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Master38 Feb 3, 2017 6:20 AM
It´s kind of stupid to write somebody who is obviously not active anymore, but I definitely HAVE to write something to get rid of this built up frustration. Here we go:

HOLY SHITBALLS, your reviews are fucking horrible! Yeah, yeah, everybody has different opinions and tastes, I get that and and I wouldn´t want to take the rights to express your opinion from anyone as freedom of speech is a precious value in our society. Even if I don´t particularly like an anime, as long as somebody can profoundly explain to me why exactly a certain anime is great in his/her opinion and he/she can substantiate these claims with solid arguments, then I say: No problem!

However, you clearly have no clue how to do that. In most of your reviews you give us a dumbed down synopsis of the story (or you just steal better ones from elsewhere) and then you say stuff like "its goooood" or "super cooool". Just saying the story is good and that you like it isn´t enough for a review.
EXPLAIN why you liked something!
EXPLAIN why you give a totally cliched story a 10!
EXPLAIN why the generic music of an anime is worth a 10 in your book!

Anyone who is looking at the animes you review can immediately tell that you are a fan of Harem/Ecchi animes and I don´t have anything against that, I really don´t. I like my Harem animes as well, however, I can´t remember ANY Harem anime (especially the very recent ones) that would deserve a 10/10 review. Everything has been done to death, the stories, the characters, there are literally no surprises anymore. That doesn´t mean you can´t enjoy them, but at least be truthful about what you say or at least lower your ratings because 10/10 means PERFECT and most of the stuff you review is faaaar from being perfect.

You could say „uh, but i rate them by compare to other ecchines animes and as a huge sucker for echii animes, so its all gooood“. Well, no, it isn´t all good, because you never once state in your reviews that you take special consideration and rate them accordingly as a hardcore fan of Harem/Ecchi shows. However, even if you were to do that, it is highly questionnable how all of them could be worth a 10/10, because not all Harem and Ecchi animes are created equal. There are some “good” ones, some bad ones and a fair share of downright criminally idiotic ones and this is also the case with your selection of reviewed animes.

Regardless, a review should not just be a blatant opinion piece, you should also formulate some valid arguments. Let´s face it, objectively speaking, no Harem/Ecchi anime could honestly be called a masterpiece and for good reasons, they are mostly never expected to be critically acclaimed. They mostly just serve to “entertain” in a certain way and are not there to start thought-provoking discussions or anything. Still, even if you review these animes, you should still be able to tell any other Harem and/or Ecchi fan as to exactly WHY he absolutely has to watch this right now instead of all the other fanservice animes out there. And no, just throwing vague expressions at somebody is not going to convince anybody (sadly, this is not the whole truth, but it is valid for most people).

The biggest joke I have seen was the story about your Air review, which was a 1/10. You apparently didn´t understand it, but you again failed to really substantiate why it left you so confused. After a lot of flak from other fans, you changed your rating, but still evaluated it as a pretty bad show. So let me get this straight, not only are you a wimp who changes his opinion (your rating) due to popular demand, but as soon as an anime appears where a bit more brain is needed to be understood, it is apparently bad. Because a 1/10 would literally mean that this anime is just a worthless piece of trash and has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. I am not the biggest fan of Air myself, I watched it years ago when it first aired (haha) and it also left me semi-confused, but it is still way better than some of the Ecchi garbage that you think so highly of. Come on, Ladies vs. Butlers, 10/10? An audiovisual masterpiece (art + sound 10/10)? "Unique characters" (rofl), 10/10?

Also, English is probably not your first language (it isn´t mine as well), but please work on it, it´s kinda hard to follow sometimes. And interpunctuation is your friend, use it. Some of your story synopses where 5 lines long, but were composed of just one fucking sentence. And finally, learn new adjectives. If you constantly use "good" and "cool", they just become redundant and meaningless, especially since the word "good" is already pretty redundant in the first place. It´s the same with "epic", it has lost all meaning because everything is "epic" nowadays.

