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Takamura-sama Oct 25, 2017 2:34 AM
U rate way too high
quirkista Jul 22, 2014 11:27 AM
No problem :)
quirkista Jul 19, 2014 4:05 AM
Great Nisekoi review!
Yup Jul 16, 2014 6:28 PM
Valik93 Jun 18, 2014 9:11 AM
Poor you... and we were done like several months ago. I already forgot about you, but you still replied.
Ignorance is your #1 word, since you presented 0 decent facts. while haka presented a ton of them which you brushed aside just because... "you were lazy to read that bullshit". Be serious... Just accept things as they are. You can't judge stuff using smart terms, so say that you enjoy stuff, instead of trying to prove it's better than it is
Valik93 Mar 16, 2014 4:22 PM
sigh... haka did all the job for me and even better than I would do it.

What I meant by the pet stuff: In general, little attention was given to the mechanics of the world in general. The thing is that it's just a filler and it doesn't matter, but... Why don't I even know what the damn pets in SAO do? Why did I see only one damn character with a pet? Haka says it's pretty common stuff in games, but hell, I do think there's no damn explanation given in the "mechanics of the world" part. How am I supposed to know that there's not some mushroom that makes the one that eats it huge???

What made me lol tho was your answer. Basically, you refuse to accept a simple truth in the favor of your personal view. You are so centered on it that you really ignore everything.

You know, I don't remember if I told you... The author of SAO said by himself that it's damn bad and he's not responsable for people enjoying it. There's a remake of the series now...
One more funny thing is that he actually changed a bit that part with the beta testers hating and added a guy that actually had some common sense (it's the same big guy, idk his name and it's not like I care). I agree that it's not quite a plothole, but it enters in that "cheap ass writting" category, a thing that was fixed in the remake. (heh)

I also want to remember how the whole thing started. Right... S;G.
Basically this is my conclusion: You couldn't find the actual plot hole in it and you called plot holes, things that YOU didn't understand because of your inability or lack of desire to do so.
That's why I want to ask you to stop covering your ass with smart terms like plot holes. You're judging stuff only by what you personally like and dislike. Stop lying to us or to yourself that it's something different than that.
A_Lam_Ma_El Mar 14, 2014 1:11 PM
Messages on Valik's wall.

>"I don't remember" is not to be taken literally. How do I put this? Hm... you know how in real life sometimes you don't want to answer a question directly and you instead respond with an evasion or a half-answer? Or perhaps you're in a certain emotional state and cannot or do not want to answer that question properly. It's like that. So we really need to read between the lines here.

There is nothing to read between here, he just said that I don't remember without any other relevant dialogue or action to go on, so it stupid especially when later an official explanation was released that Kayaba did everything so he could create the ultimate death game and play in it. Your argument might have been a valid possiblity if it were not for the fact that the author released an official explanation on why kayaba did things.

>First, we have to understand that Kayaba is insane. I'm not saying crazy is the explanation; rather, because he is insane, he sees things quite differently than you or I would.

He is not insane, just a sociopath and of course he sees things differently than normal people, all sociopaths do, I'am a sociopath myself.

>In any case, the core motivations for his actions, I believe, were to create a new world free from the things he hated in the old (e.g., people not really living), to push past existing technological boundaries, and to be confronted/saved/punished (because he wasn't really living either).

Not really, you are just explaining the stuff with your own interpretations of the series and how you seen characters, and I must say your perception of the events in S.A.O. do not equal to the actual canonical S.A.O. truth, first Kayaba wanted to create an island that floats(Aincrad) after he was done with that he was unsure on what to do next, he decided to just trap people in S.A.O. and lock them in the forcing them to clear it. With his death by the hand of Kirito his shitty goals were accomplished. Though of course he didn't die, because the shitty writer needed someone to bail Kirito out in the second season, so he also had his memory uploaded to the internet which had a 1/1000 chance of suceeding yeah right, and we never ever seen him again in the later editions of the novels, which just further proves my point that he was reduced to a simple plot device and deus ex machina character like Yui.

>The first one would be after he was killed by Kayaba, I think? It was made quite clear that his willpower overrode the limitations of the system. That is in fact a central notion in both SAO and Accel World - that the human will is capable of incredible things.

Human will is sure capable of incredible shit, too bad just not in the virtual world where everything is strictly scripted, if human will was actually any sort of powerful we would be able to fry electronic devices around us when we are in an emotional state, which is not the case, also again I must beg the question, why only Kirito? Plenty of people should have just as strong or even stronger will to Kirito, so there should been other cases of it as well if S.A.O. was actually influencable with the power of will and human emotions, too bad it wasn't its simply bad writing here, done by the author to make things more dramatic yet don't lose anything, such cheap move and used in almost every battle-shounen series, so I don't really see how you see it as anything unique or even as a good mood when you presumebly said that you have watched a shit load of anime, so you should be atleast capable of recognizing one of the most frequent cliché's in the battle-shounen genre no?

>Of course, it's possible that Kayaba had simply coded this override into the system - based on a certain brain activation pattern or signal strength, certain rules could be relaxed, perhaps - but since this is never mentioned anywhere (yet) we can't reasonably argue that without making assumptions.

Again if this were the case, it would have occured in multiple cases and not just in Kirito, also even with our current technology we can hardly interpret brain signals to the full extent and S.A.O. is only a few years in the future, to even have that kind of technology by that age and used for gaming of all things would be highly unrealistic, also please fucking note that Kayaba is a god dammned mathematchian and a programmer, he would have no way of even deciphering the brain signals yet even implement it in the nervegear system to begin with, since it's not part of his profession or something he is skilled in considering it would require a complete different kind of expertise to be able to do anything brain related, this is also another plot hole in S.A.O. since the nervegear was shown to have some limited capabilites for deciphering emotions as shown by Yui herself.

>This isn't the only point at which it happens, by the way - what did you think Kirito was doing all the time he was willing himself to go faster?

Simple concentration techniques, used by almost every martial artist and fighter, some shout to help them focus and some think about something like Kirito did, stop over thinking simple stuff like this.

