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Aug 2, 2016
This anime should be a big deal. I want to tell everyone! This anime was so much fun to watch! Super entertaining, hilarious and informational if you like cooking. I was simply addicted!

Before watching, I thought the ecchi would really put me off, but actually, it doesn't take away from the plot at all and isn't misogynistic. Rather, it acts in three forms: comedic relief, mere fan-service for all genders in the audience, as well as a very convincing metaphor for food experience.

But what I really enjoyed about this anime is how it doesn't waste a moment of your time. read more
Jul 26, 2016
Diabolik Lovers gets a bad rep because it lacks plot, character dynamics and overall realism. But that's the thing about Diabolik Lovers, it wasn't trying to romance you in those elements.

You have to see the show for what it is. See, the first thing you should know about Diabolik Lovers (DL) is that this whole series is based on a fantasy choose-your-ending love game featuring dark vampires. That alone should tell you that the only side of you Diabolik Lovers wants to appeal to is your lustful side. From that perspective, DL does it's job perfectly.

In fact, for an anime made read more
Jul 26, 2016
I won't give anything away, but that ending alone added like a point and a half to this anime's overall score.

The story flows well and while at times, it does try too hard, the anime does well in inducing honest sympathy from the audience towards the characters. It is a slow moving anime, but in this case, it has to be and in the end you'll understand why.

The music scores a well-deserving ten, naturally, selecting some of the most beautiful pieces of classical music. I expect that this series will inspire many of it's viewers into becoming fans of Chopin and read more
Jul 26, 2016
This summer I have a lot of free time and still this anime took me a a little bit longer to finish. It's rather sad because after the first episode I thought it was going to be amazing and couldn't wait to see what else this anime had in store. But as more characters were introduced and time went on, the anime seemed to move so slow, and unfortunately became boring. The ending, while I won't give anything away, just didn't at all feel like a proper ending. While there are no cliffhangers or gripping questions and no one is on read more
Jan 20, 2013
So, call me ambitious, but I took it upon myself to search for a shoujo manga where the female protagonist wasn't an idiot (I know you know those feels.) Quickly, I came upon this manga and thought I was in for something.

Well, in a nutshell, I found what I sought: a romance including a sharp girl who wasn't your average play thing. But why, oh why, did Kotobuki Atsuta have to make the male protagonist so simple? Is it that hard to create a romantic story without one of the significants being uber dense?

If you're anything like me, trying to find read more
Jan 16, 2013
I guess I started reading expecting a little more, solely because the female protagonist wasn't your typical shoujo star. She was street smart, foul-mouthed, and aloof. I thought this manga would surely be an interesting quick read.

I was disappointed. The character development was minute to non-existent and the plot just seemed dry all the way through. It took me a while to finish.

On the brightside, the art was well-done and I could easily relate to the protagonist. I just wish she was more dynamic of a character.
Jan 6, 2013
Princess Tutu is so not my style, so I watched the first episode with what I thought would be solid, unshakable distaste. Instead, I was delightfully surprised.

This anime series takes on a somewhat dark perspective on the old Princess tales of the ugly duckling, the fair Prince, his Princess and the writer. Although at first you'll be unsure, you'll soon easily be one hundred percent on-board.

A great anime that I still remember, even years after watching it.
Jan 5, 2013
I knew it would be good from the beginning. Juri's first lines within every chapter were always captivating. What was particularly special about this piece of literature was that the characters were so relatable, so honest and so real. I felt immediately close to them. Every monologue was special, and read twice, three times, just to fully enjoy it.

This story was simple, but carried questions and thoughts that we all ponder when we're alone. You can read this manga in a day, but it's one that can really change you, one you'll think about for a long time.