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Mar 24, 2017
Being a fan of the franchise I really wanted to like this season. But I do know that I have to set my expectations lower since it's a whole different cast (cat group) and the web-ban is not as popular as the manga version (dog group). But boy I was still disappointed.

Working's comedy always have its ups and downs. The worst being the insane leaps of logic and flat humor the writer tries to force onto the show. And apparently that's all that this anime is about. The circumstances and situations are characters are in are so incredibly forced and unbelievable, it's painful to carry read more
Apr 4, 2013
Everyone knows what to expect from Tamako Market even before it aired. Kyoto Animation's on a roll and churning out the cute-girls-doing-cute-things anime ever since K-ON became a smashing success and that their moéblobs literally oozes money. Plus, Tamako Market is an original; meaning they had free reign to stuff moé into the show in any way and every way possible.

So is it a cheap strategy that banks on a recycled stereotype? Shockingly, not at all. The gargantuan budget allowed superb production quality and a fair amount of creativity as well; the moéblob of the season, Tamako, proved that there still could be something new read more
Apr 4, 2013
Right... so this is not a mecha anime. I was honestly expecting a Gundam-style battle right up till the end, but no. Despite being all high-tech and stuff, the "robots" are the same chunky, dumb and awkwardly moving pieces of metal you see every now and then on the 9 o'clock news. This is a show meant for robotics enthusiasts.

So, Production I.G. on a noitaminA slot, it ought to be good right? Not even remotely. In fact, it smells like the shit they cooked up exactly one year ago. Well, it wasn't that bad, but aside from the excellent production quality we expected from the read more
Apr 4, 2013
Senran Kagura is one of those titles that doesn't pretend it is something high-quality; even the game it spawned from is all about clothing damage and huge jiggling breasts. Once you move past the unrealistic expectations, it becomes something you can, er, actually enjoy.

Titles like these banks almost entirely on the character designs. The huge success of the games proved their appeal somewhat (I even put up Hibari as one of the most likable characters of the season). Character like Yomi, Yagyu and Katsuragi are also pretty popular on the net. It's a pity one of the most well-received characters (and one of my favourites), read more
Jun 4, 2012
Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam goes from an interesting tribute to a snoozer and ends in a failure.

Throughout the early episodes of the series, I remember having favorable opinions for the show; it reminds me of the brilliance of the first season, the vast world, and even one of the first reasons I started liking anime, because Last Exile was one of the earliest shows I've watched. I hated Millia, but I liked Fam, and that Toyosaki Aki did a pretty good job on her. As long they keep this up and moving on to the real story, it would turn out really good.

It didn't read more
Apr 25, 2012
Prior to the anime's airing, I gave the manga a quick preview, and quickly got hooked. It feels like a shoujo romance story at heart, but doesn't have any of the excessive melodrama I hated so much. I usually like shoujo short stories because it presents the novelty of the story without diluting it with character exposition arcs and unrelated side stories. Those methods works to lengthen the serialization (more profit) and adds value to the secondary characters, but it doesn't do much for the story, or for the people that just aren't that into shoujo.

Inu x Boku isn't shoujo, but it has all the read more
Apr 25, 2012
To put things in perspective, I could summarize all of the story in all 11 episodes in a single paragraph, and still not spoil the show for you. This isn't really an exaggeration; quite a number of episodes have nothing to do with the plot of the Karen Bee and Tsukihi Phoenix arc, and those that does are mostly filled with dialogue, Nisio Isin style. Leaning on Bakemonogatari's success, I suppose Shaft realized that the fans don't need the story; they want the beautiful synergy between the animating genius of Shinbo and creative narrative of Nisio Isin.

So I've gotta say, if it's the story you're read more
Jul 25, 2011
Darker than Black is one of those popular series I find hard to like. By no means I find it a lousy show, but despite the number of praises the series received, I can't seem to find myself really enjoying the show. I've finished watching this series ages ago, but I could only find so little to write about. Hence the review the delayed until now.

Let's start with the stuff that I really do appreciate. The songs are awesome; the animation remain high quality and consistent; the writing and pacing is solid; and the character's roles are well played and developed through the course of read more
Jul 22, 2011
I guess I got convinced to give this series a try, even if it's totally not to my taste. With everybody talking about how good the series can be, how can I not give this a chance? I mean, look at how many perfects scores there are; all of them practically screams "WATCH THIS".

Now, this review is written in 2011, and this anime came out in 2002. I feel that anime standards (at the very least, animation-wise) has increased a lot since then, so my score might not do justice to it's formal glory. But think about it, if you're reading this, you would have read more
May 25, 2011
I'm gonna come out and say that Fractale isn't that bad... and all the hate people have for it is kinda unjustified. The problem is that the show didn't manage to become the kind of masterpiece Yamakan wanted it to be, and that failed promise put the show in a very negative light. At least he's a man of his word, and "retired for the time being". It's a pity if he actually goes away for good because I still think he's still someone with plenty of talent, and even some of that does show in the flop that is Fractale.

I've said this on more read more