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Nov 28, 2015
(The actual score here is more like 6.5, but rounded up because I'd rather give an overly high score than an overly low one.)

An impressive execution, but unfortunately, one held back by a premise that’s fundamentally flawed in more ways than one. Summer Wars is a perfect example of how anime is not immune to the Western trend of incorporating modern technology into the core plot, without caring whether the things done with that technology even remotely make sense.

As such, this review will mainly focus on those parts of the story, because I think other people have already covered the other story elements better than read more
Nov 28, 2015
This OVA definitely felt like it had potential, but for me, it didn't really deliver on what it promised.

Anyone who takes a look at my anime list will know that this is definitely the kind of story that I would expect to thoroughly enjoy; from the sci-fi, to the romance, to the unique element that drives the plot.

However, it just didn't feel like it.. went anywhere. Of course, I don't expect much character development from a 20-minute OVA, but the characters felt like they had close to no personality at all. There were no developments that weren't already obvious from the start, and little read more