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Apr 15, 2014
Samurai Flamenco had a nice flow.

For several episodes it kept me hooked to it's laid back style, interesting characters and enjoyable "semi slice of life" genre. This show was trying to take on a realistic view of "Superheroes". A lot like Batman, but it wasn't about stopping the world from getting destroyed or anything. It was just stopping everyday crimes such as littering or stealing purses.

SUDDENLY, something so fucked up happened. This was above M. Night Shyamalan level. It was so whack. It's like opening a Snickers bar and getting a retarded Mars bar instead.

I ask why, why do you do something like this? What read more
Jun 21, 2012
This 5 minute short is ranked #427 on MAL on the day that I have written this short review. I still do not understand MAL ratings.

Hey it's your typical Pokemon crap, starting out, beating a "team" of bad guys and becoming the Champion, never catching them all. Which is just a 5 minute promo for the upcoming game, Black and White 2. I've always loved Pokemon because it was my childhood and I still do love it.

The reason this promo is so good is that it's far better than all 600+ episodes of Pokemon. It only shows a few clips of what will be happening read more
May 8, 2012
So I heard you hate life. Here's a video game that you can play IN real life! Now do you like life more? Even though you can only stay in the game for 1200 seconds which only amounts to about a second in the real world. Don't worry. McDonalds will be served.

Putting an obese protagonist in a show isn't done much. And I didn't expect shounen shows to have a fat ass, who hates his life, as a main character. Don't get me wrong though, I don't mind how the main character usually looks, but if the personality is this annoying, I'd rather have someone read more
Mar 30, 2012
Blue haired feminine kid says: "Ohmygawd! I'm homosexual (not that there's anything wrong with it) and I love you for giving me a CARD KAIBA! I shall try to match up with you in our imaginary battles".


A card game anime. When you think "card anime" you think YuGiOh, unless you're actually a fan of this show then you think "vanguard!!".
Alright so let's bring a board, a few cards, place the the cards while imagining that you're in the battle world and screaming/falling off your chair like some insane brainblast just happened. I saw this and thought of how that's possible. I couldn't understand what the read more
Mar 15, 2012
Puzzles. Solving them is extremely fun, and supposedly they have a heart. Some puzzles are so damn dangerous that you could die if you mess up. The word "puzzles" is mentioned a lot of times in this show. It gets quite annoying.

Story: The main character is a fuckin' smart-ass, and he's nicknamed Einstein. He is put into a situation where he has to solve super-duper-mega-pooper dangerous puzzles for absolutely No. MothaFucking. Reason. The show is about puzzle solving, yet 80% of the god damned episode we see the main characters in school. Or doing something crappy unrelated to puzzles. And when the show read more
Feb 23, 2012
One day some director decided to make an anime show where a regular teenage boy, who goes to school and gets super powers because of a serious event that happened (usually a girl appears which grants him that power). Soon after this anime was made, more similar shows kept being created. After a couple of years, Guilty Crown was made, and damn, it changed everything! No I'm just joking, it has nothing fking new in the anime industry. BUT, to everyone that thinks this is a copy of Code Geass, the only thing related between these 2 shows is "Magic girl appears and gives power read more
Feb 17, 2012
Anyone who's rated this show high is obviously;
A) New to anime
B) Narutard
C) High

Story: This is your average shounen with your typical "moe" female character, a "cool dark careless" male protagonist who has a kind side to him, and the Bleach/One Piece/(and other 20 shows or so), thing where random people meet up and just HAPPEN to have some power or shit, then they team up and attack the bad guys. This retarded overused story is what little children can make up. "Bunch of ninja good guys with powers team up and fight bad guys" OH DAMN, NEVER DID I THINK OF THAT! How the hell read more
Feb 9, 2012
What The Fuck? As a regular person who looked for "myanimelist lowest rated" on google, I found this and watched it. Here is my awesome adventure to the dangerous world of WTF:
Click on Google Chrome
Type in "myanimelist lowest rated"
Read reviews
Decide on watching a show not recommenced to be watched
Type in "Mars of Destruction episode 1" on google
Click the link that seems like it has the episode
Wait for the video to start
And it begins
Annoying radio guys talking to each other for like 5 god damned minutes
ship dissolves?
5 year old making a stop motion animation, animation was used to create this show
girl gets attacked and head gets read more
Jan 8, 2012
Bullshit x 1000.

Story: The whole show was unfunny, and so boring that I couldn't pay attention to what ever the hell, was going on.

Characters: Just completely annoying characters. The only one I can remember is Chidori, because her name reminds me of Naruto I guess.

I can't say much because it just bored me too the extreme. After 1 week or so after I completed watching this, I couldn't remember what the whole plot was or how it looked like, OR who the characters were. The only reason I watched was because of the high ratings. BullShit.
This show is a plain piece of crap wearing a read more
Jan 5, 2012
I don't get it, I just fuckin' don't get it. What's this show supposed to be about? I understood nothing, BECAUSE IT HAD NOTHING. Honestly, when you have almost no plot with random shit going on, don't put in 100 characters and expect me to remember 2.

Story: I don't know. But at the start they play tag =D.

Character: All I know is that there's a main character, who likes a girl named Horizon and finds a girl looking similar to her. He also likes them boobies, and tries to catch em all! He's a goofy, dumb, bastard who I feel kick round house kicking. He read more