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Nov 6, 2016
Mixed Feelings
The title is a cute hook, which fails to deliver, because the protagonist doesn't actually pick up girls in a dungeon.

I didn't expect a whole lot from this, and I wasn't disappointed -- there wasn't much to it. If I were a lot younger, I might have liked it, but now I need my stories to have more depth.

Story (5/10): Here's your generic RPG story. It has enticing aspects, like the gods from various pantheons have descended to this vaguely medieval fantasy land and formed guilds, so-called "familias" to further their specific interests. Since I love mythology, that idea made the anime tempting, ...
Oct 18, 2016
Mixed Feelings
2:45 min into episode one: the first instance of tentacle sex.

And this isn't hentai. This is a cooking anime. I laughed out loud, but not in a good way. This wasn't what I was watching Shokugeki no Souma for. I was watching it because it is highly rated, and because it has a couple of my favorite seiyuu. The first episode was mostly cringe-worthy, and I nearly dropped it. But I tend to give anime more than one episode if it is highly rated, and I managed to get through the whole thing. So, does it deserve ...
Oct 7, 2016
This is the worst anime I have ever watched. Not because it's technically bad; art and animation are fine, voice talent and music are fine, no that's not the problem. The problem is that the story is purely manipulative dreck.


I found this story offensive. I have nothing against harems per se, and I am ok with Grisaia giving its harem girls somewhat difficult pasts for the feels. But this one, Yuuji's route, is just ham-fisted schlock. Whoever wrote this piece of tripe must have had the directive of "invent a really tragic past for Yuuji" and decided that ...
Oct 6, 2016
Mixed Feelings
I did not know the source material beforehand, which was pretty obviously a Visual Novel. I watched this because I am binging on Sakurai Takahiro anime. ;)

Story (6/10): The story is semi-episodic, with each girl's route being its own arc, and them all tying together at Mihama Academy, an "ordinary" school with only 6 students and one principal/teacher. Naturally Kazami Yuuji, our male protagonist rescues/helps the girls in turn. Kazami is not an ordinary student, even though that's what he wants to be, but he's clearly had some form of black ops background, because he can kick some serious ass, ...
Oct 3, 2016
Mixed Feelings
I started watching this because I am on a binge watching anime with Sakurai Takahiro in a leading role. I know the Odagiri Hotaru, mangaka (though have not read the manga on which this anime is based), so I was expecting bishounen central, and lots of bromance, and that's what I got. There's even a story, but alas, for 24 episodes, not enough of it, and especially not enough progress.

I've got another 6 episodes to go, and I won't store this review until I am done, but at the moment I am just SO FED UP with the central character Yuki, who is ...
Sep 30, 2016
Mixed Feelings
This anime has a premise that's bound to elicit "only in Japan" snickers -- our main characters bond through the exchange of drool.

While that is about as unrealistic as can be, and there are other aspects of the anime that are extremely unusual for a romantic slice of life high school scenario, when it comes to the relationship between Tsubaki and Urabe, the main characters, it's refreshingly different from most high school romances, and probably closer to real teenage feelings than most.

Story (6/10): The premise is kind of ridiculous (though I wonder just how ridiculous it is in Japan where drool appears to have ...
Sep 26, 2016
Orange (Anime) add
Orange is the taste of sweet, sour, and sorrowful. Orange is the colour of sunset and of sunrise, of endings and new beginnings.

There was a time when I almost hated this anime because Naho was such a limp, wilted flower with a density rivaling Osmium. Then I decided to forgive her for being a shy, introverted, 16-year old girl who grew up in Japan, walked always a step behind people, being happy when they were happy, and who never wanted to be a bother to anyone. A girl who's getting instructions from herself at 26, but while it's easy to decide in retrospect ...
Sep 26, 2016
Mixed Feelings
This anime started strong. with a story that interested me, but after some episodic encounters lost itself.

Story: This is an interesting set-up, with an average girl being thrust into the position of a god. Now, a Shinto god isn't necessarily as big a deal as that might sound like; Nanami is just responsible for the small area of the Mikage Shrine, but it's still a pretty big responsibility for somebody who doesn't feel she amounts to much. And there was much potential here for Nanami to work hard so she grows into her role and finds a new home, but I felt ...
Sep 25, 2016
Mixed Feelings
I really enjoyed this anime for the first half, and then it started to grow a bit stalet, but retained some humourous momentum. I was expecting a romantic comedy, but that's not really what I got. What I got was a comedy of shoujo romance manga writing.

Story (3/10): Ostensibly the plot is about Sakura Chiyo, a bright and cheerful 16 year old, who has a mad crush on her tall, dark, and laconic classmate Nozaki Umetarou. When she gets herself to confess her love to him, she hems and haws and stutters so much that he mistakes her for a fan, and ...
Sep 24, 2016
Mixed Feelings
I shall admit to only watching this because I am on a Sakurai Takahiro binge; otherwise this wouldn't have attracted me because I wasn't really in a shoujo mood (I rarely am in a shoujo mood).

But it actually turned out more enjoyable than expected, despite the fairly ridiculous premise, and the inherently distasteful idea of some guy making a girl his "dog" and trampling all over her feelings with impunity. But hey it's anime, and ridiculous behaviour is pretty much the norm.

Story (5/10): Erika wants to desperately fit in with people in her new high school class, make friends, and create those special ...