>The second example is, I think, when he was granted admin rights? That was certainly a deux ex machina, agreed, since there wasn't any foreshadowing of this. But it is not a plot hole because it is entirely consistent with the story. Alfheim was built on the core that Kayaba had given to Kirito and it contained not just Kayaba's code but his "soul". He had in a sense been digitized into the system and he was the literal god in the machine. I don't remember if this was explicitly explained in the anime, and it's possible that it either wasn't or was thrown out too quickly for viewers to catch.

This is both a plot hole and shitty writing, despite you franctically trying to tell otherwise, sadly it really shows that the writer of S.A.O. has no ideal how games and programming actually works otherwise he wouldn't make mistakes like this, just because a game is based off on the same engine does not mean that it's the same game and has the same admin privileges, hell the engine I'm running my game on also has multiple other games on it, someone who is an admin in game A or game B wouldn't be able to come to my game C and do whatever he wants since he is not an admin in my game. So Kayaba shouldn't have been an admin in alfheim logically speaking and even if he was, Sugou and his team could have just wiped erased him from the admin list either way.

>Plot hole #5: What’s the reason for hating beta testers?

You are actually right in this case and did not agree with valik this being a plot hole.

>This is also why a large number of (possibly younger) viewers dislike SAO, because they have not had enough life experience to see that this is how people are.

You do realize that it's actually the opposite, young people especially teenagers fawn over S.A.O. like a crazed fanboy, I would even think you are one of them, but I wouldn't be presumptious to base my arguments on your unknown age as I have no way of verifying it, and the majority of older anime viewers hate S.A.O. because they had enough experience to tell apart from quality works from steaming piles of shit covered in candy wrapper. Also you are simply trying to make yourself feel as a "better person" for liking S.A.O. in this comment section and thus belonging to the people with "good taste" by making up stuff from your arse.

>Plot hole #6: Pets?

Not a plot hole despite valik wants to think.

>First of all, remember that Kirito is both very smart and very tech savvy. IIRC, his coding expertise was mentioned very early on, but please correct me if I am mistaken. He also hero-worshipped Kayaba a little, by the way.

>In any case, he was always meant to be a coder, and in fact in the next arc you will get hints that he will play a very big role in the development of the future of VR. If his technical expertise was left out of the anime, that's not a plot hole; it would be lack of foreshadowing though, which would be bad writing.

Doesn't have anything to do with actually Yui's revival though, as she just appeared right after Kirito started Alfheim online.

>He probably just grabbed anything that looked like her data and shoved it all in a bag.

Too bad Kirito had actually no idea that his shit from S.A.O. would get transferred to Alfheim, which is why the following is bullshit

>IRC, the item was an in-game representation of Yui's program and data files in an archived format

Except datas don't just install themselves and allow themselves to be used in games, such things need to be done by the user, and even if it was done, the admins would have noticed the irregurality in a matter of minutes since I talked about how much admins can actually see in my previous text, and since Kirito had 1, no knowledge that Yui's data was stored or his S.A.O. stats and items 2, No actual admin powers at that point of the story, Kirito had obviously no way of resurrecting you, so obviously Yui done it by herself, and how? Well that is never explained which is why it's a plot hole.

>As for her revival, actually all his items were transferred, but the other items were normal in-game items that did not have the correct object IDs and hash checks and all that and came out as garbage.

Yet all of his money was still usable and so were his stats right >.>, because Alfheim and S.A.O. conveniently have the same currency and stat system.

>Hm? She heard him and threw it towards the sound of his voice. Yea, that's possibly a dumb move, but she was pretty desperate and the key wasn't going to do her any good in her possession.

Did you forget what happened before this if that's the case let me remind you that, Kirito couldn't reach Asuna because of the fact that there was an invisible wall separating the upper zone after a while, so then tell me how would a "key" or any item or object bypass an invisble wall please tell me, wait I already see your possible arguments so let me negate them before hand, you would probably say something like "durr hurr invisible walls only work one way", which is not true invisible walls are walls they cannot be bypassed from either side, if you played mmos you would know this, second possible argument: "Durr Hurr only players cannot go through invisible walls, items can" Again negated invisble walls have the wall in their name of a good damn reason, which is that it acts like actual terrain in mmos, meaning if you fall on it you die, and items and stuff are placed on it, because even if you can't see it there is a terrain there. Also even if for some inexplicable reason that key could bypass it, the admins would have once again noticed it the very moment it passed the wall, I can speak from personal experience since when I reached GM island in world of warcraft the admins teleported me out of there in a minute, even though no one was there, so they have the ability to view who enters restricted areas anytime and probably warns them if something of not admin authority is there. Also the whole thing that Asuna has "heard them" is highly unrealistic at best, when you consider that Sugou probably wouldn't make it so that sounds passed through that wall and made it soundproof in the first place otherwise Asuna could simply just shout all day until someone starts noticing and doing some shit.

>Firstly, I agree that people in real life are seldom as good as the good guys in SAO are. But such people do exist.

Actually none of the characters in S.A.O. would qualify as "good", all of them are average random guys who just want to escape the death game and get back to their normal lives which is a pretty neutral goal. The majority of people are selfish and that is because selfish people are more successful than non selfish people, which is a fact, good people do exist,but they are mostly used and taken advantage of by the neutrals and the evil ones and will eventually turn to neutral or evil themselves in a matter of time.

>Kayaba was never meant to be just-a-bad-guy.

That was pretty much what he was meant to be though, just an obstacle in Kirito's path during the Aincrad arc.

>He's also not seen as a good guy now, by the way. What makes you say that he is?

Because of the fact that the author paints him in a "good" after the ending of Aincrad arc, Kirito and he just act like damn buddies for no reason, like he totally forgot that this person caused him and many people suffering and responsible for enormous number of death not to mention slashing his "wife" and not giving a shit about it and deceiving people to the end. He rescues Kirito and gives him stuff and they act all bro for no damn reason, his previous established "evil" aura was shattered by this.

>Next, Kirito's first guildmates died because they were careless. It wasn't bad luck. They overreached.

And if Kirito actually told them the truth none of them would have died, the end. Pointless drama that comes from the stupid actions of the characters, nothing we haven't seen before.

