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Sep 3, 2012
Zero no Tsukaima F is the last season and the 4th season of the zero no taukaima series. Before i write my review i would like to tell u about this particular story. It is a fantasy romantic harem. This harem is not a harem where the guy likes all the girls but the girls like that one guy. The guy likes only one girl tho. Saito and Loiuse has developed a relationship over the past seasons. This relationship is like a master to pet relation. the girl is tsundere so if u like that u might like this. In a harem anime read more
Sep 9, 2011
This OVA is a 3 part OVA one about the present and 2 are flash backs.

The first one is about Asuha and Lotte doing a homework and Asuha chooses about pants and Lotte chooses about a dragon egg.

The second one is about how Zelda(the head security) became Lotte's guard and about Zelda's master.

The most important one is the last one where The Queen meets Naoya.

If u like the original series, watch this or if u are just looking for echi stuff this has some...

There are not a lot of new characters would change the story a lot...they are minor characters...

Still read more