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May 21, 2015
Before you read. This anime was very personal to me so I am very honest in what I think and felt about this anime. I gave this a perfect, and I would of course understand if you disagree. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy reading my reasons and please feel free to comment or talk about this great anime. Thank you in advance.
I normally don’t give personal stories when I write anime reviews, essays, or articles, but this anime invaded the walls I built against other people and made itself home inside my heart as if it is one of the few special friends I treasure read more
Mar 13, 2015
Memento Mori- Remember your mortality.
Memento Mori is Persona 3's motto. (Which is a game I adored and replayed countless times) There's nothing special about it; we are all destined to die, some die earlier than others, some die more suddenly than others. In the end, we all die.
The question is, what happens when we forget that we do die? What would happen to a person's sense of reality when they forget the fact that they will die?
The answer which I learned by watching this movie: you begin to dream. You begin dreaming a nice pleasant oblivious dream. Your sense of reality would be distorted, not read more