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Jun 7, 2009
I know that everybody’s talking about the flaws of Slayers R [and they have a really good point, i saw them too] but i think there are things to like in this season as well as in the others.

Firstly, the animation was waaay better then the prequels and i really enjoyed that they managed to keep the character’s voices the same way; the soundtrack wasn’t that great, but i kinda liked the opening theme [in my opinion, it was really similar to the opening of TRY, which i absolutely adored]. It actually demonstrated a growth in the quality of this show, and proved that Slayers read more
Jun 6, 2009
i never thought i'd enjoy a Slayers manga this much [mainly due to the fact that up until now i've only watched the anime] but this story really caught my attention [and made me put the Slayers novels which i shamefully admit i have not read first on my ‘plan to read’ list].

The story has almost nothing to do with the previous storyline, although it kinda picks up after Slayers Next and replaces Slayers Try, but i found that quite enjoyable since this manga was also written in the spirit in which those two were conceived; the storyline revolves around a new male character which read more