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Sep 4, 2016

Okay so... I've watched a lot of hentai in my day but... but this? This was disturbing. I like yoai normally but... the fact that one of these boys was prepubescent and thirsty was one of the most disturbing things I have encountered.

The story... well.... nothing much. They just sort of met then had sex.

The art was... actually good. I actually really like the art style and the way their hair was drawn.

The sound was actually good too. Very well... hate to admit it but... it was kind of arousing.

The characters were crap with this little prepubescent thirsty boy.

My enjoyment.... well.... no. Just no. read more
Sep 4, 2016
Future Diary... Well... This anime is very popular for what I think is the wrong reason. If someone told you to watch it, their reasoning for saying so is because they most likely love the character Yuno Gasai. In my opinion, she was a biatch who was obsessed with this one guy.

The story was pretty good. Kind of reminded me of The Hunger Games because... It was basically the same thing except you're God if you win. I found this concept to be interesting seeing as to the fact that I never got why anyone would want to be God. (8/10)

The art is something read more
Sep 4, 2016
Hm... As far as hentai goes, this was quite enjoyable. The sex scenes were very... arousing and pleasant to watch. Nothing too hardcore in my opinion, but I would rather it not be. All of the sex scenes are straight which is kind of boring in my opinion.

The story well.... There wasn't really much of a story but.... it's hentai so.... (6/10)

The art was good over all, except the fact that the lips look very big at times did really bother me but again, that's just me. (6/10)

The sound... well... To be honest the sound was on point. Just listening to the scene made me read more