>Villain 2 was an idiot. lol He wanted to savour his defeat of Kirito, wanted to torture him. He was so smug in his own superiority that he thought he could get away with rubbing it in. And he really was right, except that he had no way of knowing that "Kayaba" was in the system, without which agent there was no way he could have lost. And guess what? There actually are such idiots in real life. I know several.

And such villains are generic and overused in anime, and having such a generic villain this counts as only negative points for S.A.O.

>Cheap ass plot element #3: The Harem.

Nothing you actually said here validates why the harem in S.A.O. is not a cheap ass plot element, you just tried to explain why Kirito would have a harem which was irrelevant to the discussion.

Simply to say The whole Harem thing has no reason to exist, since it has no relevance to the main story or the theme of the anime overall, especially when the majority of the harem members are forgotten and only show in their respective single episodes and the last reunion part, the only reason there is a harem in S.A.O. is because S.A.O. is a self insert story, which always have good things happening to the main protagonist for inexplicable reasons, please read up on self insert story too since you probably don't know the definition of that either. If you counter this explain why would the harem in S.A.O. would be a neccesary element for S.A.O. and how does the series benefit from having it in. It exists for the sole sake of drawing the virgin otaku here and nothing else, it should be obvious enough, but I guess it's not for people like you.

>Cheap ass plot element #4: Survive? No thanks.

>I don't remember this one, actually. Would you shoot me the episode number so I can review it?

The episode where Asuna first shows up, basically a guy wanted to steal the loot from the boss and was on the verge of dying, Kirito wanted to heal him with a healing potion, but he refused saying "I must die for being selfish lol", which is stupid to be honest and unrealistic and contradictory at the same time. He was selfish enough to want to get the loot for himself, and no selfish human would ever want to die for such a pathetic reason, it was simply uncharacteristic of him to just commit suicide based on the characteristic traits that were presented about him so far during that episode.

>Did you realise he's kind but dead stubborn, that he's an introvert but not shy, that he's both bold and brave, that he's aware of his limits but simultaneously very secure in himself? He's about as far from the average teenage gamer as you can get. lol

You do realize you just successfully described the average gamer?

>By the way, look up the definition of introvert. It's not what you think it is. In Jung's original conception, an introvert is someone who gathers energy by being alone. The mass media has taken the term and run away with it, and now people conflate introversion with shyness or social awkwardness. Completely wrong.

Definitions change over time as people use them differently, "gay" was used to meant happy and joyous and now it is solely used for homosexuals, so your argument is invalid since the old meaning is obviously out of use.

>She's confident and knows exactly what she wants. And by the way, in my personal experience, strong, tough women happily melt into a puddle of love when they finally meet a guy who is even stronger and tougher. Finally, she's confident and brassy,

You do realize that the average modern tsundere is also confident and knows what he wants and they are generally strong women who change their behaviour in the presence of their love interested of if someone is acting positively towards them so the only thing you succeeded here is proving that Asuna is a tsundere.

> Kirito is the anomaly here - he is much more mature than his age.

You mean way more emo than people his age.

>Yea, agree that the other characters didn't get enough screen time.

So those characters might as well not exist going by this logic considering a large majority of them don't even play a relevant lore or appear in more than 1 episode, they could be just Player A or Player B for all the story cares, it is considered a huge fault in the writing world to have a big cast and ignore the majority and only focus on 2% of the cast, you might as well not have made the cast that big in the first place.

>Deaths without impact: Really? I felt the impact of their deaths on Kirito very clearly, actually. When an accident happens and a thousand people die in the next town, how do you feel? You'd probably just shake your head and forget about it in two minutes. And here you're asking Kirito to... what? Cry you a river? Of course the impact is going to be largely impersonal except when the deaths are of people they know!

You do realize that a large majority of deaths happen off screen during the various timeskips of the show, and the other times they are just done with cheap melodrama, and Kirito hardly even seems to react to them done so because of the shitty execution, he is just emo one episode then we suddenly get another timeskip and get on with the story, there weren't even any relevant deaths after episode 3 so the drama was kind of non existant in S.A.O. especially in season 2.

>Fan service: Some people don't mind fan service. I certainly don't. It's a matter of taste, not a fault in execution, just as the best steak tartare in the world would make some people throw up.

It is indeed a matter of execution, the very fact that they use the fanservice card shows that they do not want to gain fans by actually making a good show, but by appealing to the sexual hormone fueled teenagers who watch this show instead, also atleast 3-5 episodes in S.A.O. were entirely done for fanservice and brought nothing relevant to the story, which could have been spent on stuff like you know actually animating an important part of the story namely the Laughing Coffin arc, considering that is the whole arc that connects S.A.O. with Gun Gale Online and they left it out in favour of shitty fanservice episodes that were hardly relevant anyway.

A_Lam_Ma_El Mar 13, 2014 3:21 PM
Messages on my wall:

>Hey, kid, firstly, I've probably been watching anime since before you were born. Just because I haven't bothered to list all of them on MAL doesn't mean I haven't watched them.

An actual "adult" wouldn't have been even offended or cared in the first place, if such a neutral comment can upset you enough to make a negative comment, then you are far from actually having an adult mindset regardless of whatever your biological age might be. Also even if you have been watching anime for a very long time it's still possible to only have 50 series under your belt, I know several people myself who have been watching anime for a decade and they hardly watched 90 anime.

>Next, time skips do not automatically make a plot bad. Actually, they have nothing to do with plot at all. They have to do with presentation. And just how do you propose to do foreshadowing for a time skip? lol It's all well and good to use big words, but please make sure you know what they mean or you just make yourself look bad.

Time skips by themselves do not neccesarily make a story bad, but you have to realize that they are used when the author has nothing "relevant" to show is in the current timeline or does not want to detail some events on purpose, time skips are used very frequently in S.A.O. and especially when important things could be shown like right that 2 year time skip at the beginning that establishes that many people have died, showing that would have been far more important than fishing scenes with asuna and the random old man or I could mention various episodes that were basically "filler" in season 1 as they hade 0 to none relevance to the main plot. Thus I theorize that the reason that the author is skipping so much because he simply can't or does not want to write certain scenes even though they would be pretty important to the story itself. Also yes timeskips can actually be foreshadowed, for example the very obvious chapter title( To You, 2000 Years From Now) of the first shingeki no kyojin manga volume could be a foreshadowing for a timeskip that will occur later in the series, or very lazy ones that are used in battle-shounen series like I'm going away on a journey or I'm going to train or "Our fight is just beginning" or even classical and stylish ones like the ones used in Saving Private Ryan for example( just watch the first 20-30 minutes to get what I mean).

