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Jan 27, 2011
well this one is a good one from this season couse it's about dragons (heeey)

in this world there are items called lost preciouses which hold the the soul of a dead human (well u now when you love something and value it in life part of ur soul goes to it and kinda like it well..) but there are as well as cursed preciouses witch are baad news for the users they are a no no.let's leave this aside our main lead Ryuji Kisaragi livin peacefully and a normal life (well not so normal he is in an organization which captures these so called lost read more
Jan 26, 2011
Gosick (Anime) add (All reviews)
if u love mystery stories then u will also like this one to.

the main part of the story is simple enough for everyone to understand, our main lead Kazuya Kujo transfers to a made up country in this school and made up country of europe there are not many people with black hair, which draws attention to our main lead and they even give him a nick name Black Reaper(i think it's a cool name but he doesn't like it that much oh.. well).and another weird thing is in this made up country there seems to be a lot of ghost,mystery stories(mostly ghost and read more
Oct 17, 2010
MM! (Anime) add (All reviews)
do you want an anime of uniqeness are u bored of the same plot an same story lines, if ur answer is HELL YEAH then u just need to watch this friggin showww.

well the story is like this :

The story centers the life of Taro Sado going through high school. He came to realize his masochist personality and attempts to conceal this from his crush. To fix it, he enrolled in his school's "2nd Volunteer Club".but that's just the normal part :D.well u will see when u watch :D:D:D:D:DD::DD:D:D::D
Oct 5, 2010
this is what i call a masterpiece yeaah the story is very good and will make u read till the end but there is no end couse it's still airing and they are making an anime adaption.well i can't say anything about it but the manga was pretty good and i liked it.well the storie is:

Keima Katsuragi, a second-year high school student, is an avid Bishōjo game player. He is known on the Internet as "The Capturing God" for his legendary skills to be able to "capture" any 2D girl in games. However, in his actual school life, Keima is known as otamegane. considered nothing read more
Jul 24, 2010
Maaaaan it was awesome.The first arc is over and when i see the 1 st ending i was like helll yeahhh.But now the second arc starts i cant wait for it.

Ah i almost forget hahaha this is supposed to be a review.Well let's review the first arc Haruka and Junichi well i think it's the best couple but now the second arc will start i don't know what will happen to Junichi.

As everyone knows(i think :) this is anime is converted from a galge so as every galge it wil have multiple ends that will shock each time we watch it.As i said the first read more
May 5, 2010
Air (Anime) add (All reviews)
WELL İ DİD GET MANY MANY COMMENTS about why did i give air 1/10 well it was my opinion but i will rewrite my rewiew as everybody wants

but im not giving up of my idea of air being complicated(and makes no sense but well there's too many guys that love air so if it made sense for them than im happy :D:D:D:D:D:D)

Yukito is searching for the "girl in the sky"(wtf), and Misuzu believes her other self is flying in the sky above her(lol). Other characters show a similar relationship to the sky, such as Minagi who is a member of the astronomy club, and read more
Apr 14, 2010
soooooooooo sora no otoshimono or in english heavens lost pet is a cool anime if u like ecchi(xtreme :D),harem,sciene fic,great chicks,comedy,romance,action

the story isn't that uniqe but it satisfies the watcher.the story goes like this:

there is a boy named tomoki he saws the same dream and cries when he wakes up of course he is curious to find out what is the dream about.then someday he goes to the hill where a giant sakura tree is so then a gap in space opens and some materials(bricks kinda or statues whatever)starts so drop and of course our guy is a normal guy who doesn't wabts read more
Apr 9, 2010
soul eater when i heard that name i was expecting something that could rock well it did kinda actually.but i was expecting something more well it was my miss.

so story isn't that uniqe it goes like this:

there's a boy named soul who can became a scythe and his parner miss a cup :D:D:D:D.he makes fun of her boobs :D.well they go and hunt things like monsters.but for scythes if kill and eat 99 evil humans souls (they look like monsters kinda) and one witch soul they power up and became Death Scythe which is very cool and they are very uniqe becouse beating,killing and read more
Apr 5, 2010
sooooo i really gotta say this the main character is a really really stupid there is a girl who loves him and by the way she's an alien and a princess(the heir of the deviluke kingdom more like intergalactic lol)

so story goes like this :

there is a guy that lives normally but one day a girl from space teleports herself from space to our main guys bathroom while he's having a shower.well then he grabs her boobs(accidently by the way that means a marrige proposal lol :D:D)then the guys from space tries to take the girl back to the kingdom but our guy don't let read more
Apr 3, 2010
sooo firstly i gotta say this it's a very very ERO ERO anime.

the story goes around a girl who's goal is to have 100 SEX BUDDİES wow hell yeah i can became one for her :D:D whatever so girl starts to look for sex partners then she saw a guy a normal guy who buys a dictionary from a book store the she tries to make him his first sex partner but then she realizes that she fell for him...

it's uniqe anime where girls became perverted lol of course im not meaning that girls aren't perverted :D:D:D the art is marvelous ecchi scenes read more