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Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
Sep 16, 2020 3:39 PM
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Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai? Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai? Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
Sep 16, 2020 3:39 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 8
Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season
Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season
Sep 16, 2020 3:36 PM
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Waves02 Jul 24, 2021 6:53 AM
Naman97 Oct 17, 2018 3:02 PM
Nice to see active user lol
Naman97 Oct 17, 2018 1:34 PM
terryacer Mar 27, 2018 11:46 AM
Requiescant in pace.
Arsene_Lucifer Jan 2, 2016 1:58 PM
Yo! My bad it took long to reply. Was going to yesterday until I got hit with some bad news. I'm good now since it's what my friend would have wanted.

It's good you found another person on campus loves NGE. Offline I haven't found someone like that. At most, my sister sees me watching a series called Princess Tutu, and sees a girl, and a Ant Eater doing ballerina dance battle which gets some confuse look from her. To Princess Tutu credit I could take that odd scene seriously because it's well executed. I recommend that series since from what I've seen of it so far it's good.

Aside from the bad news from yesterday, I'm doing well. Unlike last year, I pretty much want to push myself in my writing and get back into creating reviews, or just plain old blog posts. I'm also working on a standalone prologue comic to a story I'm working on. My little brother is doing the drawings while I'm writing it. It's currently in the draft process, but so far my little brother like what I've written. It's pretty much a fantasy story with a former war soldier whose now a Priest as the main character. I won't into to much detail on it since even I still have to figure out how to make it work as its own creation regardless if I give my little brother the heads up to adapt my main story later on if I want to. What makes the challenge greater is the protagonist in the prologue is not the main character in my main story so there's also that challenge.

I also created a Twitter account which I hope will help me garner a bigger audience for my website. It should also convince people that I am human...which I can pull off the illusion that I have emotions. For some unexplained reason I got like 14 followers, and most of them are from Asia. What I want to know is why a singer is following me. That's my biggest question. My closest associations to music is rapping in the middle of one of my movie reviews.

Here's the rap. "The same old boring day just keeps rewinding. Everybody’s fear just keeps on binding. Still they act tough, like they’re hot stuff, but it all doesn’t matter cause it’s all a big bluff. The same routine everyday is boring. Need to get outside and start exploring. Thoughts in my mind are overlapping. I’m running out of lines to keep on rapping". I showed it to one of my friends, and said I should give up writing reviews and become a rapper hahaha.

I got me 2 PS4 games for Christmas, but no console to play them on. There's that issue that I should resolve quickly. I seriously want to play me some Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree Woe and The Blight Below (long name I know), and Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. This year, we'll so how its go. Almost forgot, I'm subbing a Spanish dub anime movie made in Korea called Golden Batman for a friend. The movie is bad, but my friend still wants to see it.

Happy 2016.
Arsene_Lucifer Dec 16, 2015 4:28 PM
Yo! How you been doing recently?
Arsene_Lucifer Aug 3, 2015 12:05 PM
I finished Death Parade here's my complaints on the series. It sucks pretty much.

You also finished finish. Though I could tell by the rating you liked it allot, I want to know exactly from you what you best liked about it. I still didn't finished season two because of work, but I'm working on it
Arsene_Lucifer Aug 3, 2015 12:01 PM
Status update and other stuff
I finally quit my job at Sugar Creek (the bacon factory I worked at here in Pittsburg). Right now, I'll be enjoying some down time before heading back to California and starting the process again of maintaining a steady life on my own. Sadly in August, I'll have to do some more packing and moving around personal items. So I still won't be very active here until I get to California in about three weeks, but at least I get more opportunities to be on MAL compare to before.

There's still some things here that need fixing like a broken car engine and some bad floor work, but with my help I was able to put my family in a much better position than when I came here. They don't have to worry about not having food or loosing the house for a while. I also bought them a couple of nice things on the side that they've wanted. I would consider it a success, even if everything is not exactly fix. Some things are out of my control; like the terrible roommate my parents won't kick out for some reason. In my short time here I helped my folks out more so than their roommate ever does. It doesn't help matter that the roommate doesn't even pay for child support so on top of being a terrible roommate who eats allot. It wouldn't be much of a big deal if he put more than 50 dollars for grocery, but nope sometimes he gives less to my folks which pisses me off. Off course I can't do anything since I don't own the house, and also my dad can prove to me he's not hypocrite when it comes to parenting. Our relationship is complicated.

