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May 29, 2017
Not what I was expecting in the slightest, this anime stands out. I was originally intrigued due to his historical setting and context. I’m a huge fan of history in general, especially for areas of the world I’m not that familiar with. Once I got started in this show, though, it was the individualized art style and emotional punch that kept me going.

The art in this show is unique to say the least. Not to everyone’s taste, however I found much enjoyment in it. Usage of thick lines and geometric type backgrounds give the anime an artistic sort of feel, like we’re looking at read more
Apr 17, 2017
Another (Anime) add (All reviews)
Another started out quite strongly with a great Gothic atmosphere and intriguing details. For the most part, the anime keeps the story strong and flowing smoothly. It's just towards the end where it starts to forget itself and loses its way; at least by the latter half of the last episode, the anime wrapped itself up with a final spine tingling thought and suspenseful scene.

As another reviewer has pointed out, this anime really knows how to set a scene. From gloomy skies to antiquated-feeling settings to enough gore to keep even Jason happy, this anime knows how to keep its viewers on the edge read more
Apr 11, 2017
Riding on my recent wave of nostalgia, I decided to re-watch this anime classic. I first dove into this series in the late 90s, while I was still in high school. It was my introduction to mainstream anime, outside of the offerings on network television. I remember being enthralled by the story, characters, and animation. Compared to what I had been exposed to previously, FY was an experience. After re-watching however, I don't feel it was able to stand the test of time in most areas. I actually took down my overall numerical score by one point after this re-watch.

One area this anime still holds read more
Mar 28, 2017
Riding on a wave of nostalgia, I've found myself indulging in rereads of favorite books/manga and rewatches of favorite anime/TV shows. KKM is one such. I remember it being an engaging mix of zany characters, hilarious elements, and compelling story and relationships. For the most part, the series holds up. Given a distance of a decade from the initial watch, I can say now, though, that I've noticed more definitively the downsides to this series


To me, this was one of the strong points for this anime to begin with. Once you get through the excessive amount of filler episodes, the overall story of read more
Mar 28, 2009
Holy flippin' A!!! Where to even begin with this anime?! There is so much here that I look for in an anime; I even added it to my favorites list before I was even done watching. It's got beautiful and THICK plot, hidden meanings, a GORGEOUS musical score, wonderful and zany characters, and enough emotional hitting power to make me keep a tissue box handy for those sad and happy tears. This would be my first review to be an absolute 10 in score if there weren't just a few unanswered questions and assumed understanding after everything was said and done. Even with read more
Mar 28, 2009
Wagaya no Oinari-sama was an anime that I was highly anticipating from reading the plot summary provided here at MAL and the small details I could learn elsewhere. I love an anime that involves the Japanese supernatural elements like youkai and people trying to protect each other (i.e. Noburu with Tohru in this case). The character designs looked pleasing as well. After watching, I have to report that Wagaya has failed in meeting my expectations. When it comes to plot and story, this anime just doesn't meet its hype. And while there are some redeeming features in terms of musical score and comedic elements, I read more
Mar 25, 2009
Hikaru no Go is one of those animes that seems to push the bar for other animes to follow. In almost every aspect, this anime provided entertainment, thought-provoking ideas, great comedic moments, and the eternal drive for the better game that exists in some fashion in every sports/game orientated anime. The character-driven action and emotional resonance creates one of those gems of anime that would have culminated into an anime classic except for a single glaring aspect that prevented stardom. I enjoyed this series so much that I made a marathon of it and the hour and fifteen minute special within a three day span. read more