Another word that shows up at least sometimes in his reviews is unique or in his case "uniqe" (come on dude, there are only a handful of words where the q is not followed by a u and unique is not one of them). When he uses it, it normally refers to the story or the characters of a specific show. Do you already see the problem here? Yes, the animes and few mangas he reviewed are so far removed from having unique characters or stories that it´s absolutely insane. I took the time to have a closer look at what he refers to as unique in his reviews, here goes:

Ladies vs Butlers: unique characters (lol)

Hayate no Gotoku: characters are not that unique (still a 9)

Nyan Koi!: unique story and plot

Basquash: unique story

DearS: not that unique overall

B-gata H-kei: unique overall

Soul Eater: story not unique, unique characters

Sora no Otoshimono: story not that unique

MM!: unique overall

"Now hold on a minute", you might say here. "Why are you apparently so upset about this guy using this word?" Well, you see, this problem that I am about to write about does not only concern him. I see many people misusing this word to the extreme as the word unique is very often seen by others as a positive attribute. And I would have to disagree with that. Uniqueness is not a positive attribute in and of itself. What unique means is basically "out of the ordinary" or "sth not seen very often". How can this automatically be a positive adjective? Because a baseballbat-wielding nude elderly person going around smashing squirrels in broad daylight is, in my opinion, a unique character, sth that we probably haven´t seen yet in any anime before. But, that doesn´t make him a great character in any way, because this is just a silly quirk without any context to it. However, in his opinion uniqueness is a very important value.

Well OK, let´s assume that uniqueness is a valuable asset to any story/character (which it isn´t), how does he actually define what is unique and what isn´t? And that is the problem, I have no idea! I mean, he considers B-gata H-kei to be overall unique just because the female protagonist is overly perverted instead of the male one, while DearS with its terrible female-aliens-coming-to-Earth-to-be-slaves story to be "not that uniqe". As much as DearS sucks, you gotta admit, it is unique by definition. Still terrible, but at least unique. And that´s the problem with the over and misusage of the word unique in a nutshell

But, for any of you naysayers out there who happen to read this and say “you are way to harsh on this guy”, I am going to handpick some of these gems for you:

An example of a review with no arguments whatsoever: Macross F, 10/10.


[Stolen synopsis]


Yeah, that´s the whole "review" and apparently it was helpful to 3 people. Good fucking God. I think this anime is great as well, but is it that hard to come up with at least one legitimate argument as to WHY it was so great?

From his Hayate no Gotoku review (10/10):

"so i watch this anime recently and it's cool yuo can enjoy while watching it."



Wtf are you even supposed to respond to such a phrase? No, I enjoy my animes after I´m done with them, thank you very much.

Let´s play a guessing game now. This is his full review of Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka:

"where to start it's a normal harem,ecchi,romance anime with a lil bit action in it but really a tiny bit.

well i guess i enjoyed it's drawings were cool and ecchines is ok

so if u are bored and wanna see some romance,ecchi u can watch it"

Just from reading that, just what kind of rating would you expect from that? I mean, if I "kinda enjoyed" something and it was enjoyable after a streak of boredom, I would say a max of 6/10. That sounds fair.

But no, that was a 10/10 review! Well, not really a surprise, seeing as this is just another Harem/Ecchi show with little to nothing to offer, no wonder he gives it this score.

From his DearS review (10/10):

"it's like a classic in the anime world(like elfen lied)"

Fucking what? Even if I were to admit that Elfen Lied is a classic (which I think is really debatable, but I get that a hell of a lot of people like it for its gore and Ecchi), but to have the gull to say that this garbage is worth a perfect rating and even just considering this anime about aliens coming to Earth just to be slaves to be a CLASSIC? That takes some balls.

From his To LOVE-Ru review (10/10):

"sooooo i really gotta say this the main character is a really really stupid there is a girl who loves him and by the way she's an alien and a princess(the heir of the deviluke kingdom more like intergalactic lol)"

Well, I agree with the notion that this guy is stupid, but could you please elaborate? Because the stuff that you say afterwards doesn´t really connect like at all to what you said previously! Good God, can you not bring yourself to articulate yourself in a normal manner or are you actively fighting the urge to write coherent sentences?

