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Oct 27, 2022
I really did enjoy this. It was very cute and not really sexual, crass, or 'fan servicey' so much. IT was a kind of honest exploration into what people are like and was often very funny. If you have kinks this will probably pay off more and be funny for you. It was for me anyway.

I watched the dub. It was pretty great. a lot of it was very funny. Particularly the insults from konojo (i think that was her name) to the other girl... I can't imagine what these would have been in the original sub.

story as very base at times. but style and ...
Jun 18, 2017
Angel Cop (Anime) add
Watched a hardsub by unknown group

Angel Cop immediately felt like a dumbed-down poor man's Ghost in the shell in every way! I personally liked the drawing and animation and the closing theme music was actually really quite good. but the translation as well as some of the general presentation is atrocious.... Perhaps I have a bad translated sub (doubtful but always possible) but this is extremely tough to follow. The art itself is at times a bit odd in a way i can't describe. I think it's the color. It doesn't particularly have a dark gritty edge feel, but rather soft and warm (there is ...
May 29, 2017
Mixed Feelings
I watched a very low quality sub. The res had likely been truncated/adulterated even further down to 480x360 to create a small file size. (appropriate low quality badness. this aint no rolls royce OVA) no idea where i got it or who made it.

The story and realism is farfetched and over the top but it's stylish and everything is presented in a way that communicates a cause/explanation. (It's kinda like American wrestling actually...) It's one of those things that might not 'make sense' because its over-exagerrated but it does an excllent job fooling you into going along with it and being believable because of it's ...
May 26, 2017
I watched an overdub version

Visually ok for it's age. Not consistent, some shots are better than others. Fighting scenes and certain action shots should have looked better. (there arent that many) colors are nice. To me it felt a bit lazy at times and made more apparent by its flaws (such as demons not really looking that cool or standing out when they show up) The overall look is probably the only highlight here and its merely 'okay'

Music/Sound is not notable, and rather low quality (could have been the rip but its very subdued compared to the voices/overdub which was okay so i'm guessing ...
May 25, 2017
Mixed Feelings
I watched a hard dubbed version.

I like supernatural and occult themes, and you have a lot of modern day superstition in the japanese that runs through media like this (or even stuff like Tetsuo Body Hammer) The setting is quite decent setup for a story. The title 'judge' is a bit of a misnomer as the main protagonist isn't a judge.... he is more like a prosecutor for the wrongfully deceased/ but also seems to be an investigator as well.... "Spirit Lawyer against the darkness" is a better title for this movie. (it's actually a bit like mashup of phoneix wright ace attorney meets shin ...