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Jul 3, 2009
Well i'll try to explain this as good as i can

Story: The story was good but not like the series there was still a few gaps in the i thought that should have been filled but no matter you will not take your eyes of the movie

Art: The art was AMAZING i couldn't compare any series art to this one well accept endless waltz but other than that, I think they deserve an Oscar Award for this Seriously.

Sound: Sound was phenomenal music was great like seriously i could compare it to wolf's rain but honestly I would bump the OST in my car

Character: The way read more
Nov 25, 2008
this anime anime is really good the action was good, the characters were hilarious there some holes in the anime; but there are always holes so its nothing new. but what really got me is how short it is the plot/story arc the series could have went atleast 25 epi's strong also. but overall good anime if you like action and comedy with a lil romance
Nov 25, 2008
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now part II hmm well what can i say well the action was outstanding, i thought it would be like the first one; but it wasnt it was even better.the music was phenominol i fell in love with it on the first megazone; and you'll hear some from the one on this one. although i was kinda sad some people didnt return but hey some of the new characters are cool too!. so if i had to say hold on to your seats while you watch this cause it will blow you away
Nov 24, 2008
action, sex, romance, great ost, great plot, and etc. you name its on here this movie is what i would consider legendary among all the legendary mecha anime. this series is really under rated but i promise you if you watch this series it will have you on the edge of your seat.
Aug 29, 2008
WOW!!!! victory gundam talk about a tear jerker. well in this gundam series there was a lot of adventures and non-stop action. at first glance you'd think this was a kiddy show but once you watch it'll surprise you. the downside to it is alot of tregedy's. but i think they ended The UC era with a bang i was actually satisfied when it ended.