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Oct 3, 2018
At episode 52. I think I have seen enough episodes to understand how and where the story is going.

Its essentially a magic action anime, but pathetically fails to deliver. The lead character is not winey but annoying, always shouting for no apparent reason. The first 2 episodes look promising like showing some demon or something but its almost as if its forgotten in further episodes and its a very steep downhill after it. It draws very obvious references (not mentioned in the anime) to Naruto. There are the lead's mentors and just like Naruto there is a gang (like Akatusuki) and pretty much its the read more
Sep 19, 2017
Its essentially about a girl who experiences things not everyday people can and a magician who appears to be not from this world. This OVA is a recollection of her memory as a child. The story is told so brilliantly and cleanly that I fell in love with this. Also the graphics are brilliant and so is the sound.

Please note that one needs to have a bit of sensitivity to truly appreciate this one (No offense to anyone). If you are looking for an anime with adrenaline rush or politics this is not fir you. Watch this with a peaceful mind and you will truly read more
Aug 23, 2016
As suggested form the synopsis this anime is about some mysterious powers and people wielding them. Now this is where people will go wrong, there is no fighting or any kind of battles. The entire anime revolves around how the Boss of these people is suffering from his too powerful power and how his daughter and two other kids (romantic relation intended) save him. Now this coming to characters and enjoyment I can very confidently its very close to ground zero. Rather than a mafia kind of background had this been a hospital kind of background it would have been more appealing.
Aug 21, 2016
Now this anime is supposed to be about trains and its security personnel. As I said supposed to be, somewhere it turned to be a harem, actually from the first episode. Now where the animators did good I have to give credit, the different trains are shown beautifully, the animation is good and the sound is also great. Now coming to the story its not that great, there is a lot of fan service, jiggle jiggle. Very typical heroines in the harem. Nothing great to remember as such.

There is no character background, absolutely zero, no complex plots, nothing noticeable in this. The episodes seem stretchy, read more
Sep 27, 2015
First things first, this anime is slightly on the adult side so please keep that in mind (not just some lewd scenes or something but the entire anime). Now the anime itself is about a all-girls dorm school opening up for boys and when 5 new boys join it they see a new form of student council there and even get imprisoned in an in school prison for trying to peep in girls bath. The characters themselves are quite unique, a recluse, a big fluffy guy, an otaku, you get the idea. Its super funny and keeps the interest of the viewer all the time, read more
Apr 1, 2015
Coming from season 1 this season 2 falls slightly short from expectations. No spoiler but story takes a more political scenarios, which some people might not like, including me, but I think is nonetheless required for complete justification. But its becoming somewhat predictable, of you have seen similar anime. Still the fight scenes are incredibly enjoyable. Sound is good, not as good as season 1, art is still great, story as I said slightly falls short. Overall its still a very good anime 2015 has to offer.
Oct 9, 2014
A dead husband spirit still wanders his old place, because he is too attached to his wife. Sounds creepy but romantic. A young guy falls in love with the widow and starts working with her, and to his surprise he can see the dead husband's spirit. The rest is how the dead husband comes to terms with his wife moving on with her life with the help from the young guy.

The character of the dead guy is somewhat annoying, well sort of expected from a jealous husband. The later episodes though very vibrant in art, are very slow moving and you feel like just skipping read more
Oct 6, 2014
This is a very heavy anime. Somehow in MAL all the tags and Genres don't seem to be giving the correct info.

This is for people how can handle heavy psychological character oriented story with innocent people ruined. If you are looking for a happy anime don't come near this, will mess up your mind.

I had a good day today, so decided to watch some nice anime and seriously this anime messed up my mind. First of all, might be a little beyond the synopsis, but the story is actually quite different from the feel the synopsis gives, of course the synopsis is also present, but read more
Sep 30, 2014
Not for kids. You guys have read the Synopsis. All the 4 stories comes down to choices that women make. They are really powerful stories. Each story presents a different perspective. This is a definite watch for adults with open mind.

Episode 1 fells like the woman made the wrong choice, but who was to say how the world would have been like of she made the other choice. We just make a choice and hope for the best, but those choices are bound by our desires, like money, status, respect among everybody or a nice man with whom one might not have a rich life read more
Sep 29, 2014
You can get what is anime is about from the Synopsis, no effort of mine required. Coming to the series itself, nothing much about the story as stated in the synopsis itself is shown. Most episodes don't contain anything about it. Its a story mostly about relationships between a groups of friends and how they change when a new guy comes in uninvited.

Every aspect must be given its own credit or discredit. Art is very nice, vibrant and sound is also not bad. But the basic story and characters seem weird and even till the last episode have no clarity.

Story: 4/10
Art: 9/10
Sound: 8/10
Character: 5/10
Enjoyment: 5/10
Overall: read more