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Apr 28, 2008
First off, I must start by saying that I may be a little biased when reviewing this anime because I'm totally a sports anime fan. And having watched quite a number of sports animes, Over Drive came as a refreshing change for me.

The protagonist of the story is your typical weak willed, unless, low self esteem guy in school. But what is different about his character to other similarly carved sports lead characters is that he has a sense of humor. Unlike other characters, he does not dwell on his uselessness much, which is definitely something i appreciate a lot, since these dwellings can drag read more
Apr 26, 2008
My first impression of Hitman Reborn is that it is a very annoying anime. There are 3 little kid characters in the anime that have voices that are so high pitched and irritating. Imagine hearing those sounds on your noise cancellation earphones. But i was soon to be proven wrong.

The story progresses quite slowly in the beginning 10-15 episodes. The first part of the series shows the relationship between Reborn and the protaganist, Tsuna. And it also gives an idea on the training that Tsuna will go through later in the series. These are mainly repetitive and give us a feeling of lame fillers. However, read more
Mar 31, 2008
I absolutely adored Basilisk. Firstly, it probably had the most beautiful and well designed graphics in all the animes i have watched. The characters are well drawn, and the backgrounds and sceneries are simply breathtaking. It is most certainly a breath of fresh air from lesser animes with low quality graphics.

Secondly, Basilisk is extremely fast paced. Expect to see lots of action in every episode, and at least one person dying in each episode. This is widely in contrast with slow paced but highly raved about anime like Naruto. Furthermore, the fight scenes are well paced and thought out. It is anyone's guess who gets read more