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Feb 19, 2018
Devilman (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
When I first started to read this manga, I didn’t expect much other than lots and lots of imagery of tits and naked women. Oh yeah, and apocalyptic imagery and boy, I was not disappointed.

I’ll admit that this manga was way out of my usual comfort zone – especially with how American politics being the way they are but it did give me some insight to what the general mood was like during the 1980s. You see, the Cold War didn’t just affect the United States and the Soviet Union when it was still around – everyone in the world was scared about nuclear ...
Mar 14, 2015
The first impressions I had about this OVA weren’t really favorable. Because of the ridiculousness of the original anime, I didn’t expect much other than another not-so-good parody of the magical girl genre and I wasn’t expecting this OVA to be serious in the slightest. This is only one episode so a lot was going to be as packed in as possible.

However, I was met with exactly those expectations. It seemed they aged up Kokoro to make it appropriate for the animators to draw her in sexy clothes and sexy gear and to show off the panty shots. This OVA is very unapologetic about their ...
Mar 3, 2015
I.O.N (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
This short story was actually Arina Tanemura’s first full length manga. It’s a cute short story about a girl, with a special good luck charm, falling in love with a boy while attaining even more telekinetic powers. Is this any more realistic than her other manga, or the manga that’s to be? Sure; it has a mix of science and the supernatural so something like this could happen.

The art in this manga is iconic and it’s what Tanemura’s known for – big eyes, detailed hair, and the same face & personality. You see, Tanemura hadn’t really deviated from the looks she gave her other characters. ...
Feb 27, 2015
Mixed Feelings
The first impressions I had about this anime was going to be a slice of life type (since CLAMP love doing those along with romances) with some extremely basic themes as the art design seemed really simple, cute, and heartwarming. With only 18 episodes (plus 8 specials), I’d figure this wouldn’t take me very long to finish anyway.

“Sweet Valerian” is really cute and it’s really simple. The entire length of an episode is actually three minutes long, enough time for things to happen and the Valariens to take down the monster but if there is a plot to have it’s simply about this: monsters are ...
Feb 15, 2015
Imadoki! (Manga) add
This manga is more realistic than Yuu Watase’s other work. This manga is a simple story about a simple country girl who helps change a technology ran and expensive high school. Yuu Watase’s art is always very nice and it’s clear what’s going on in the story. The characters are easily defined, visually, and it’s easy to tell them apart from the background characters.

As far as the writing, though, it’s good at first. The romance is pretty clear between Tanpopo and Koki, the male lead and there is an actual friendship between the two. Not only that, it’s clear that there’s a friendship between the ...
Feb 13, 2015
The first impression I had about this particular anime is it didn’t strike me as a magical girl OVA and just more of medieval/fantasy story. Since this particular OVA was released during the 1980s, I wondered if it’s going to have any of the ridiculousness and cheese that American movies had in their own media that was present at this time. Although, looking at the promotional art and some screencaps, the art is extremely gorgeous and it’s something that definitely appeals to me. The only thing, though, I didn’t expect to like it as much as I actually do.

Since this is only one OVA, I’m ...
Jan 31, 2015
The first impressions I had about the anime is wondering if it’s going to be as funny as “Excel Saga”. Granted, a lot of people didn’t like the humor in “Excel Saga” but it is a hit or a miss, depending what type of humor the viewer has already. Since I did previously enjoyed “Excel Saga”, I wondered if it’s going on the same vein, but rushed.

In the first episode, we’re introduced to POemy Watanabe along with her adoptive parents, Nabeshin (whom she calls “Mr. Director”) and Kumi-Kumi. Right away, we see the magical girl, Poemi, fighting the classic and iconic magical girls (up to ...
Jan 30, 2015

I’m not quite sure where to start off with this manga. First of all, I didn’t like it. The art was nice but that’s probably one of the nicest things I’m going to say about this.

I’m going to be honest with you, when I first read the description, I thought I was going to read something actually interesting and of substance. Maybe this will be a one shot about how the victims of kidnappings are handled in Japan, or at least a critical look at their mental health system.

But it wasn’t.

Honestly, I wasn’t even sure what was even going on with the manga itself. ...
Jan 30, 2015

Despite the cutesy art and the fact the main characters are in middle school, this manga is a lot deeper than at first glance. It might even be too real at certain points. However, it’s the art that draws me in and it’s the story that kept me there.

Nagisa has a stay-at-home brother, whom she admires, while her mother is constantly working. Apparently, her father passed way ten years prior to the story while he was fishing. Since then, they’ve lived in poverty. The insurance for the father had long since dried up and Nagisa was starting to feel the effects of ...
Jan 30, 2015
First, let’s point out the elephant in the room: the art. The art is not you’re typical anime or manga style that we’re so used to seeing. On top of this, this came out in 1993 so, I suppose, this is a retro manga. Obviously they made Toshiko extremely beautiful and the rest of the women kind of average but that’s the point – Toshiko is a hidden beauty who had been under the watchful (and extremely disturbing) uncle who had raised her since she was orphaned as a little girl.

The story starts out with Kuro after he had sex with two women and someone ...

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