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Jul 2, 2018
everything from the first chapter got me hooked until the last. it was a nice closure though wanting for more it kinds of comfort you knowing that those three wonderful characters will be fine.

first and foremost the lack of toxic masculinity despite the very very masculine mc is what got me, the plot revolves on how he respects his girlfriend that he almost tiptoes around his own girlfriend but despite that this manga shows the most important thing about relationships: COMMUNICATION.

May it be an old relationship or a very very new one, as long as you communicate it will be okay.

and speaking of relationships, nothing read more
Jun 25, 2018
Did I ever expect that I would be emotionally invested over a manga that revolved around people who exchange drools???? NO. WAS I?!?! YES!!!

This was so cute and despite the girl being very shielded in her own emotions she is willing to expose her feelings to the guy (through drool) and I think that is cute and it is what kept me reading really.

Though honestly, I was disappointed that they didn't kiss but kinda happy as well but then I didn't expect it would end there because I was hoping for more because it somehow ended it that emotional way and I want to read more
Jun 25, 2018
I was a bit skeptic about this because it had a score of 7 but did not expect that this would be so freaking funny and good and great.

Characters are very un-cliche and unpredictable and very opposite of their character design and supposed stereotype which makes it A+ better than most that I have read.

The humor in this isn't forced and when some parts is cringey in a way it really affects you but damn the humor is just 10! lol like literal lol I laugh loudly every time a funny scene comes up and their romance wasn't forced, that despite it being 13 read more