From his Soul Eater review (8/10):

"so story isn't that uniqe it goes like this:"

Well, I never saw the show, so I can´t really elaborate on that. But to say that when you labelled soemthing like MM! as "unique", it just goes to show that you have no clue what "unique" actually means.

And now on to the last one, because I can´t take much more of this, his infamous (but rewritten) Air review (7/10). I am going to disect it piece by piece:

"WELL İ DİD GET MANY MANY COMMENTS about why did i give air 1/10 well it was my opinion but i will rewrite my rewiew as everybody wants

but im not giving up of my idea of air being complicated(and makes no sense but well there's too many guys that love air so if it made sense for them than im happy :D:D:D:D:D:D)"

So, just to clarify that, he didn´t rewrite his review and changed his rating because he re-evaluated his opinon on the show. It was because many complained about the way he came to his 1/10 rating. We don´t have access to it anymore, of course, but just by judging his other reviews, it is safe to assume that he didn´t come up with any legitimate complaint whatsoever.

"Yukito is searching for the "girl in the sky"(wtf), and Misuzu believes her other self is flying in the sky above her(lol). Other characters show a similar relationship to the sky, such as Minagi who is a member of the astronomy club, and Michiru who has a fondness for bubbles that float in the air. Kano wants wings to fly....blah blah blah"

I already said this, I have no real recollections of this anime left, only some scenes flash up in my mind, so I can´t say how accurate (lol) his assessment on the story is. But I can say this much, he has reviewed some weird stuff with even weirder stories and character setups. If this anime had an actual Harem and Ecchi in it, I fucking guarantee you, this would have been a coooooool show in his opinion. It would be interesting to him and all of the characters would be so unique, because they are not flatout clones compared from the last Harem he just watched, as they all have different hair colours. -.-

" well i didn't liked air but it was cool so let's be fair"

Seriously dude?! You didn´t like it, but it was cool? What does that mean? What meaning do "like" and "cool" have in this sentence of yours, because they sure as hell can´t mean the same thing when I use them. Everybody has a different evaluation of what these numbers mean for them. But I and most other people I have seen, regard an anime that they give a 7/10 as a pretty good anime. So either make up your mind and give it a 1/10 because you didn´t understand it or be truthful and say that you changed the rating to suit the taste of other people. Just don´t do this half-assed stuff where you stick to your original claims but still evaluate it as a 7/10.

Almost done, I know I can do it, his final "thoughts". I will try to translate what he actually wants to say:

"story: 6 (complicated)"

"I couldn´t be fucked to even think for a little bit, this is too hard for me, so it´s not really good" Honestly, I had a similar problem with Horizon (still my only review), but at least I gave it a shot at trying to explain why it was so hard to follow, this guy isn´t even trying.

"art : 7 (well it was so so)"

"Not enough ecchi and fanservice" is what he is trying to say here.

“sound : 7 kinda liked it but not much”

Our lil´ Mozart over here missed the generic and forgetable music pieces from the typical harem shows that he usually watches. Music taste is a very subjective topic, I know, but come on people, how can anyone take his evaluation of the quality of the OST seriously.

"enjoyment : 5 (not that much enjoyable there are jokes and comedy scenes but not that funny)"

His idea of enjoyment is obviously very different from ours. If an anime has no cliched slapstick and overdone sexual innuendo jokes, it is apparently not very enjoyable... Sounds about right.

"overall :7"

Everything adds up right? xD

I think it was a "good" and "cool" choice of yours to stop reviewing, because, frankly, you are fucking terrible at this. Come back in maybe ten years or so and then try again.
WeikaReis Jul 4, 2012 12:15 PM
Would you like to join the Vocaloid Cards Club ? ;)

I Hope to see you there *-*~
MeitDeist Feb 10, 2011 2:50 PM

choose your cards from this list

FairyDemon Jan 16, 2011 2:20 AM

Hello Members of LE Paradise~
There have been some major changes to LEP~!!

