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Feb 15, 2014
Every time I think this manga is going to die down, it reads my mind and gives me exactly what I'm craving. The art is fantastic, the drama paced with miraculous precision, and the characters given life that transcends stereotype characters until you just fall in love with them. This manga gets better and better with each chapter, yet it's one that makes you want to read it all from the beginning each time something is added.

The only cons I can see is the tendencies to throw in ecchi moments... though I'm not quite sure that's a con since it's done so tastefully.

It's read more
Oct 29, 2007
In the future, after the "Equatorial Winter", 12 idol heads of 12 Gods called out for humans to make them body and armor with which to fight. Each country that had retrieved an idol answered their call and the UN set up the "Wise World War" for them to fight in. This story follows one boy who is "called" to become tha pilot of a mech a.k.a. Gigantic of Japan which holds a idol head of one of the Gods.

So far, the story has the right amount of combat, drama, and plot to satisfy any mech fan. A definate watch for picky read more