>Nervegear and safety regulations - Lots of things you use today can kill you. They just come with little warning labels so the idiots out there won't accidentally off themselves. Sometimes, they work.

Except something that can fry the human brain and would be used by so many people would have no way off getting pass with just a sticker saying "accidents may fry your fucking brain" it would be called back until a more stable version could be produced, the only way Kayaba could have gotten through if it wasn't noticed or he paid off the inspectors.

>Kayaba being noticed - you clearly have no idea how a big technical team works.

You should really stop making assumptions since I used to manage a technical team of 20 people now I still only that the number have been reduced to 7.

>Kayaba's motivations not explained - they were explained really clearly - if you actually had the perspicacity to read between the lines. Kiddies need not apply.

I made that text on year ago so I wasn't as knowledgable about sword art online as I'am now, yes they did give a motive and it's not even what you said to valik, Kayaba simply wanted to play a death game that is the sole reason he made S.A.O. reality, Kayaba is a sociopath by pure definition he does not care about others and has only selfish emotions, this also the canonical explanation so even if you go against it you are simply defying the author. There is no actual reading between the lines needed because there is nothing to read, as Kayaba has 0 to no development nor actual relevant dialogues, besides hurr durr you must fight me now that you found out my secret. He is as simple as a character can be a simple standard Sociopath villain, and there is nothing more to him. And even if there is an explanation, the explanation itself is pretty cliché, so it does not bring the score up for the show but rather down actually.

>Kirito's special talent - because he was selected to get it. There were 10 special talents for 10 players, and only 2 were ever revealed: Kirito's Dual Wield and Heathcliff's Holy Sword. Kirito was selected because he had the best reflexes of all the players - that was the unlock condition for that skill. Didn't they explain all this in the anime? Or maybe they haven't yet; I don't remember.

It is still bullshit when you consider the actual numbers that S.A.O. had a populace of 10000 and many other beta testers aside from Kirito, why only Kirito is fast enough to get this skill, surely there are more special people than him out there, especially since he mentioned early in the story that others have gotten father than him during the beta sessions, the whole other 8 that are supposed to exist might as well not exist for all sake since they never actually appear nor are there are any actual description of them it is simply a tool used to make Kirito look less special than he is when the whole story is about him and no one else actually matters. And yes they didn't put that in the anime so even if it's in the novels it remains a plot hole since adaptations should be understandable without watching or reading the source material.

>The govt did nothing - actually, they did everything they could but were helpless. As you would expect if, you know, you applied a bit of logical thinking?

No, you are the one that needs to use some actual logical thinking, games are fairly easy to hack and abuse, as a game developer myself I know this very well, it would have been easy for the goverment to get the top notch hackers and pay them some money to crack S.A.O. even if Kayaba was a genius and wrote some über protection on his shit, there is no way that a team of proffesional hackers wouldn't have been able to break through, especially when the events of Aincrad lasted for more than 2 years, hell months alone would have been enough.

>How the bodies of the players were taken care of - sure, they could have, but how would that have added to the story. Agree that it would have helped viewers understand though.

It would have added to the overall execution and a little something that is known as drama by making you remember in all the monster slaying and fishing that people are actually chained to bed outside there and their body is slowly wilthing away.

>Kirito's levelling rate - he pushed very hard and constantly fought on the knife edge of danger. The guilds usually played it safe. The difference with your MMO experience is that in MMOs, death during guild raids is expected. Do you think MMO levelling would look the same if MMOs were roguelike?

Actually there is an mmo where if you die , you simply lose all character progress and your character is deleted though I do not remember the name as I have not played it myself but that is supposed to be it's main feature and it's free you can find it on if you browse it for a while. Also many mmos do punish the player by dying, some bosses may not spawn again or the instance may lock itself depending on what you are playing and you always lose time by dying so the majority of the players play the best of theirs as they can so they don't lose time. Many top guilds actually punish dying too many times by guild kick so this naturally results in a guild that hardly ever dies or fails over time.

And again I must speak as a game designer, since the very fact that Kirito could level one his own more efficiently than whole guilds together it pretty much proves that S.A.O. is an unbalanced designing failure since whats even the point of guilds if someone can get everything they can just by doing solo, hell the whole point of guilds is so that you can beat shit easier and faster than you would have done so alone, making a guild system into a game where you can solo everything is pretty much pointless.

Also this is simply there making Kirito look op and badass nothing else, seriously out of 10000 people what is the chance of not having atleast 100 people who done the same thing as Kirito, considering Kirito is not really from any special sort of background then they should be able to do it just as well and faster than Kirito, considering Kirito spent a shitload of time just fucking around playing with low level guilds, fishing, playing csi investigator:aincrad while someone out there could have been actually focusing 100% of his time on simply advancing, so the fact that Kirito is the top of aincrad despite him constantly fucking around always makes me lol, also before you bring the whole beta tester argument, I will just say that Kirito stated that he could only reach the 10th floor which they are already way away from after the 2 year time skip in the beginning so Kirito doesn't even have that much of advantage over the other players not to mention that there were 1000 beta testers.

>What happened to those who woke up - they were put into a special school.

I know that they were put into school, which should be obvious to you from my text since I clearly stated it out, I'am referring to the fact that right after they woke up oops another random timeskip to the time where they are in special school and all healthy and shit, hell spending at least 10 minutes on the recovering itself and how they were trying to adjust back to life would have added a lot to the drama, things like this really bring down from the execution category.

>Oberon's comatose players - he's the person administrating the network. The govt knew about the comatose remainder and thought he was just taking care of them as part of his company's contract.

