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Sep 4, 2016
Story: 7
Art: 9
Sound: 9
Characters: 8

Bonobono is an anime short that is focused on the lives of a few animals. Each episode is about five and a half minutes long, and the cast of characters is fairly small. Bonobono originally aired in the 90s, and this is the 2016 take on the show. To be clear, I have not seen the original so this review is just based on the 2016 version.

While some episodes do continue on into the next one or reference each other, the story is for the most part not exactly fluid. Each episode is extremely mellow, and shows us Bonobono (the blue read more
Sep 2, 2016
Mayoiga (Anime) add (All reviews)
Story: 1
Art/Animation/Sound: 4
Characters: 1

This show is an absolute trainwreck. Anyone who says that this is supposed to be a comedy is just trying to justify Mayoiga's horribleness for some sick reason. This show is not supposed to be funny, and it isn't. Despite its lighthearted moments, it is not enjoyable.

The story starts off very intriguing. The different characters who we see on the bus in the very beginning of the show seem like they could be unique. The story seems strange, but I think anyone would want to know where it is going.

This intrigue very quickly dies off as we see that the story read more