So I'll get out what happen here in Pittsburg, Kansas in this spoiler. Be warned though, working a full month (as well as overtime) without a day off has my head sorta fuzzy at the moment.

I manage to squeeze in time to see a couple of anime series, but sadly for most of them I don't have much nice things to say about. Lets start with Blood-C which is essentially the anime equivalent of being rick-rolled. Except of being mildly annoyed it makes you feel like you wasted your whole time when the twist in a 12 episode series basically amounts to saying "We knew this suck, but we still did it either way". There was plenty of things wrong with it from the weak writing and repetitive episodes structure. The really cheap animation didn't help matter. Backgrounds are usually deserted so when a episode tries to make it look suspicious that an entire school campus was empty you just assume is business as usual. I laughed when the characters acted like it was a big deal not to see people outside when most of the series have a lack of background characters. The music was forgettable all of which sounded like stock music you could find for free on the web. Pretty much it sucked. The only thing enjoyable about it was mocking the opening theme with my little brother and just laughing at the fact our mocking of how voice actor sounded (we basically joke it was more fitted for a mystical dragon) like actually turned to be a plot twist.

Another series I also finished here was Knights of Sidonia. Oh where to begin with this trite. It's basically the most uncreative and generic sci-fi story ever written. Granted allot of the ideas it uses have been done to death before, but in Knights of Sidonia it plays them straight without effort to go against an establish genre norm. It was a boring series to see because I able to predict every plot twist and who was going to die in the series within seconds of introduction. Now it does have the same issues Attack on Titan has like the lack of characterization before characters dies and inconsistent pacing, but it was twice the length of Knights of Sidonia so things like the world building, some developed characters, and some engrossing moments were pulled of successfully. In Knights of Sidonia since its shorter the issues are harder to forgive since the aliens never feel like a major threat. At one point in the series there's a montage of the MC killing Gana (or as I called them Ganerea since making fun of it was entertaining while predictable things occur). The length is my biggest issues with the anime. Due to it being 12 episodes there's major tonal shift causing for some unintentional hilarity. In one episode the ship crew made a big deal of turning the ship left and dozen of people got killed. I laughed at the fact the crew didn't bother taking into account the Gana can make turns acting like it would act tension. For a series that has future tech the people in the universe are really stupid.

In one episode around 300 Knights disobey orders to save a single person, yet in the final battle in the anime when fighting against a planet size Gana around thirty are sent. Surely some of those knights would disobey military orders to save Sidonia since those same knights put Sidonia in danger when leaving it in order to save Tanikaze. There's also odd humor about making fun of the fact the only person who can save Sidonia needs to eat more.

For me it was too familiar to too many sci-fi stories that did nothing to separate itself from the crowd. In the anime medium I don't see it as anything special either. It doesn't have the tight writing or fantastic character moments like Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199/Space Yamato 2199 nor the style or entertainment of Cowboy Bebop. Like I said in the last paragraphs it shares many of the same issues I have with Attack On Titan (though I love it, the flaws makes it interesting to discuss with other), but due to the length and lack of creativity of seeing anything new being done it’s a forgettable viewing experience.

Another series I saw here is a 3 part OVA called Garzey's Wings. Oh man what was absolutely rushed train wreck which words cannot do justice to. It's currently only the fifth anime I have given a 1 too (the others being Mahouka (obvious reasons as to why), Green Green, Blood-C: The Last Dark, and a one hour movie). It was rush, had terrible animation, hilariously bad voice acting, and altogether was incomprehensible beyond belief. To top it all off I see the studio behind it in the closing credit is J. C. Staff. This made Garzey's Wing an even stranger experience since it's completely out of character to what J.C. Staff usually does.

I am enjoying a couple of anime don't worry. I'm currently watching Yona of the Dawn which has a typical story if your familiar with the princess outcasted from her kingdom storyline making it predictable. However, the pacing works to its favor since it provides time to develop characters, include world building, and at around be just a pleasant watch. I was actually surprise I had a better time seeing the first episode than I expected since at the time I just first episodes of Death Parade, Steins;Gate, Monster, and another series I can't remember which failed to hook me in any way. Yona of the Dawn comedy is also pleasant helping it feel different from my experience with the fantasy genre. I would still recommend you try checking it out even story beats will familiar to you.

