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Sep 20, 2008
Dragon Ball (Manga) add
Meh :D I read the the whole manga and is awesome :D


The story is well-developed and does everything to make a kid happy :D Awesome fighting,Training,Aura,comedies and stuffs :D

Art- Well the art is ok but the ears seem a little big to me :P

Character- Aliens and stuffs were good :D The characters were well-developed and have different personalities

Sep 19, 2008
One Piece (Anime) add
Preliminary (369/? eps)

The storyline was kinda a little old fashioned like becoming KIng and those stuffs but it was awesome as it wasn't juz action but comedies were blend with it :)


Its art were good and its fighting were awesome :D


Sep 18, 2008
Its a Anime to advertise the Tokusatsu series Kamen Rider Den-O Movie: Ore Tanjou

So of course its story would go along with Kamen Rider Den-O with its Train of time

Its story was good,Art was normal...It sounds effect when HENSHIN! Is awesome :D The character...Oh well...Everyone must known how Shin Chan is that awesome B)

I enjoyed alot watching this special episode :)
Sep 18, 2008
Ok,Even though i didn't read the first season becuz its not available on shops anymore...

Its story is really interesting and it develops very well :)

Its a shame that little people read this and no ppl subs its Anime Adaption?

Well they have Aura like and Awesome Kung Fu attacks :D RECOMENDED!!!

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