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Jul 2, 2009
When I reviewed the first Kara no Kyoukai movie I was dissapointed with how the story was developing through it. I was hoping to see more than I had been actually shown. Still, I have decided to watch the second movie hoping that the potential which was not realised in the first movie would finally be unleashed in the second one... and it was, to an extent I have not anticipated.

The second Kara no Kyoukai movie takes place before the first one when Shiki was still inside Shiki. Unlike the first movie, the second movie has the qualities of a jigsaw. Although you see most ...
Jul 2, 2009
If you want to watch only the action packed part of Initial D and refresh your memory this is what you need to watch.

Basically there is no story. The whole 40 minutes is a simple copy and paste of all the races from the first three stages. Some of them seem to be out of order however which is kinda bothersome to say the least.

When it comes to art. The races have been remastered a bit to look better, but still the character animation, especially that of the first season looks pretty bad. I was acutally hoping that they would make the effort to remaster ...
Jul 2, 2009
Not as good as the series, but it answers all the question left to be answered, which were carried on from seasons one and two.

The story told is about Takumi's effort to tie all the loose ends from the past two series. So, we've got races, development of his craving for becoming the best driver and an emotional part involving Mogi.

Most of the races are as good as always, but there is one which due to the nature of the rival becomes even more interesting. From this race we will also hear some more of Bunta's story which is a very good thing.

Although Christmas and ...
Jul 1, 2009
I have not read the manga therefore I will be reviewing this movie strictly from anime perspective as someone who has only seen the first part of the Kara no Kyoukai story as if it was a completely individual production.

The general impression I have after watching this anime is that the great animation tries to make up for the relatively poor storyline.

Regarding the story, before watching the movie I was hoping for something more than a typical there are suicides and a ghost cliche. What I was looking for was some moral or philosophical truth which I could understand only after watching the full movie ...
Jul 1, 2009
True Tears (Anime) add
It made me want to cry 'true tears'.

True Tears is not a masterpiece, since it does not introduce something brand new in terms of animation, story, sound or characters design, but somehow everything blends in together so well, that it is one of those romantic stories that will make actually feel for the characters and their lives.

The story is pretty much a cliche, all of the twists and turns have already been introduced somewhere before, though this time they were mastered to the greatest detail so that viewer receives someting extra. The story makes sense, though sometimes it seems extravagant,but that's not such a bad ...
Jun 29, 2009
A great movie with stunning animation and sound, yet still a mile away from being flawless.

Although story takes place during a war, it concentrates on the mental and moral aspect of conflict. The main characters are involved in a fight which leads to no benefit at all. Like in a game, the only result is that one party will win over the other. They become cogs in a warfare machine, their humanity is slipping away with every angagement with the enemy. Their life has no meaning at all, once they die new soldiers will be manufactured to fight and step in the same way as ...
Jun 29, 2009
Maybe not as good as Futakomori, but still a must watch for every fan of Enma Ai.

The story is pretty much similar to what we have seen in the two previous seasons, people are being sent to hell and hatred is released, though this time hatred gives birth to more hatred.

Throughout the season it can be noticed that the creators have decided to use the ideas the fans found rather pleasing in the past. Once again someone tries to make a stand against the jigoku tsuushin, similarly to what has happened in the first season of the series. While new characters are introduced stories about ...
Jun 27, 2009
I thought that Initial D without Fujiwara Takumi and his fearsome Hachi-Roku would simply not work out at all, but I was proven just the opposite.

I found the story very good, although it was quite different from Initial D has offered so far. What's more, it was a very pleseant feeling to see one of the minor characters play the lead guitar.

The first episode of the Extra Stage was especially pleasing since it was another race I have become used to throughout the series. It was also very interesting to see the members of the Night Kids in a better light.

The second episode was more ...
Jun 26, 2009
Jin-Rou (Anime) add
I had great expectations for Jin Roh. However, after watching it I felt like a restaurant customer who was served a great appetizer and dessert with a merely decent main course.

The general idea reflected in the story is an intriguing dillema. Unfortunately, at some point in the middle of the movie I had the feeling that its true potential was not realised to the end. Betreyal, loyalty, love and necessity are the key words for a great plot, yet in case of Jin Roh not all of them were the work of a true genius.

Some of the scenes (opening and ending acts in particular) are ...

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