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Mar 2, 2020
Preliminary (10/19 chp)
This story is so incredibly sweet and pure. It's nothing extraordinary or completely original tho, but I had lots of fun reading it.

And I must say the characters are SUPER dumb, but that's one of the things what makes them so likeable. Mikami, the innocent virgin, is really cute and simple, but incredibly straightforward and pure-harted. Sato, Mikami's best friend and roommate, despite being a cool guy without a care in the world is also surprisingly dumb in many ways. They're both so clueless and unintentionally hilarious. Also side characters Akari and Hasegawa are great too. Just love all the characters and their dynamics. ...
Jul 19, 2019
First of all this is not a psychological manga so you shouldn't take it too seriously. It's just a fluffy, light hearted yaoi with lots of nice smutty scenes, funny moments and crazy characters. I mean the uke is just too funny. So this is basically a simple story about two horny college students, who both have their own issues but fit together pretty good.

The artwork is interesting because it's not really a typical Japanese manga style. It looks so Western and I felt like the plot was set in America. The characters are so well-drawn so I really didn't mind that uke was too ...
Sep 27, 2017
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (5/? chp)
After the first chapter I honestly forgot I was reading a yaoi and thought that it was just a normal shoujo manga. It gives off such a strong shoujo feel and not because of crossdressing aspect or the feminine uke with long hair or the art style (which is beautiful btw), but because of the story.

At the beginning we see really well-drawn characters, a compelling plot about genre roles and a little bit of humor just enough to keep you interested. But things went downhill from there. This was a basic shoujo cliches like yaoi manga and the focus was definitely NOT on character ...
Sep 13, 2017
Dive!! (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (10/12 eps)
It certainly sounded promising at the beginning and I was so hyped but honestly I just ended up being disappointed. From the first episode it was obvious that DIVE!! was aiming for a kind of Free! vibe where you have beautiful, muscular guys and a little bit of sport-related drama but this anime just went down the wrong path I guess.

The two main flaws are nonexistent plot line and poor character development. I mean plot is nonexistent even if you turn your head like 180 degrees. All characters do is talk talk talk. And no, they’re not explaining us diving rules or anything ...
Feb 12, 2017
Nisekoi (Manga) add
What to expect from Nisekoi manga? *no spoilers*

1. Promising but poorly made harem love story that goes nowhere
2. A bunch of poorly developed stereotypical characters
3. Side characters that don’t quite fit story's plot and are not used very well
4. Lack of originality and obvious plot development with no surprises
5. 229 chapters are just too much
6. Yet another unnatural, unrealistic and forced ending
7. Well drawn manga with a strong visual appeal

The story started out cliche, but it was strong and interesting so I was immediately caught up in this love triangle trying to found out who was the mystery girl from Raku’s past. I also ...
Jan 30, 2017
Mixed Feelings
This is basically manga with threesome and a lot of smutty scenes. At first I thought it has a potential and the story started really good but in the end it wasn’t satisfying enough. The storyline definitely deserved more work because it has no sense and also the lack of character development is noticeable. This entire three way relationship just felt weird and confusing. It seemed uke was about to choose Kitada over Nishimura and just after Kitada finally confessed to him and it seemed they’re kinda in love with each other the whole thing was suddenly dismissed and left me confused. I mean I ...
Nov 11, 2016
This story is absolutely adorable. It’s about misunderstood guy with a scary face making friends with cool looking and really kind guy. The plot isn't exactly anything new, except for the “love allergy” (well it’s not really an allergy, more like fear of being betrayed again and not letting people near). It’s a slow-romance story with two emotionally confused university students trying to figure out their feelings for each other and also having their own struggles.

However, I loved the interaction between those two main characters and the lead up to the relationship. Such a matched couple. Shougo was a little scary at the ...
Oct 21, 2016
I had no idea I would enjoy this manga so much. Honestly, I was expecting a stereotyped plot and much more smut, stupidity and drama. But instead I was caught up in a heartwarming and gentle friendship-into-love story with so much potential and amazing art. Characters are really likeable and well developed (not to mention I’m a total sucker for long hair uke so I particularly loved Seina's design). The mangaka is very skilful. Beautiful art with some striking tattoo designs, unique storyline with great flow and no unnecessary parts and loveable characters made it worth reading. I really had fun.
Sep 12, 2016
Jibun Katte. (Manga) add
Oh wow! I was not expecting that! After reading the first chapter, I honestly didn’t expect anything interesting. It seemed like typical "guy bullies the one he likes to get attention" theme and I was constantly waiting for Hideaki to push Tomo down and “rape” him (like usual yaoi development). But it was surprisingly cute and I never saw it coming. I actually really liked it and totally adored this couple. They were both too insecure to admit their feelings openly but Hideaki managed to manipulate Tomo to fall in love with him not in aggressive but rather in a cute way. Art is gorgeous, ...
Jun 26, 2016
Kagewani: Shou is the second season of Kagewani series. I would recommend watching it after you finish the first season because some parts could be a little bit confusing if you jump directly into the second one. And for you who already watched the first season and enjoyed it, you must definitely watch the second one too, because it’s amazing.

The episodes are pretty much all connected together and the plot is really exciting and easy to follow because it mostly revolves around Banba and his fight with Kagewani. The origin of Kagewani is also explained and there are some interesting new characters and new types ...

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