Monster I'm liking a good deal. I do have issues with it like there being allot more plot convenience than expected and switching focus frequently. As a whole though the slow pacing is to my liking. I do favor slow pacing despite what animes I have on my favorite list since more time spent to developing a story properly I have a great appreciation for. The characters are interesting, the mystery surrounding Johan keeps it interesting, and that music is godly. I'm not kidding. As soon as I heard the opening theme I made sure to obtain a copy of the OST for monster. Another series I'm liking is Log Horizon. I'm almost done with it, but unfortunately my work held back from finishing it for some time and the fact my little brother wasn't in the mood to see it together.

Reviews wise I sadly didn't plan anything in advance. My free time got eaten up more so than expected. Sometimes I would just go home, lay down on my bed, and just knock out without noticing. I do know what I want to reviews since I did recently see a couple of series I just can't stop thinking about for good and bad reasons. One of them being Death Parade. Though I have my list of issues with it trying to properly convey them in writing turned out to be a greater challenge than expected. There's also Steins;Gate a series I don't have much of an high opinion of. I went over my complaints with my little brother who liked it at first, but later came around to having a opinion to me on the series the closer we got to finishing it. I'll tread lightly on Steins;Gate, but after posting my Aldnoah.Zero review I shouldn't be surprise if I get angry PM's regarding it and possibly saying I have no right to complaint about it flaws when I have Attack On Titan on my favorites.

I always feel stuff, but I guess it feels like that since I worked at Sugar Creek. So far the only place that was able to demoralize me. Whatever job I end up getting when I get to California (though it'll pay less) will be better than in the miserable company that is Pittsburg, Kansas.
Arsene_Lucifer May 17, 2015 10:54 AM
I see you're seeing Death Parade too. Unfortunately the only thoughts I wrote in advance for it was a message for another friend. Still, it should get across my general issue with he series so far. It's over hyped and poorly thought out.

Another anime that didn't leave a good first impression was Death Parade. The first episode from initial reaction I would rate a 5. The technical stuff was modest and it had a good idea for a premise, but didn't work in execution. One episode was not enough to make me care about people who I just barely got introduced too. It was also revealing bits of the characters past in style of a soap opera which made me laugh. I'm suppose to take this episode seriously according to the tone, but the intro on the other hand misleads into thinking it'll be a fun, energetic series which clearly it's not. A baby is accidently killed in the first episode which goes against all the joyous dancing in the intro. Nothing about it impressed me, but at least it was doing something I haven't seen before. Then came episode 2 and it dropped to a 4. Apparently in Death Parade the games are meant to get out the darkest part of people humanity in order to judge them. Except they are all based around games that revolve around luck and hand eye coordination. Lets say you and me get send to the middle realm as I call it and get to play bowling. Lets pretend you're a bowling expert who has committed a series of crime throughout his life while I never played bowling in my life while living a modest life. You kick my ass in bowling with perfect streak and I get screwed over all because I didn't know how to play bowling I get frustrated revealing the darkest part of my humanity. So now you can be reincarnated from your victory while I get send to the void based on how I perform. Of course it'll be unfair, but the judgment system doesn't care so they screwed over good people. Episode 2 literally just broke the entire anime series for me.

The next two episodes further solidify my thoughts on it. Episode 3 was dull and a failure of a follow up to the dart game that depending on where a dart lands you hurt the other person in that part of the body. In bowling the only thing special about are the bowling balls letting you feel the other person hearts. Nothing happens when the players knock down pins so it's clearly unfair to the couple in the first episode who felt pain whenever they scored with a throw. Then episode 4 I got other issues, but they would require spoiling what happened so I'll put this spoiler bar here incase you do end up seeing it.

In episode 4 the judgment that was made was completely nonsensical. There was this single mother who had relationship issues, but did everything she could to provide for her kids and the other person was a loser. Seriously, the loser did nothing in his life and committed suicide, yet he gets reincarnated while the single other gets send to the void. The single mother didn't commit suicide, but got killed instead and throughout the episode is concerned for her kids livelihood. She was put in a unfair situation playing an arcade game which she has no experience in against someone who does. So of course her dark side would come out because of how unfair the whole situation is whereas her opponent doesn't care since he's good at video games.

The single mother does hurt the loser, but immediately regrets it. If you've seen Death Parade the first episode had a husband attempting to hurt his wife with darts and still got reincarnated while his wife got send to the void. So it's inconsistent when the single mother does a similar thing, but gets send to the void. Also, it was clear the single mother did things with her life and despite her life being rough did everything she could to provide for her kids. The loser on the other hand did nothing with his life. What is revealed of his life basically says he did nothing, but play video games all day. He took his own life. The judgment system in Death Parade is simply nonsensical and heavily flawed when a person is put in a unfair situation.

