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Dec 24, 2011
Fate/zero is the prequel of the very popular series Fate/stay night. But I urge you not to compare the two. The holy grail concept and some characters may be the same but the general style and feel the two anime give are very different.

~Story: Fate/zero starts off with a 45min long episode. The beginning has been quite boring for me but nevertheless it did a great job establishing the story of Fate/zero: introducing the various characters and briefly explaining the Holy Grail War concept. In episode 2, the Holy Grail War officially commences. This series is only the first part of the whole 25 episode read more
Dec 20, 2011
As the name suggests, Bakemonogatari is a story of ghosts or rather more fittingly, monsters. My first impression for this anime was a bloody ghost story that is intended to scare children. But Bakemonogatari was nothing like what I had expected.

~Story: A story called 'ghost story' would very unlikely be categorized out of the mystery genre. The general plot basically follows a guy who got to meet with a lot of strange girls. But of course, it is nowhere as simple as I have described it. In the story, each of the girls are faced with their own 'monster' problem and the guy would read more
Nov 28, 2011
What you will find in this anime is a group of cute guys who are pros at music.

~Story: There is nothing particularly special about the plot of UtaPri. It follows the journey of a girl who got accepted to a very extravagant music school. There she met a group of cute guys who gradually got to love her music. This anime is a typical reverse harem. Do not expect to find any major plot twists because UtaPri is quite light-hearted and often uses comedy.

~Art: The first time I looked at the main girl character, I was like "Why does she have such creepy eyes?!" I read more
Nov 17, 2011
I have to say fate/stay night didn't quite make my expectation. With its rating on MAL as 8, I had expected an anime that speaks 'Wow' to me. Instead, I found an anime that said 'watch me because I'm just popular'.

Story: The plot starts off quite interesting. Introducing the Holy Gail War where seven servants and masters are to fight each other. There are many elements in this anime which become utter confusion for me. It might have been just my incapability to understand such complicated situations.

Art: In fate/stay night, the art didn't really cut to me. When I look into the characters' eyes, read more
Oct 22, 2011
When I first came across this manga, there were two things that made me stay to read the general synopsis. The first thing is the name, the second is the art. I thought that name sounded pretty nice. There was just a vibe that attracted me to it.The art looked pleasing enough, so I then thought to give it a try.

Pandora Hearts was probably the manga that let me stop disliking the Victoria era style. I would usually stick to reading stories of modern settings with modern style clothing. So this has been a new experience for me.

The general storyline is quite interesting. It is read more