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Jul 19, 2011
I'll right this movie was funny and had great scenes and a bit of a story dealing with Ghost and things along that line. I saw someone said it was like True Blue or something..It's nothing like that movie that recommendation needs to be removed. There is no rape in this no couple in love then one falling for someone else and leaving the other..It's nothing like that other movie so yeah

It goes like this The main female is inlove with the main male but hiding it somewhat and he is in love with her they hide it the same.He usually has wet dreams of ...
Jul 14, 2011
Okay I'll try to make this short. At first when the movie began I was enjoying it. I was a bit confused on some of the characters though such has the prince where the fuck did he go. But it was explained so it was a good story.. Now the problem with it is it should have been longer.. This movies (unless it has a part two) Leaves so many questions unanswered And that's why I gave it an over all poor rating. I love old Animes,Hentais but some always ended with leave it to your imagination I'm not a big fan of that...

So ...
Dec 18, 2010
Sexcapades (Manga) add
Preliminary (Unknown/9 chp)
Ihall try not to spoil it much... It's a good read..Deals with the life of a man wh is a writer his Girl friend...She a a nympho but mainly for his D*ck Though al of bad luck befalls her she keeps high spirits And though her lover is married you get the feel he loves his girlfriend So if slice of life means things like this can actually happen then it's right.

Over all It's a great read!
Nov 18, 2010
Alright..If your into school girls being raped and tide up..Or into Teachers getting their students to go after them..This is god for you. Though over all it's pretty plain..And the second episode is only like a different variation of part one.. It's not wont be wasting your time watching it..It's cool but could have been ten times better..With a real second episode...Might make you not want to watch the squeals

Well say finally Big guys getting some action in hentais! That's a plus lol..
Aug 25, 2010
Preliminary (1/3 eps)
I have only watched the first episode and I shall make my reviews in the form of said episodes..The first one was pretty interesting..Though I was stuck with the CENSORED Version.. The art is good for the art made at that time...Oldest Anime style. The story is very creative. You like...Demons?..You like Sci fi like things? (Mecha machines with tentacles) Tentacles all together? Light Rape to hard core rape?..Then this is for you. Esspecially if you like the main character to some how get super raged while defending his Girl friend.

This first Ep is proving to be a test for the main couple or ...