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Dec 15, 2015
Alright folks, time to make this sweet and succinct.

The show uses stop motion to showcase 3 wacky dolls who all have different personalities, but really remind me of so many anime girls we have all met in different shows. They play off one another very well. They are snarky, and the banter is great.

The girls are funny, with very dry and sarcastic humour. There is no punch line per say because the joke is subtle but it still ends with a punch. I found myself literally LOL at a few parts during each episode. When i wasn't laughing i was still just as interested.

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Jul 4, 2014
To preface this is my very first review.

What a magic journey this was indeed. The story is compelling, never boring, and certainly enjoyable. It has amazing rich color pumping out of every pore. The mixture of SFX and great backing tracks truly helps you feel like you are in a different world. The characters are unique and every single one stands out on their own. I enjoyed this movie so much. Its hard to explain. I know this is a light themed movie about magic, and the power of people and their love and faith in each other, but i found myself not blinking for read more