I'll have more when I finish it. Hopefully my little bro will download the anime I ask him since he has more free time than I do.
Arsene_Lucifer May 17, 2015 10:48 AM
I have to make my reply quick because short on time. The spoiler is pretty much an update on my status. I wrote ahead of time so you already know some of it by now. Either way I saw an anime called Kaiji Ultimate Survivor which I would recommend you see. It's great. One I would suggest avoiding is something called Green Green. Everything about it is awful.

The best anime I saw that came out this year has been Gundam: The Origin. Likely more hardcore Gundam fans would appreciate more, but it's much better than I expected it to be. Shame it's not getting a whole lot of attention.

Arsene_Lucifer May 3, 2015 11:14 AM
Whoa how long has it been since I last wrote back? Way too long. Honestly I wasn't expecting to be visiting Pittsburg, Kansas this season, but it happened for reasons I think I explained. I don't know to be honest since the whole concept of time is escaping me. When you work in a bacon factory surrounded in grey walls you tend to mistake a couple of minutes for an hour. How's this season holding up for you? I do at times get suggestion to checkout certain series this season, but the fact I'm unable to check them out right now is killing me.

On my end of things I'm deal with a college university that wanted to take 5000 dollars from me. I already them my debt so I didn't owe them, but they (two people who worked for the school, one I think was the principal) resorted to blackmail to get money from me. In the end I didn't have to pay, though that was because I was lucky enough to record blackmailing me in the act I would have been screwed have to hired a lawyer to take them to court would have cost way more money. At this moment I still got no word from the police if those two specific people or more facility members will go and locked up in jail for a couple of days. Even if the police can't evidence to arrest more people who tried to blackmailing me at least two of them have no chances of getting an innocent verdict. Sweet justice.

Then there's this whole ordeal I'm having unrelated with everything else. When I land in Pittsburg one of the first things my family tell is I got a mail from a bank that I thought closed my account. Apparently according to Arvest (the name of the bank) I never closed my bank account. Naturally I take the letter they send home to me claiming they did close my account and proving my identity. Then the workers had to be complete douche bags prolonging confirmation that I was in fact who I said who I was. I had to wait two hours before they told me you're actually this person. They told me my account would definitely be close, but then they pulled the expiration state ID card on me and they still didn't remove my account. When I finally got my new ID I got rid of the Avrest bank account, after like visiting them for like a week they finally closed it. The workers asked me why I would remove my bank account, and the answer is pretty obvious. It's because they have bad service.

I also got this whole thing going on with my stalker who might be planning something evil. I went to a party and she put on the spot to sing karaoke. I freestyle it and you can imagine the reaction I got when people heard me sing "Shake your skeleton". Don't know Briana (my stalker) major plan is at the moment. She no longer has green hair so she now blends into the background so now when I walk anywhere I can't shake off the feeling she's behind me.

I wrote that in advance, but didn't get time to finish. It's a pain balancing time, but I'll get back to you...and hopefully at some point get to seeing that A1 Picture anime I promised I would see after Aldnoah.Zero.
Arsene_Lucifer Mar 30, 2015 6:24 PM
Wait, A-1 Pictures is threatening people with a third season of Aldnaoh.Zero? Ah, no. I would rather see them do another season of SAO than ever do another season of Aldnoah.Zero. I mean the ranking for the first season and second season are miles apart. A third season would likely be in lower 5000. As for the troll. I honestly could careless at another downvote. That troll is rather petty.

A review of Neon Genesis Evangalion that'll be tough. It's one of my favorite, yet I have no idea where I would begin. I know a bit about physiology so tackling from that angle would be interesting. There's allot of things that goes into psychology that the average person would never take account. That series is like Elfen Lied; regardless who post the review and the rating attach to it it'll attract some large level of attention. Reading a review from a fan perspective of NGE tend to have more prove for why its good than why its bad in a negative review. Usually negative review state Shinji is annoying, yet this the same community where someone like Natsu from Fairy Tail and Asuna for SAO are like far more, but are shallow character. Likable doesn't always quality characters.

