime, then you should watch this one read more
Feb 19, 2014

I can't express how much this second season let me down, I was really looking forward to it but all that it was, was the first season shortened and allot more boring. I swear, in every episode I was like ¨When is this gonna end?¨ and the anime was like ¨Never! I will haunt you forever!¨

Story 5: Why a 5? Because this season was almost like the 1st one, I don't even know why they called it a second season, they could happily shorten it a read more
Feb 19, 2014
Just 6 episodes of around 3 minutes each that show allot of tits, that's all you can expect about this specials, they were not even funny. Kinda disappointed after watching them, as I loved Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou I expected much more from the specials, they didn't even continue the story, they were there to give guys a boner for watching anime girls with huge tits get naked.
Really disappointing.
Feb 18, 2014
Gotta say that I was surprised of this OVA episode, being the anime not that good I expected this to be even worse. But, I was wrong. The story wasn't that original: people swapping their body by accident is nothing new, but I couldn't stop laughing my ass off when I saw what each of the characters did in the others body. Imagine this: Debito in Luca´s body and Luca in Debito´s, funny huh? Because their personalities are so different that I found everything that they did strange and at the same time hilarious. And then there was Nova in Liberta´s body read more
Jan 21, 2014

I absolutely LOVED this anime. At first I thought it would be like every anime where the girl loves the boy but they aren’t a couple until the very end, but that didn’t happen. The story revolves around them as a couple and the conflicts of life that they had to deal with.
The characters were well developed, some with a tragic backstory and all. You could see who they evolved during the serie, they didn’t stay the same, which made the anime intriguing and something you wanted to see. and problems kept appearing one read more
Jan 14, 2014
First, I must ask you to bear with me because this is my first time writting a review, so Im kind of a reviews-virgin. Ok, now that thats settled I can start.
The first thing I noticed of this anime was the art, how beautifully the characters were created, and thats no small thing, because -and I know this is wrong- but I mostly judge a book by its cover, and the same goes for animes, the first thing I do is to look at the characters and see if I like how they look or not, its kind of shallow, but well, lets continue.
This anime read more