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Apr 20, 2015

For something with a pretty basic romantic storyline, Hotarubi no Mori e pulled it off pretty well.

It's easy to follow; a young girl gets lost in an enchanted forest, she meets a spirit, they become friends, they grow up together every summer, they fall in love, and then their love ends. Pretty basic, huh? That's what I loved about it. It was a comfortable watch, you didn't have to think about it too much, but all the emotion is still there.

The script is well written, interspersed with the right amount of humour, with natural conversation flowing between the two main characters. ...
Apr 19, 2015
For a ten minute long short, this really packs a punch. Right to the gut. By punch I mean a stab and by gut I mean your heart. Really. It still hurts when I think about this.

It starts off simply enough. Two abandoned robot boys and a surly professor who has taken them in. 'What is love?' Haru asks. Immediately the phrase 'baby don't hurt me...don't hurt more' pops into your head.

Goodness how you wish that came true and that this OVA did not totally destroy you in the most painful way possible.

It's a common enough premise for a story, an AI who wants ...
Apr 19, 2015
Mawaru Penguindrum; also entitled 'I Have a Lot of Feelings'

I won't lie. This was amazing. Absolutely beautiful. Stunning script, clean art, a unique plot line and music that wrenches at your gut in the most despairing moments of the series, whilst enhancing the humour and light-heartedness that this series needed as a preventative measure for hearts breaking and tears overflowing everywhere.

Where should I even start?

The story itself was...definitely unique. I heard the title of Penguindrum and passed it off as a simple family orientated fantasy adventure, but when I saw that it was categorised as 'psychological', my curiosity was piqued and I began to watch ...
Apr 19, 2015

I will have to start by saying that I was not impressed by the latest of Soubi Yamamoto's works. Having been a big fan of her previous animations (Kono Danshi Uchuujin to Tatakaemasu, Kono Danshi Ningyo Hiroimashita and Robotica*Robotics) I was super excited to watch Kono Danshi Sekika ni Nayandemasu.

I found that once the OVA had actually began, it was littered with clichés and thematics that belong to corny BL anime/manga, and often the 'romantic' lines felt rushed and forced. The exchanges between the two main characters, although endearing at times, quickly became irritating due to the corniness to the scriptwriting. However, ...

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