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Mar 26, 2015
Kiseijuu (I'm just going to call it "Parasyte" from now on) is an adaptation from an over 20 year old manga by Hitoshi Iwaaki. The premise of Parasyte is nothing new by today's standards of anime or science fiction in general, but considering the source material's age, it's quite impressive and I think Madhouse did a pretty good job bringing it into animation form. One of Parasyte's strongest aspects in my opinion was the great dynamic between the two main characters, Shinichi and his parasitic "buddy" Migi and how they have to start co-existing with each other after the plot kicks in. Said plot flows read more
Sep 25, 2014
Oh, Zankyou no Terror... How much did I praise you during the early few episodes, but how could I know that you will turn out how you did. Zankyou no Terror (Terror in Resonance or Terror in Tokyo in English) was one of my most anticipated titles of the season and I am sure I was not alone. The show also gained a bit of a hype because of the famous Shinichiro Watanabe (Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bebop), who I am in all honesty no big fan of, but okay, let's get this review started. Just make sure that I will NOT be able to hide read more
Sep 20, 2014
Hype, hype, hype. If one show received a huge ton of it this season, it was A-1 Pictures' Aldnoah.Zero. But is it as great as all the big names and the hype make it out to be? Well... not really, but it certainly was a good watch. Thanks for reading my review on Aldnoah.Zero!

The show takes place in an alternate reality, in which the Apollo 17 mission discovered a hyper gate to Mars on the surface of the Moon in 1972. After these events, the astronauts discovered the legendary "Power of Aldnoah", which made technology beyond our imagination possible. With this power in their hands, read more
Aug 4, 2014
Fate/Zero was the very first experience I had with the Fate franchise by Type Moon; I never played/read the Visual Novels/Light Novels nor watched anything Fate/Stay Night or Fate/Kaleid related before, so I’m not going to make endless comparisons to any other things Fate related. Just to make that clear. Also, this review covers both seasons for convenience.

To be honest, Fate/Zero's premise sounded rather cheesy to me at first. But I'll promise you, the execution is fantastic, thrilling, and mature. That ranges from the fantastic visuals to the excellent soundtrack, the interesting and intriguing characters, their dialogues, as well as to the very well realized read more
Jun 25, 2014
With the obvious big shot of the season being No Game No Life, a lot of otherwise also decent and sometimes even better shows get pushed in the background, while I think some of these deserved a bit more attention. One of these titles would be Hitsugi no Chaika (Chaika, the Coffin Princess) by Bones.

Just like many other titles every season, Hitsugi no Chaika falls under the category of light novel adaptations and it has many things which indicates this, such as the medieval setting with a magic system. But at some points this anime was a bit different from usual light novel adaptations. For read more