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Nov 5, 2014
Rensou Mode (Manga) add
Rensou Mode is a shoujo romance oneshot based in a school-life setting. On checking, I found the title means Delusional Mode. This could not fit our heroine protagonist’s personality more! It’s further highlighted with occasional offhanded comments made by the anti-hero of the story, accompanied by exaggerated expressions and snappy one liner-comebacks from the heroine.

If you’re an avid Shoujo/romance enthusiast, you know what you were probably like back in high school. You knew what you wanted (your very own Haruhi Suzumiya/insert prince of choice), and if you were enterprising enough, you knew EXACTLY how you were going to go about seducing the girl/boy of your ...
Jan 30, 2014
“The secret of friendship” is a shoujo romance manga with a school life setting, but that’s only what the genres tell you. The art and plot execution is far more josei than shoujo, and friendship easily trumps romance as the central theme of the story. But these dichotomies make this title all the more engaging and memorable, one you’d like to revisit every time your friend cancels on your dinner plans to hang out with their significant other instead!

We have our two leading ladies, Eiko and Moe who meet in those initial turbulent days of high school when classmates are forming cliques, forging friendships and ...
Jan 21, 2014
Hatsu*Haru (Manga) add
Preliminary (1/53 chp)
Hatsu Haru is a shining jewel in the treasure chest of shoujo romances in a school setting. Though I’m possibly getting a bit ahead of myself given its newness (the first chapter released nary 10 days ago) I cannot help but be drawn to its novelty, its gaiety and its overall awesome-sauce-ness!

The plot starts off with our *gasp* male lead and protagonist Kai Ichinose enjoying a blissfully blessed high school life, filled with girls throwing themselves at him given his natural charm and good looks. He knows he’s got it, he wants to flaunt it, and no amount of scolding from his well meaning classmate ...
Jan 7, 2014
Preliminary (1/23 chp)
"Such as love, such as a kiss, such as the body" is the latest journey of tempestuous love by famed shoujo/romance mangaka Kozue Chiba, introducing us to pure hearted but hopelessly infatuated Sasa-chan who has been harbouring a one sided crush on resident hottie and school heartthrob Kaneda Senpai for a good three years now. So why is she not utilising every opportunity to get closer to him? Why instead do we catch her chastising him instead? And what purpose could addressing his cheeky errant remarks in front of his equally playboy-type friends possibly serve? Hmm... well read on to figure that out.

If you're already ...
Jan 7, 2014
"Glitter Tears, I was in love" is a not-too-short and oh-so-sweet oneshot shoujo romance with seriuzly smexed out art and a bishie you want to lock up in your personal basement sex dungeon (a la Alexander Skarsgaard in True Blood) to do with as you please, with his defined abs of steel and endearing tsundere personality owing to his Kansai dialect.

We have our heroine Teshima who leads an otherwise shy life but desperately wants to try her hand at swimming which she has yet to master at the ripe ol' age of 16. She may need more training and assistance than she imagined though and ...
Jan 7, 2014
Mixed Feelings
"Fall in Love With You, Just like Magic" is a 6 chapter shoujo, slice of life, romance read about our heroine Ousawa Miko who is a keener for breads, cakes and all things baked, which I personally found a tad mediocre and uninspired. Her journey about discovering her passion, following through on it despite the challenges she faces and the eventual relationships she forges has it's moments which are unexpectedly cute or doki-doki but overall reads like a formulaic shoujo trope. Boy meets girl, boy and girl are neighbours AND working together and dull romance ensues slowly despite the ridiculous amount and intensity of time ...
Jan 7, 2014
I don't know about the rest of you folks, but when the boy I had a long standing crush on asked me out, I went apeshit! Correction, I redefined apeshit. There wasn't a moment I wasn't squealing inside my head and at school, the few times I did face him, I COULDN'T face him for fear of internally combusting under the weight of my own embarrassment. THAT'S what adolescent first love does to you! Given this highly dignified version of a first love experience, I had high expectations from this story's summary, fully expecting a read laden with "Kyaaaa" and much doki-doki. Sadly the romance ...
Jan 7, 2014
"Beginning of Spring" is a chaste but deeply personal yet relatable read about the experience of our diffident heroine Miyako when she has a chance meeting with her long time crush Takeshi before a pre-arranged group meeting. Here's an opportunity to take the leap... if only confessing at the end of Junior High was as easy as bungee-jumping off a ledge! There's no safety rope which will make the free fall experience end smoothly and you may just end up ruining the nice status quo along the way.

It reads like a journal entry, every moment of their shared experience, how the initially shy conversation leads ...
Jan 6, 2014
Letter of Babel is a short and sweet little morsel of romance, not decidedly shoujo in nature, which tells us the story of a Russian steward and the path not taken. It's written from the point of view of a masterful scribe who is known far and wide to be able to put feelings on paper you didn't know you possessed and our long suffering hero succumbs to this indulgence if only to relive his early life once more and lament for love lost and maybe, just maybe... have another go at it...

It starts off ordinarily enough, set in a Russian noble's house, introducing the ...
Jan 2, 2014
Preliminary (7/14 chp)
"May I be in love with you" is a very cute and seriously fun shoujo-romance-school life read revolving around our protagonist, the scary looking (think Eustace from Courage, the Cowardly Dog when he put on his Ooga Booga Booga mask!) but secretly mild mannered and misunderstood Chigira who just wants to have a fun high school existence filled with friends, karaoke and maybe a first love. Instead his delinquent looks invite challenges from other delinquents further solidifying his unwittingly acquired reputation and scare away any poor sods who make the mistake of looking in his general direction. What's a boy to do?! Especially when a ...

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