Again it is highly unlikely that in an actual realistic situation the goverment wouldn't send a 3rd party observer for them to report instead of letting 1 guy do whatever he wants, goverments aren't stupid especially when it comes to incidents involving 10000 people, such wide scale incident would never be handled by a single guy, especially they might be suspicious why are those players not waking up when the others did, so investigation would begin if S.A.O. was a logical scenario, but it isn't.

>Kirito's skills retained - Alfheim is built on Kabaya's seed. Since his skills actually were in the source code, there's no reason for sysadmin to notice that something was amiss.

Again that whole scenario is highly unlikely, and this is coming from a person who spends a large part of his time programming games to work, even if Alfheim was based off on Aincraid, there is little to no reason to Kirito to actually have his stats, especially when those same stats probably don't even exist in alfheim anymore, and regardless Kirito created a fucking new character, he didn't brought his old character back, his data in the nervegear should not be able to interfere with such a large scale system without anyone noticing, trust me I run relatively small games with small staff, but even we can literally notice any problem, change or irregurality that happens to the game through the admin console, and such large scale games that have way more staff than us like Alfheim would not let something like slip or not be noticed by them. The whole reason this was made so that author didn't have to make Kirito level up again and just let him continue the adventures.

Also the whole fact that nervegear can store data is itself retarded, since it was never presented as anything more than a simple imput device like the keyboard or the mouse, which you notice as stuff that cannot store data, and especially not nervegear which is supposed to be some new shit(so it is highly unlikely that it would have a data storage function), they just go like, the data is in your nervegear now so they can conveniently set up deus ex machinas in the story. Hell Kirito plugged the nervegear in the computer in the first episode that would suggest that the game is actually run on the pc itself so all data should be stored in the pc, this is why it makes little to no sense why it would be stored on the nervegear chip itself, basic logic man.

>Sheer power of will - that happens to be the key idea in SAO, that the human will is amazing. I don't necessarily agree with this idea though.

I have no problem with this when it's used in settings where it makes sense(the real world for example), for it to be used in a virtual universe it makes little to no sense however, as it is impossible for a highly scrip written game to be influenced by something so random and unpredictable as "willpower" not to mention even if it were coded that way that it could register it(which is by itself highly unlikely even by modern technology) it would still be a really random variable and wouldn't fit with Kayaba's saying that S.A.O. is a fair game and as long as you have the skill you can do anything, and skill is not willpower, so there goes your argument that S.A.O. is all about willpower since it is not valid since it would contradict the S.A.O. canon which is written by the author itself. You know this is actually is, the simplest and easiest form of deus ex fucking machina known to writers, I have seen this shit so many times that I could practically recognize one even in my fucking sleep.

>Why killing Kabaya ended the game - yes, Kabaya was the final boss.

As I said that was a year old text, I'am aware now that Kayaba planned to show his true face at floor 95 and be the final boost at floor 100

>In other words, not a single of your plot holes is really a plot hole....

Refuted by the arguments presented above

>As I personally know people very much like Kirito, it's clear that he's not a self-insert goal. It's also clear to me that the people gnashing their teeth about this are so far away from this level of ability and confidence that they see him as an unrealistic affront to their sensibilities.

Because Kirito is quite generic and has no character, you can only find various traits strapped to him that you can find on any human, so obviously it is fairly easy to know people like Kirito, also you have no idea what self insert is based on what you wrote, so go educate yourself either on my cliché list or somewhere on the internet since you were clearly thinking author self insert and not audience self insert, which are different.

>Sorry, kids, but there really *are* people who are this awesome out there.

He is not even awesome, he wastes plenty of time and people die because of his stupidity, tell me what awesome deeds he has ever done?
-Going away with the loot of the first boss and acting like a loner asshole(not awesome)
-Fucking around with a low level guild while he was high level which resulted in the death of the guild (not awesome)
-Killing of a boss with his hax ability that put him above 99% of the players in game
-Bullying a bunch of low level player killers that had no way of even touching him( it would have been awesome if he was low level or equal)
-Failing to even beat Heathcliff with his hax ability and skill which resulted in the author using a deus.... I mean will power move.
-Beating up the crippled and brain fried Sugou in irl(not awesome)

Heh you are just like the rest of the S.A.O. fanboys you self inserted yourself as Kirito without even realizing it, and that is why you have seen everything he does way more awesome than it actually is.

>Emo teenager - at which point is he ever an emo teenager? lol

His whole reason for playing video games was him being emo about finding out that his sister is not really his sister and being emo to this for the next 7 years instead of doing actually something productive and getting on with it, and he goes emo many times during the series for shorter phases he constnatly has switches between emo and serious phases, because that's what he is at the heart a simple Emo acting like the big guy in a video game.

>Kirito can randomly hack a completely unrelated game - and which game is that? Alfheim? Because if that's what you're talking about, Alfheim is built on Kayaba's seed.

Again this makes no sense in multiple ways, firstly why didn't Kayaba just activate his admin mode the moment he arrived in the game it would have solved the shit in a single episode, also it makes no sense from the progammers viewpoint again, just because the games are based off on similar engines won't mean that bugs in one game can be exploitable in all of the games belonging to that engine, do you know how many games run on unreal engine? A fucking lot, try fucking finding me a bug or a hack that works in all of them, I dare you.

>Kirito can move and stab after 0 HP - because he has that sort of willpower.

In other words you admit that it's deus ex machina, good.

>actually, if you understood how women are, you would not have this objection at all. Someone like Kirito *does* really get that much female attention in real life.

Actually no I question your experience with females or the females in your area might just by vastly different from those in the rest of the world, bitches don't give a fuck about someone who is obviously sexually oblivious and doesn't notice any advances towards them like Kirito, yes they fall into man who treat them like shit because of the basic animal pychology, but Kirito doesn't even treat them as anything, or even as a women, which if it were applied to IRL situations would result in the woman losing interest, also again wouldn't make sense with the numbers considering how few female gamers are there out of the 10000, it is very unlikely that 4 women would all fall into Kirito in a single game especially when Kirito like people personality wise can be found all over the place.

>In any case, SAO has been misclassified as Shounen. It is actually Seinen. There's no reason why Kirito should be like a Shounen hero.