Right now I'll probably finished up some of the anime I'm either close to finishing or at least half way done to marathon them. I'll be visiting family in April the way through July so I'll have even less time to see anime. So right now I'm picking out some lengthy titles I know could finish between those two months. Like maybe Legend of the Galatic Heroes or Rurouni Kenshin. Either way, I'll have allot of time to complete them.
Arsene_Lucifer Mar 30, 2015 5:36 PM
I liked Parastye and thought it was a good series. The main duo Shinchi and Migi I agree were the biggest draw to the series. They were nicely developed and it had a acceptable supporting cast. Murano we both felt wasn't put to full use. As for the story my problem were different. The ending I felt was more in line of an epilogue than a actual ending, but didn't much a strong final impression like the rest of the anime did. My problem with the story is how it neglects some characters and how some of the elements like the romance didn't click like they were suppose. Like mentioned before, when Shinchi had sex with Murano and got motivated to fight for his life it was hilarious. The story wanted to do too much, but the director was inexperience so he wasn't sure how to go about it. Everything technical I thought was fine. The characters were developed, even if some weren't put to greater use and the story mostly worked. You might that spot again. Right now, my Aldnoah.Zero review is jumping from the top review on the page to 2nd second place every time I look. So far, no one who downvoted that review even bother to counter argue my points or PM me about some of my criticism. The only backlash I got was this thing on my account. The person didn't even have the balls to tell me that without hiding.

Aldnoah.Zero 2 oh man that was awful. Right now I'm not sure weather or not to do one at the moment. The first season was draining my soul and the second season made my head explode. Right now I just started up a a file for a possible draft for a review for season 2. If I don't feel my all is in it than I'll probably scrap it and do another draft whenever I'm more into it. That ending literally took away my enthusiasm to write about it. It was just amazing how everything was worse. Everything they could have improved was kept as it was. Marito just overcomes his traumatic past, Slaine plan was entirely useless and personality was a complete 180, and Princess Ass just marries someone who wasn't in the series that long. Can't forget the fact that the ending neglected to tell audience what happen to all the characters. I find it serious BS that Slaine got punished, yet Red Head who along with her father killed the double of Princess Ass and triggered the Vers to kill millions of Earthicans didn't. She was let go scott free which I'm surprised no fan of the series is pissed about. Seriously, she caused the war, yet Slaine is the only character who's getting punished. Can't forget Inaho eye predicted the future and how he survived a collision to Earth from space. If he brought someone back to life I would have lost it even more.

Right now I prefer writing about something like Unico which I feel is more deserving of a review since it likely won't have a chance in the spotlight again. It says quite allot when a male baby Unicorn has your interest far better than something involving intergalactic war.
Arsene_Lucifer Mar 5, 2015 7:02 PM
So finished the latest episode of Parasyte just now and that ending was a blunder. It's evident that for a first time director he needs improve his skills when it comes to romance. I like anime allot, but that romance in the series wasn't that strong. Also, after having sex with Murano, Shinichi now has the spirit to keep on living. I mean...they really didn't share that many "romantic" moments together and she doesn't know he's half a hybrid.

I would have cracked up if Murano just happened to reveal he was Gotou and then ended with Shinichi screaming into the camera. Roll end credit and that would have been hysterical.

As for the ranking of the series I got a theory. I'm guessing not many on the site have either read or seen The Invasions of the Body Snatchers which Parasyte was heavily influence by. Visually Parasyte is more interesting, but I'm guessing for most viewers this is the first time this sort of sci-fi-ish story has been done. For me, I've seen it done well in the original that influenced it and done so poorly in The Host.
Arsene_Lucifer Mar 5, 2015 6:28 PM
I haven't seen the latest episode of Parasyte yet, had been having lagging issues with my internet recently. Though for some unexplained reason, only when watching anime.

I heard about the Big O; the first half I hear is great while the second half not so much. One thing I dislike about MAL is how they don't organize anime by years. There's time I want to check out an anime of say the 80s so I have to that outside of MAL in order to find them easier.

As for 90s anime I've heard great things about Rurouni Kenshin. There's also Yu Yu Hakusho which is a good shonen, but unfortunately out stays it welcomes. It starts off great, but then slowly attempts to be Dragon Ball Z. There's entire season dedicated to a tournament and before it ends it one more tournament arc. It ends on a good note, but story wise doesn't hold itself together all the through 112 episodes. I would only suggest it if you want a decent shonen to see that doesn't drag itself out too long. There's also something called Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade which I heard was mature despite being graphic when showing violence.

I suggest passing on the original Hunter X Hunter. It's badly paste and in some cases wasting it times. It takes one episode to catch a fish, another episode to get on a boat, and another episode to take an exam on a boat. Like seriously, these events didn't need individual episodes. Aside from those, my knowledge on 90s anime is limited. Though, what has my attention is exploring the non popular titles from the 90s. I wonder what kind of lost gems that era has.