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Jul 12, 2015
(Heads up, this is a bit of a long one, but I felt the show really justified this discussion)

An unexpected delight, that’s how I would summarise this anime. Time and time again, Kyoto Animation have shown themselves to be one of the greatest animating studios in Japan, but despite this I still go into shows like this expecting a moeblob. Boy was I wrong. Even for a Kyoto Animation show, Hibike Euphonium has set itself apart from their lineup through creativity and its sheer attention to detail. Let’s see how exactly it does just that.

Hibike Euphonium is the story of a group of girls read more
May 5, 2015
Anime in particular seems to have a soft spot for eschewing logic. Don’t laugh, it’s true! Ever since I watched shows like Bakemonogatari or even Haruhi Suzumiya, I knew I was in for a bumpy ride. Now here comes a new contender for the throne of procedurally defying logic: Durarara X2 Shou. The original season had an approximately chronologically linear story, popping to different character’s viewpoints now and then. X2 has taken a leaf from Haruhi’s book though, so you can probably tell where this is going… (The storytelling this season which is about as scattered a baby’s abandoned jigsaw puzzle.)

It’s been a while since read more
Apr 7, 2015
In a match made in heaven, the Japanese interpretation of English aristocracy finally meets one of the most English of inventions, the mighty Sherlock Holmes! This is Black Butler’s most serious and mature arc yet. Fear not though, because it’s also one of its best. Book of Murder’s two hour long episodes are a very worthy addition the Black Butler universe.

Book of Murder places a stronger focus than is Black Butler’s norm on the details of the storyline, so I am happy to say that story-wise this is one of the strongest entries to the series yet. Chronologically, Murder sits right after the Book of read more
Apr 2, 2015
I am very glad I watched Death Parade. Let’s get that out the way first shall we? The 12 episodes of time I devoted to this anime were some of the best 4 and a bit hours I have spent. I would not call this anime a masterpiece. As a ‘social experiment’ though, it performs fantastically. Death Parade asks you questions: what does it mean to be human, do beings with no emotions have the right to judge our irrational selves? Death Parade does not hand you the answers, but does a good job of guiding you as you come to make your own decisions. read more
Feb 25, 2015
Sakurasou no Pet no Kanojo follows a year in the life of the eclectic inhabitants of the Sakurasou dorm, as they each enter the path towards growing up – and all the responsibilities and hardships that it involves. I have a friend who suffers from mood swings, and there’s an element of that in the style of Sakurasou. It’s unrelentingly happy at times, and crushing otherwise – a show with such a huge amount of energy as this has very little need for a middle ground. This applies to pretty much everything about Sakurasou, from the characters to the plot. Whether it’s working to create read more
Jan 30, 2015
There is a lot of space for a cynic to hate on Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. In the most sarcastic internal voice you can muster, you might think to yourself watching the first episode: ‘Oh great, another romance anime with one of those clueless protagonists who can’t take a hint. Just what we need’. You would be right – it turns out another one of those anime was exactly what we needed, because rarely is the concept so well executed, or stretched to such hilarity, as it is in Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun.

Gekkan Shoujo is about Nozaki-kun, a high-school student who is secretly a shoujo manga artist, read more
Jan 18, 2015
There are an unassailable number of anime out there, too many. Logically then, there are going to be a very large number of truly great anime. But I haven’t watched them all, and probably never will. Why? Because I’m already having fun. Why am I having fun? Because I’m watching Amagi Brilliant Park.

Kyoto Animation are the undisputed kings of the moe slice of life style. Anime like K-On are thoroughly enjoyable rides if you accept that Mio is just the best girl, whilst Clannad is a masterpiece of the anime world, despite the fact that Key are seemingly only capable of drawing side-characters with purple read more
Dec 27, 2014
If you’re familiar with shaft anime, Mekakucity fits into their portfolio perfectly, but that’s not to say the anime is perfect. If you’re unfamiliar with Shaft anime, it’s an experience very different to any other anime producer, and it’s very important to bear that in mind. I’m focusing on some of the flaws the show has in this review, but I enjoyed the show as much as I did some of the Monogatari series, and I’m very pleased to be able to say that. Regardless of your opinion on the director, Akiyuki Shinbou’s, polarising style, he has stayed true to it and to the source read more
Dec 21, 2014
Full Metal Alchemist is the work of mangaka Arakawa Hiromu, and is undoubtedly her most famous work. While an anime series under the name of Full Metal Alchemist did air in 2003-2004, the actual manga itself had not finished at that point and, as a result, the ending differs significantly from the actual manga’s ending. Airing in 2009-2010, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (henceforth referred to just as FMA) rectified this. Finally viewers were able to experience the joy of the entire Full Metal Alchemist story adapted to anime format – and what a joy it is.

FMA is very quick in establishing an action-packed storyline, soon read more
Dec 13, 2014
I discovered Koe no Katachi by chance, and within a day had the entire story finished. It’s an absorbing coming-of-age romance, heavy on the drama with hints of comedy to lighten the tone. It jointly focuses on bullying, the issues of friendship and chasing after one’s dreams. Koe no Katachi has a unique twist though: the main romance is between a deaf girl, Nishimiya Shouko, and the guy who bullied her in elementary school, Ishida Shouyo. An odd pairing it is indeed, but the relationship is driven by the insecurities and weaknesses of both characters, questioning the limits and potential of catharsis to heal what read more