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Aug 14, 2007
Good Witch was a show I picked up on recommendation from a friend of mine, and while I was initially disappointed, it proved itself down the stretch.

The main sticking point here was the story. Don't get me wrong, the plot itself was well-written with lots of twists and turns. However, this show was poorly paced, which is what happens when you put either some or all of 9 light novels into a 13 episode series. The first half of the show was a whirlwind, and while this is understandable considering how the main character is swept up into a world she doesn't read more
Aug 14, 2007
This series continues to flirt with the #1 spot among my favorites, and Utena stands high above any other female character in anime that I have seen. Her character is so strong and holds to her ideals of nobility so much that it's hard not to like her.

Some of the terminology took a little getting used to, as it takes normal ideas of gender roles and throws them out the window. Utena, for example, wants to become a prince. No, she doesn't want to become a man - she wants to be strong and noble and rescue princesses. Why can't a read more