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May 4, 2008
Ayakashi was a very entertaining show in the end. It took a bit to get started but I found it a brillaint watch, for a show thats about magic powers, like Night Wizard or Prism Ark, but makes it bloody, throws human ethics onto the production floor.

The base story aids this in its presentation. Although the premise is simple, Yuu holds within him a powerful Ayakashi and finds himself the target of villains wanting that power (played superbly by Tomakazu Sugita) while his friends suffer (the first of which was his childhood friend and crush Izumi. As nw Girl Eimu shows read more
May 3, 2008
Wind is an example of a show that sounded great in theory and on paper, yet falied to deliver on almost every level. Based on the visual novel by menclave (also behind the masterful ef - A Tale of Memories) the story set-up is quite interesting. Inside a town, every person, bar our hero Makoto, has a special power, whether it be high jumping, calculator memories or sound cancellation, the power is unique to the person. A blimp constantly flies over the town and Makoto meets a girl he promised as a child to marry at school once again. He also meets another read more
Apr 13, 2008
Welcome to one of the most relaxing anime's you have ever watched! I was pleasantly suprised about how this series turned out. I expected it to be an average slice of life with nothing special, and thoroughly enjoyed the series.

Even though the series is slow-paced, its never dull or mlacking in any way. It does exactly what it says on the tin. Each episode follows the trials of our 4 main heroines through the course of a day. That means no magic battles, no mushy romance, just staight up good, enjoyable slice of life, and all the bettter for it. What makes it a winner read more
Apr 11, 2008
There are 3 main aspects that make a high-school harem love comedy work. 1 is pretty girls, the second is chracter drama and the third is comedic moments. Whereas Tokimeki Memorial hosts the first two, it is severely let down by the comedy.

The attempted comedy in this show is very over the top and stupid, and while this may work for some, it fails to hit my funny-bone on more than a few occasions. Support characters, such as Aoba's friends are full of idiocy, yet lacking in any real substantial humour. The sports societies and their presidents are one off lame jokes, and by far read more