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Dec 7, 2017
The first time I saw Blade Runner, I thought, "Are they just doing a Ghost in the Shell?" It was not until later I learned that Ghost in the Shell had in fact been doing a Blade Runner on us the whole time. It seems quite fitting, then, that Blade Runner has finally wound up producing a work of anime. My viewing of this short came right off the back of my second time seeing the film, so I was already familiar with the setting. Even without having seen it, this still makes for an excellent way to fill your eyeballs with a concentrated dose read more
Dec 1, 2017
My expectations were high, looming in orbit alongside the main character's personal mech. However, they soon plummeted to the surface just as quick as a giant robot can fall from the sky--which is to say, rapidly. What I discovered in Gun x Sword was a unique mix of unoriginal ideas with inconsistent tone and pacing, and a seemingly budget production.

The premise looked like it could cater to my very specific mech sensibilities, and I heard its praises from a trusted friend. Early on the show introduced several internal tropes which I eagerly anticipated seeing in each episode. However, after building up my formulaic expectations, it read more
Oct 15, 2017
Just when you thought GT was the worst possible Dragon Ball animation ever produced, they hit you with the TV special. I would class this with the Star Wars holiday special, in its total lack of merit and besmirchment upon its parent franchise. This 45 minute charade contains almost no fighting, and the only commonalities with any Dragon Ball you've ever experienced are limited to character likenesses and child anatomy presented for humor. While not its only trespass, the greatest of its sins is its sinister deception of the audience, leading them to believe this will bear some semblance to the Dragon Ball they know read more
Oct 12, 2017
I don't believe there's anything I can add to the GT discussion that hasn't been said before, so this will instead by an attempt to succinctly describe what you're in for if you decide to strap in for the ride.

Dragon Ball GT, simply put, was synthesized for cash. Coming off the end of Z, they were just trying to keep a time slot on television and needed something to air. As a consequence of this, not much care or attention was paid to what actually made its predecessors entertaining. They tried to make GT simultaneously goofy like the original, and tense and dramatic like Z, read more
Sep 23, 2017
The two main things I took away from this series are as follows:

- The director really wanted to make Jojo
- The writers tried to present a lot of really cool ideas

Being centered around Tony Stark attempting to open an Arc power station to provide free energy to Japan, the main struggle is that of Tony trying to prove himself to the country's populace. Being an American and a former arms producer, he is met with constant doubt by the Japanese, even though this version of him is already toned down from his Marvel CU iteration to appeal more to Japanese sensibilities. Endless adversities await him read more
Sep 16, 2017
I found Planetes by chance at the library, and [it] being a manga with a space man on the cover, I had no choice but to crack it open. I was immediately hooked by the premise as described by the back cover, and What I discovered was a series rich with world building, captivating characters, and a delightful art.

As much as I would have been happy for Planetes to be a story just about space, it is ultimately a story about people in space, which necessitates interesting characters. Our main characters are simple yet powerful, while many side characters are used as episodic catalysts for read more
Sep 3, 2017
I got in into this series for the robots, but Code Geass R2 blew me away with it's grandeur and characters more than anything. I honestly had no idea the plot would go the direction it did in the final half of R2, for which I commend my friends and colleagues on refraining from even hinting at the sheer scope of it. The final act ramped up the stakes, excitement, and everything exponentially.

As opposed to the first season, I became heavily invested in the characters in R2. And by characters I mean just Lelouch and Suzaku. I projected all of my unfulfilled desires held for read more
Aug 18, 2017
Paprika (Anime) add (All reviews)
Take Ghost in the Shell, swap out the somber sci fi elements for whimsical dreams, and you've got yourself one piping hot serving of Paprika.

The animators really flaunt their skills in the numerous dream sequences throughout the film, and the Japanese voice cast drive it home with their emotive and textured performances. I greatly appreciated the tight knit cast, which made the story more comprehensible and personal than comparable works. This film feels very much like the Star Wars prequels, in that the director may have had free reign with limited feedback based on the outcome. I say this in part for some of read more
Jul 18, 2017
Macross (Anime) add (All reviews)
It took me a while, but I finally got around to watching SDF Macross. Beyond transforming jet fighter robots, I had no idea what to expect, and I was blown away by what I discovered. Macross kept me constantly engaged with its thematic ideas, solid writing, and charming aesthetic.

This show is great not for its plot or characters as much as the themes it explores. Namely, breaking barriers between the self and an alien other, and the purpose of waging war... With giant robots. Also growing from a boy to a man and being unsure of your place in the world. Culture's value is a read more
Jul 11, 2017
Inasmuch as my favorite mecha shows are formulaic and entirely an excuse to show big ass robots beating the crap out of each other, Eromanga Sensei largely exists only to provide the audience with provocative moe scenarios and a harem of tsundere girls. This is not a bad thing, but it took some getting used to since this is far from my normal fare.

To give you an idea of what I was prepared for, I discovered this show from H fan art on danbooru. It's probably a good thing this show is not what I expected, because that would just be superbly uncomfortable for everyone. read more