You do realize that Shounen is not a motherfucking genre but a demography, same to seinen, being Shounen means it is generally aimed at 14-18 year old boys, and who decides that? That's right the motherfucking author and his publisher. Also there is nothing in S.A.O. at all that would push it to the Seinen category the fact that you even bothered to say this proves that you have little or possibly no experience in Seinen anime or manga, go watch Shigurui or read Ichi the killer which are great examples of seinen shows. Kirito is the typical self insert protagonist which is even worse than the typical shounen protagonist.

>Finally, the author has made it quite clear that he is nothing like Kirito at all. So much for self-insert.

This is the sentence that proves that you have no idea what is the audience self insert protagonist as you confused it with author self insert.

I will also comment on your comments on valik's wall because you said plenty of stupid things that I can negate there as well.

Valik93 Mar 13, 2014 10:15 AM
I'll give you my answer later... sometime...
Thx for a the read, some parts were really funny.

I'll just give you something to think about:
People like to see what they want to see. This is exactly your case. You're adding up, filling the plotholes FOR THE SHOW by assuming stuff. It's the author who should give those answers. Just the same as you want to see a personality in Kirito when he actually gets zero characterization in the anime itself (you just self inserted yourself man...).
A_Lam_Ma_El Mar 2, 2014 11:27 AM
I copy pasted this from another previous convo with a person who thought S.A.O. was a masterpiece, somethings might not make sense or might not apply, but that is simply because this was a response to a review. The reason I'm posting this, because valik was too lazy to point out some of the things about S.A.O. so I decided to chip in.
A_Lam_Ma_El Mar 2, 2014 11:26 AM
The only reason you think S.A.O. is good because you haven't watched enough anime to realize how bad it truly is for newbies like you everything anime has to offer seems interesting and epic while they are actually not.When you get to 100-150 anime you will hopefully realize that many anime you like now are actually shit.

I wrote this wall of text on another S.A.O. review but its also relevant here so I copy paste it.Some sentences might not make sense though since I wrote this to another person not you.

Except it's tottaly as horrible as people say it is.The only thing Sword Art Online has its going for is personal Enjoyement Factor,Music,and Art style but all of these 3 are based on the viewers personal preferences.

To elaborate something that you might enjoy watching might other people find boring.Something you think looks nice and artsy other people might find that bland and boring.And everyone has a different musical taste so its pointless to argue about that.

Take all these 3 away and Sword Art Online has nothing positive for it so its Objectively a shit anime.

Yes the story is nothing original/nothing we haven't seen before despite what the fanboys claim it to be.It would be ridiclious to call S.A.O.'s plot solid when it contanstly does 2 year and monthly time skips every damn episode without a damn hint of foreshadowing or reason for it basically the author just says:Stuff happened while 2 years have passed and thats about it.And this pretty much wrecks the plot pacing to anything but solid.Not to even mention that the anime fucking switches from fast paced action adventure to boring and random ass C.S.I. investigation to even more slow and boring dull slice of life romance episodes.(They even had a fishing episode for gods sake which is basically just filler since it has nothing relevant to the plot as a whole not to mention it was bad as fuck).

Except those plot holes tottaly do destroy the anime the whole anime is in fact a giant gaping plothole to be honest.

-How did the Nervegear get past the safety regulations in the first place if it can kill its wearers don't tell me no one ever tested this thing when its sold worldwide safety regulations aren't that lax.

-How did Kayaba devise his plan in the first place since it would have been almost impossible to not be noticed since it would be technically impossible to not be noticed by the games programmers and its makers unless Kayaba made the game alone or had accomplices.

-What was Kayabas original goal in the first place with trapping this man people in a virtual mmo they never really explained it they just sorta killed him off.Also Kirito seem to have blatantly forgiven him in the end even though his actions have led to this many peoples death and he acts like he is some old pal/rival with him for no reason whatsoever.

-Why did Kirito get a special talent in the game in the first place when no other regular player got one?

-What the fuck was the goverment doing in those 2 years of timeskip didnt they ever try to stop kayabas plan and if they did why couldn't they why has no one tried to hack sword art online?They really should have showed some scenes from in real life to see how shit is going on the other side.

They didnt even show it how those people were taken care of in the real world so they don't die even though i know its explained in the novels but the anime didn't.

-How the fuck did Kirito advance alone faster than whole guilds together?Any person who has ever played any mmos including myself can tell you that even if you already know everything to where to go and all the shortcuts what quest give the most xp and etc. it is still faster and more advantageous to level up and progress with a guild.

-What happens with people who wake after the came nothing was shown about it just a timeskip that showed that established a special school for them i doubt all of them could remain mentally sane or without any consequences and just get back to normal life that.

-How the fuck did Fairy King Oberon(Dont even remember his real name because he was that forgettable)manage to keep a few players locked in coma and then transfer them to his own game without anybody every noticing anything?

-Why the fuck did Kirito retain his skills from Sword Art Online when he started Alfheim Online just saying that Alfheim online was based off on S.A.O. doesn't explain it.And how in the hell didn't admins notice such irregurality in the first place?

-Why the fuck is Kirito seemingly able to do nigh-impossible things in the game just with the sheer power of will?Games don't work like that.(Referring to the fact that he was dead in game terms and he still just went and cut up Kayaba winning the game hell now that i think about it why did killing 'Kayaba' clear the game wasn't the game only supposed to end when the game's final floor was reached and cleared does that man Kayaba would have been the final boss or what?)

These are all the plotholes I could think off my head but there are many more.

No Kirito is not the stereotypical Shönen Protagonist.Kirito is the stereotypical gary-stu protagonist with wish-fullfilment elements that allow the audience to imagine themselves as Kirito and self-insert.His character is blatantly stupid and overpowered for no reason.
-His character personality constantly switched between an Emo-Teenager and a Badass sword fighter randomly.
-He has a hax ability that no one else in the game has a.k.a. dual wielding for no reason and can be only be defeated by ppl who have similar hax skills a.k.a. Kayaba.
-He can just randomly hack a completly unrelated game to sword art online just because he is fucking Kirito
-He can still move and stab even after his hp is reduced to 0 just because he is motherfucking Kirito.
-He can solo instance bossed in an almost 1v1 fight just because he is Kirito(I know this also happens in actual irl mmos but anybody who did those knows actual preparation is needed which Kirito didn't have)
-All the women he mets falls for him for virtually no reason besides that he is Kirito
-Most of the drama actually comes from his stupid and naive actions(A.k.a. hiding his actual level and etc.)

