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Jun 20, 2019

Akame ga Kill, praised for having balls to kill off characters and gore, etc, is overrated.
Do you mourn and grieve the death of everyone who gets killed in the news? No, because you don't have much attachment to them. I felt like I was watching the news whenever a character dies, like meh, I feel bad but nothing I can do about it... wtf? I want to be off the rails, I wanna be infuriated against a fictional character. Esdeath is sending me very mixed signals and I honestly don't remember the rest of the villains.

You have a corrupt government rivaling an entire read more
Jun 17, 2019
Grand Blue has so perfected the art of comedic timing, that I recommend it to anyone writing comedy to study it.

Initially skimming the panels and pages, I thought... mehh, it's so so... and it wasn't until my second try actually digesting the panels, was I enlightened. Grand Blue is hands down, first class in the genre of comedy. Admittedly though, there is a little of an adjustment period for people who are introverted because part of the comedy revolves around partying hard with alcohol, chasing after dates, and stereotypical college student goals, which as someone who prefers staying home and playing vidya games, is meh.

What read more
May 12, 2019
Gintama (Anime) add (All reviews)
Imagine your favorite anime character ever. Now imagine your character being made fun of into oblivion, like he or she poops his/her pants or something. Your favorite character may be a serious cool type, (Yato, Kirito, Sora, Saskue..etc), and its dangerous to the series if certain actions are done "out of character". Gintama does not care about any of that. For this reason, Gintama can do everything a conventional series can do, while ontop of having the maximum amount of freedom to do ANYTHING.

Gintama teaches you how to just dance and sing to your hearts content. Many of you I assume suck at both dancing read more
May 12, 2019
Spy x Family wonderfully exploits dramatic irony(when the audience knows something characters don't) to put forth a hilarious, thrilling and entertaining story. 3 Characters, a spy, a hitman, and an esper, each with their own agendas, flaws and secrets, are pushed with the common goal of needing to come together as a family. Will they ever find each other out? Will they stay together after their goals have been accomplished?

What drives this story so well, is how the characters compliment each others flaws. (the scene with the lady and the purse)
-The spy is a very strict perfectionist, who is seen struggling between the choices of read more
May 4, 2019
One Piece, but samurai and soldiers instead of pirates.

The plot is about finding gold by collecting the skins of escaped convicts as they create a map of sorts. It's centered around a wonderful cast of characters exploring, questioning and exploiting one another yet still managing to get along for some comedies sake, like eating, and this doesn't take too much away from the underlying plot itself.

Character & Enjoyment:
Oh my god, the cast of characters are just oozing out coolness. I was burning and still am to see Sugimoto and Hijikata go at it. The collide of opposing forces chasing the gold is super thrilling, I read more
Nov 15, 2018
THIS, is what Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru could have been.
I will savor the criticisms of Yahari for some other post, but to keep it short, it cuts out a lot of the nonsensical edginess with hard hitting drama, addressing common themes that occur in youth with a more "realist" outlook.

Characters & Story:
Being a character driven story, the characters are top notch. Honestly the story seems extremely surreal. The themes of drift between friends as they progress through school,
the restrictions of what society places for boys growing up into "men" read more
Oct 17, 2018
Under the piles and piles of Isekai(into a fantasy world), this one has a very fun and unique concepts.

As a gamer, I'm sure the lot of us play on the offensive in MMORPGs. We're either a mage, a knight or an archer and defense/support roles aren't as beneficial to train, nor as engaging to train.


Story (10/10):

Shield Hero, a very interesting concept since beating someone with a shield is rarely done. We follow the Shield Hero Naofumi as he struggles in a combat oriented world.

Later on in the story his shield does gain some offensive powers, and it's a little disappointing because I want read more
Sep 30, 2018
Relative to the manga, it really could have been adapted better. I found the pacing a bit too fast, not letting me take in the atmosphere of retro arcade gaming and life as someone who's just interested in games.

Series I am comparing it to: No Game No Life, Sword Art Online
I'm going to speak of the story in terms of the manga

Story: 10 and Character: 10
One of the best romance series ever. The problem with romance series is that the characters create needless stupid problems, and overtly makes it hard for me to engage in.

High Score Girl expresses it's romance through a common interest read more