First off, the club is under new management by Shadoe and FairyDemon. We were appointed the position by the club's former manager, Luna-chii who has retired from MAL.
Lately, the club has fallen into a state of "deadness" but we hope to revive LE Paradise with your help.

Current Events

-We are currently hosting a Banner Contest which can be found ~HERE~
-We now have 2 new games up: Three word Story and Guess the Anime with more to come.
-We are currently on a staff hunt for more LE makers and active admins to help keep the club functioning, so if you're interested, apply HERE

Be sure to check out the new stuff and check back for more updates~!
Deactivated101 Nov 10, 2010 12:49 PM
You gave in B gata H Kei review 10 in story. That is rather off don't you think? It is not complete and there is no actual sex in it.
Red_Lighting Jul 24, 2010 12:52 PM
i saw ur review on amagami and im liking this series as well but im not to sure about all the arcs i hope there all good i would prob pref he stay with 1 person but owell o.o
Dunkjoe May 15, 2010 11:10 AM
Oo ending of ep 7 looks good :D
Seems like Angel Beats still has plot going on...
infinitybelt May 11, 2010 11:21 AM
No with your new found understanding

heres your reward ^^...

Dunkjoe May 8, 2010 2:45 PM
O lmao yeah but B Gata H Kei still rocks hell.
I recommend you Angel Beats if you like comedy and some deep and interesting plot. I gave it a 10, now looking for similar titles :D. The beginning 2 eps is a bit slow though.
inacc May 7, 2010 3:22 PM
rofl xD tha nks
infinitybelt May 7, 2010 1:30 PM
So what do you think now? Do you understand at least a little bit more....and maybe even like the anime now? ^^
infinitybelt May 6, 2010 1:12 AM
Ok....that second review..was just like huh? You basically said it was cool because other people say it was good...hmm oh well thats why I'm here. ^^

My friend Yume probably already went over there and dropped a huge bomb of a comment about AIR on your profile, but I will put it more simpler so its easier to understand lol (he does type a lot >_<)

Now mine was a bit long...but there is much to tell....while I agree completely on the fact that is is quite confusing, I have NEVER believed in giving an anime a low score just because I did not understand it....I just don't think thats fair to the lower the score of the anime by giving it a "1"~ I value everyone's opinion, but I just want somebody to have a full understanding of what they review before they review it ^^

P.S> I am not flaming you....just trying to help you comprehend a great anime so you can better review it with your new understanding of the reason I love it so much~ and if you still have questions I would be glad to answer them ^^

anthonyistosen May 5, 2010 3:41 PM
Good job. I can now actually see why you disliked it rather than assume it was your ignorance that caused that other hideous review.

Meh, I can't really blame your for hating it, 12 episodes is way too short and some things felt somewhat irrelevant.

Though, even if you've already know this, I will clarify Air a bit.

As you said in your review, Yukito is searching for a girl in the sky, and basically there are 3 girls that somewhat fit the criteria.
In the original Visual Novel, you could go with any of the 3. But obviously the Air anime adaption just stuck with the Misuzu ending. So, basically, they butchered the story somewhat. Here's a few things:

1) Yukito is the crow (duh), and was transformed to so since he could no longer be with Misuzu in human form.
2) Misuzu is the real girl in the sky Yukito is looking for
3) Misuzu dies in the end, due the fact that she houses the goddess inside her (which is Kanna) and is cursed to reincarnate.
4) Yukito is also an incarnation of Ryuya, who vowed to break the chain of Kanna's reincarnating and free her soul.
5) In the end, Yukito was unsuccessful in breaking the chain of reincarnation with Misuzu, but they both reincarnated into those two kids in the end who are playing at the beach.
Vocaloidvoice May 5, 2010 12:40 PM
you're welcome dude.
it's kinda funny you gave it a 7 after all ;D
(honestly, i never understood the concept, maybe I'm dumb but you gotta admit that anime was a bit weird.. right?)