I could go one but i stop now.
If you really wan't to argue that the average shönen protagonist are similar to Kirito then feel free to tell me so and i will gladly explain why it is not so.

Lets talk about the other characters then even though they matter little since this whole anime is about Kirito and self Inserting but whatever.

The girls are just there so Kirito can collect them to his harem most of them only appear for 1 episode and a little scene in the end so most of them have little to no purpose.

Asuna seemed mysterious and interesting in the beginning though she had potentional the author decided to ruin her by making her Kiritos waifu and love interesting turning her into a generic modern tsundere(only classic tsunderes are good).And she basically severs no purpose aside from being Kiritos main driving point and cause for actions in season 2.

There was Klein in the beginning who seemed like he will become an important character but nope only Kirito matters in this show that left Klein with little to no apperances so there is not much to talk about him either.

Then there is Suguha who is just another girl who happens to be Kiritos family member and his ally in Alfheim Online who also wants his cock for no reason.There isn't much to her either she is just there for the fanservice same like every girl in this series.

Then there is Yui an ingame program that was supposed to counsel the players menstal stability but was banned by Kayaba for some reason that was never revealed and eventually received some errors that it became self aware and later became Kiritos and Asuanas adopted daughter(*laughs internally).She is basically just one big convinient excuse of DEUS ex FUCKING MACHINA that the author can summon whenever he wants there is really not much else to her.

There are also hoards of minor supporting characters that appeared just so they can be convinient plot devices like yui but serve even lesser roles so they are not even worth mentioning.

Then there is Kayaba the first seasons villain who for some reason trapped hundred of players in the game and was actively clearing the game among them with a hax ability like kirito.Seriously like nothing is fucking clear about him author never explain anything about him in any of his books even though there are so manny godamn sao novels already.He is just basically just a big obstacle for Kirito to clear and has literraly no character of his own aside from being a generic cliché villain.

The second seasons villain whose name i can't even remember because he was even more forgettable and generic than Kayaba was also just another generic obstacle villain for Kirito nothing else and nobody will remember him after a few weeks or months.

See?Sword Art Online has only one character that actually matters who is Kirito and that one damn character is one of the worst i seen in anime and light novel history 0/10 material.

And i also need to talk about how Season 2 destroyed every little bit of drama season 1 had(A.k.a. people die if they are killed)by turning it into an actual regular mmo leaving me with the feel that im just watching some guys who are just taking some shitty mmo with fairyes way too seriously.Season 2 pretty much destroyed the entire premise of the first season i won't even talk about how much horrible it is compared to the already shitty season 1.If S.A.O. would have been only one season i might have given it a score of 2 instead of 1.

See aside from personal enjoyement,art,music this show literraly has only shit.And why doesnt having personal enjoyement,art,music makes it good?Because entertainment,musical and art taste are subjective and differ by person so you can really value a series worth based on it.

Actual good shows have something even if you strip these 3 off it.Like i honestly didn't enjoy watching Evangelion im not one person who is into giant robot battles.But i could still appreciate the capturing story many interesting ideas and tons of symbolism that is there in it and actually well developed characters unlike S.A.O. which has nothing in that department.

I love how even the Author of S.A.O. said that what he has written is bad and apologized for it and the fans are still defending it like it some masterpiece its just laughable.

So why do people like this show?I explain:

-Entire self insert/wish fullfilment scenario and protagonist Seriously who didn't dream of being inside a game and living there acting like the hero and shit?Its kinda everyones fantasy so it makes really easy to imagine themselves as Kirito and fantasize about it.

-I'ts one of the few shows that directly appeals to the demography of gamers which invited in a lot of the audience even before it started airing considering how much this show was hyped.Yes gamers basically wanted to see a 'good' gaming anime and S.A.O. fullfilled their wishes since the .HACK series which has the same premise as S.A.O. cant fullfill their fantasies since its way too mature and serious for gamers.If you look most of the S.A.O. fanbase is made of these gamers.

-3rd reason S.A.O. is what I personnaly called 'Pew Pew' Anime:Pew Pew animes have usually:
-Great premises that draws the audience in
-Great Animation and Art
-Great Soundtracks and Voice Actors
-Lots of Action scenes
-(While actually being a really generic story that has no depth and character development whatsoever once you look behind the surface)
-They usually decrease the production quality after the first few episodes once the audience has been drawn in to save money.

And men Pew Pew animes fucking sell it really shows that all you need to do to entertain the audience is a good cast,visuals,action and animation and it actually sadly works because most anime fans are this simple minded.Which explains why other pew pew animes are also succesful not just S.A.O.(other pew pew animes include:Guilty Crown,Black Lagoon,Ao no Exorcistt etc some are less worse than others)

With this i conclude my wall of text of doom:

S.A.O. is one of the worst animes of our decade that doesn't deserve any of its popularity and fame and should never be rated higher than 1.

The end.
Valik93 Mar 2, 2014 10:59 AM
Plot hole #1: Why did Kayaba close everybody in a virtual world?
It’s a really irritating part for me that in the very end Kayaba’s answer is “I don’t remember”. The move is cheap that it stinks. The author simply refuses to give us this answer, which is basically what the whole SAO is about and simply lets the viewer guess it. I hate this one the most to be sincere and that’s why I wrote it 1st. Only an idiot can find deepness in that “I don’t remember” line. That “I don’t remember” is actually what the whole anime is about! It’s the whole soul of the story. You can see what shape it has just by this line.

Plot holes #2, #3 and #4: Three horrible Deus Ex Machinas.
We get DEMs at the end of each arc where Kirito stands up… when he shouldn’t and gets admin rights for no reason whatsoever. Add to these the part where he transforms in a monster to get all 3 of them. I really know that an explanation could be easily found for all three of them, but the big problem is that the anime doesn’t give this answer. This is the cheapest form of DEM in anime called willpower and the monster thing might be a skill combo in the game or a bug, or w/e, but again no answer is given and we’re left to guess, which means this is a plot hole.

