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Jan 2, 2024
Mixed Feelings
EoE, much like the anime it was an "end" to, is polarizing as fuck, and i can certainly understand why. this may be a bit of an unusual take, but i actually kind of liked the last 2 episodes that this movie was supposed to augment. ep 26's message of "although we need other people to survive, you can't solely rely on them to give you meaning. you have to decide for yourself that you're worth something, and that life is worth living" was something i really appreciated (even though i think the monologuing went on for a smidgen too long). however, i was very ...
Dec 19, 2023
like the other reviewer said, "sangatsu will become an ore-sama" 's title may lead you to believe that it's a shoujo manga. however, it very much is not. if i had to describe it, it's more of a loving parody of shoujo manga (and shounen romance).

this manga involves a girl named sangatsu, whose goal is to woo a klutzy and airheaded guy. unfortunately for her, she's incredibly awkward and freezes up whenever she has to talk to him. she then decides to talk to the resident playboy, nanami, for advice on courting her crush. he gives her coaching on how to imitate the "ore-sama" archetype ...
Dec 18, 2023
i just realized that almost all my reviews have been shitting on manga i thought were trash, so i decided to review one i absolutely adore.

daily lives of high school boys has no plot. there are callbacks and references to past events, but there is no effort put into having an overarching narrative. and in this case, that works brilliantly. as its title implies, this is supposed to be a collection of day-to-day snapshots in the lives of a few dumb-ass high schoolers, and its insistence on episodicity makes the whole thing work like a charm. a lesser writer might have struggled with these constraints, ...
Dec 15, 2023
Preliminary (21/? chp)
joshikousei no mudazukai seems like it wants to follow in the tradition of "offbeat high school SOL comedies"' like azumanga daioh and daily lives of high school boys. however, poeple aren't going to want to read the exact same thing over again if it's not a isekai rape power fantasy, so the mangaka was faced with a problem; "how do i differentiate this from all those past manga?" unfortunately, it seems her answer was to "make all the main characters unlikable jackasses who very clearly despise each other, but somehow claim to be friends". now, let me be clear: i have no problems with the ...
Oct 30, 2023
Blade Play (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
"mixed feelings" pretty accurately sums up my opinion of this manga. there are some good parts, but it takes a very steep dive in quality in the latter half.

*Blade Play* is your typical isekai, except horny. i mean, just insanely, balls to the wall, hide your grandma horny. the premise is that an average japanese college student named kansuke sudo gets sucked into an MMORPG he was playing, and he's chosen as the hero with the power to purify demons. "how does he purify them?", you ask? by fucking them. no bullshit, he has sex at least once almost every chapter. this is much to ...
Oct 14, 2023
the first thing readers should know is that this is very much not a deconstruction of "mon"-type series, and i'm truly not sure why people consider it such. the shadow dragons are much more akin to stands from jojo (at least in terms of how they work). the second thing you should know is that it's VERY edgy. now that's out of the way, let's get into the plot.

i'm not going to insult y'all by writing a summary, because i know you've got eyes to read the one given by MAL when you click on this manga. rather, i'd like to talk about about the ...
Mar 19, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (22/32 chp)
i kinda go back and forth on this manga's quality. as you read in the synopsis, it's about a girl who dresses like a boy and the various shenanigans this causes for her and others. while it's accurate, it's almost a bit lacking. it seems strange to say this, but i'd call this manga rather shakespearean in its story telling. not in the sense of "eminently quotable and legendary piece of art", but in the sense of "this story runs solely on misunderstandings which compound themselves into increasingly worse situations because the characters are incapable of being honest". like romeo and juliet, hamlet, or many ...
Feb 23, 2023
Black Kanojo (Manga) add
this is probably going to be pretty derivative of the other reviews, but fuck it, we ball. anyway, this manga is ridiculous. not in a good sense, but in the "this has passed so far beyond illogical that there's nothing other to call it". if you want to make a good story, your characters' (and most importantly, your protagonist's) thoughts and motivations have to make some kind of sense. naruto and db may deservedly catch flak for their story-related issues, but at least characters have understandable motivations.

the mc of this story... does not. he's a guy who mysteriously attracts crazy people. (and i mean, ...
Jun 13, 2022
Duel! (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (16/52 chp)
this manga kinda disappointed me. when it initially started, it framed itself as a coming-of-age story, where the main character slowly learns to stand up for herself and discover what she's truly passionate about through fencing. she's a typical shonen MC: shy, acts in a very relatable fashion, but has an unexpected reservoir of courage, even if she isn't very strong. one scene that illustrates this is when, during a practice match with the best team in the country, her club president puts her up against the the other school's president, who's a fucking beast. MC is scared as hell (especially considering this is literally ...
Jun 7, 2022
Eiken (Manga) add
Preliminary (94/160 chp)
a typical ecchi shonen rom-com, with barely any plot and entirely too much "plot". i don't mind semi-horny mangas, there are plenty of them capable of being titillating and legitimately interesting simultaneously. the problems i have with eiken are twofold: one, that the art is pretty wack (obviously, quality is subjective and all that, but i find it hard to believe that most people will enjoy looking at it); and two, that the ecchi scenes aren't particularly good at being titillating.

the latter problem is partially a result of the former, but the scenes' own execution contribute to it as well. the main conceit of ...

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