Plot hole #5: What’s the reason for hating beta testers?
At the very beginning we could see how much hate is directed towards beta testers and this is supposed to be the reason why Kirito hid the dual wielding skill. Now to make you understand how stupid this is: There is no need for everyone to be geared up and overpowered, because if a group of people pass the game, everybody gets out. What’s with that hate towards a potential savior? I know they’re all dumb kids and want to be the one to lead, but in a death game situation, this is not how people act. Survival comes first and if some kiddo wants to go out of the order, the majority should smack him.

Plot hole #6: Pets?
A filler episode with no importance whatsoever to the story and we’re introduced to a new part of the gameplay that isn’t explained practically at all. It’s not like it has any importance since the loli exists to be grabbed by giant tentacles.

Plot holes #7 and #8: Yui’s revival.
Here is something that makes zero damn sense.
1. How did Kirito actually know how to transfer all the info about Yui into an item? Since when should we expect him to be a coder? Again this is just the miracle of the writer because he can pull off the “Just because!”.
2. How could that item actually restore Yui? Why was that item, the only item that got transferred? Did it have a “switch on” button or something on it?

Plot hole #9: Wtf is that “switch” system in the beginning and we don’t see any of that stuff later.

Cheap ass plot element #1: The key from the sky.
First of all Asuna throws the key down and praying for the power of random and guess what. Of course the savior is there! Then he opens the door to heaven! Ask any programmer about how games work. If the creators didn’t intend for that final door to be opened then it wouldn’t have been a door in the first place!

Cheap ass plot element #2: Villains.
That was also a terrible aspect of SAO. The bad guy must be very bad and the good guy must be very good. Kayaba gets a status upgrade right in front of our eyes for no reason whatsoever. He’s a good guy now despite killing hundreds of people.
Also I loled about how he said that SAO was a fair game considering that his Kirito’s 1st guild actually died because of a random TRAP (and there was no sign of it, you know).
I also don’t understand why doesn’t the villain #2 have a “kill” command or simply “log out player X”? Why couldn’t he just ban Kirito from the game?

Cheap ass plot element #3: The Harem.
There is Kirito and bitches fall on him. Hell, even his cousin is okay to ride his horse. A ton of sexy girls in SAO just want to rip a piece of him. You can’t resist Kirito if you have a vagina and that’s a fact.
This actually exists for a reason that I’ll mention later.

Cheap ass plot element #4: Survive? No thanks.
When they attacked the first boss, the guy that was dying refused to get the healing potion.
Buhahahahahaha!!! #YOLO
“No… Ah… I tried to steal the boss… I am a bad person… I… MUST… DIE.”
Just you dare to tell me this plot element is justified and I’ll laugh.

Cheap ass plot element #5: I’ll rape you ONLY in front of your boyfriend.
It’s actually pretty dumb if you think about it, but the villain #2 actually had an in-game boner only when Kirito got in. Until that moment he didn’t touch the girl of course. Reason? Because Asuna MUST BE kept untouched! You can’t have the harem leader be raped. That’ll screw the poor watcher’s brain and all the shampoos with Asuna on them and other figurines and stuff won’t sell!

How good the characters of SAO actually are?
-Kirito is a typical self-insert character with no actual characterization. He exists for one sole reason: for an average teenage gamer to insert himself into him and live the experience of gaming!
He’s nothing but a piece of white paper on which you can write anything you want (or yourself) because he has no distinct features AT ALL. He’s just there and bitches should fall on him as they should fall on every introverted teenage gamer that watches anime. Cheap as fuck!
-Next is Asuna that has a good intro. She looks like a potential interesting and strong female character… just to get butchered as a character later. This is not how character development works! She starts off badass, then her status becomes that of Kirito’s bitch and she can’t solve any problem on her own. And finally her final form is that of a damsel in distress. SAVE ME, KIRITO!!! To make things worse she’s a modern tsundere, which automatically makes her fall into one of the most cliché categories in anime industry.
-I already talked about both villains. The first one is cheap and the second one is pathetic.
-Other characters have no more than 3 episodes of screen time and there’s nothing whatsoever to talk about them.

Faults in execution:
-A lot of people die in the first two episodes of SAO. This should be quite an impact, but here is what the anime does: Nothing. It all happens out of screen and the heavy realization about tons of people dying just isn’t present. This is not how a serious show should take itself.
-Tons of fanservice in form of pantyshots, slutty poses and worst of all a censured tentacle rape for Asuna. HELL, why did those guys have to be tentacle monsters in the first place???
-Real Kirito and in-game Kirito in ALO had the same damn face and the little object for imouto fetishes couldn’t notice that.
-Wtf was that dance in the end???
-Tons of time skips that make the whole thing stink of cheese (especially the Kirito x Asuna relationship).
Nateal Mar 2, 2014 12:42 AM
Don't mention it. As an experienced reviewer here in MAL, giving out tips is the least I can do to help :)

Oh, and don't mind all the negativity being thrown around your way. Getting your idea out there and seeing how people react to it is half the fun of reviewing stuff here in MAL. But do keep in mind that MAL is dark and full of ego, and that not everyone you will meet will converse with you in a mature manner.

Anyway, best of luck to you! I hope to read more of your reviews in the future =)
DrummerX09 Mar 1, 2014 8:27 PM
The whole second half is a steaming pile of shit and dribble.
Valik93 Feb 23, 2014 11:06 AM
By the say, now that I think about it... Do you want me to present you a whole list of flaws AND ESPECIALLY plot-holes in SAO?)

Just answer with a yes or no.
In case you say no, we're done and you're a hypocrite.
In case you say yes, I'm going to put you in front of a mirror and show the hypocrite by myself.
In case you say you don't care about plot holes in SAO then you have no logical backup to write a negative review about S;G since all you care about is personal enjoyment. Therefore you're still a hypocrite for blaming SAO for having plot-holes.

This might be fun. I want to check out if you're the kind of person to acknowledge his mistakes or the one that prefers to be ignorant.