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Mar 30, 2019
Attention: Spoilers ahead. My review is more or less a comparison of the anime and manga and describes why I'm not happy with what they did with this adaptation.

I'm not sure how to rate this season. I'm stuck somewhere between 6 (fair) and 8 (very good) because I guess that without the manga comparison, it might be better. I'm also reading the manga and I felt a bit shortchanged at some points throughout the season.

They left out some manga chapters entirely, took away from scenes that were very emotional in the manga but were only so-so/had less impact in the anime. I guess that was read more
Sep 21, 2018
I really can't understand how someone could give this a high ranking. :/
Maybe they watched it when they were kids and are now blindly nostalgic?

The main character is so annoying and dumb I couldn't stand to watch this past episode 40.

I thought BnHA Midoriya was whiny... Forget that. Take Sailor Moon Bunny, cross that with Midoriya and multiply the whiny-ness by 3, then you get KHR's Tsu.He's got nothing going for him. He can neither plot, work hard or even encourage others verbally. All he ever does is whine and act stupid. I mean...come on... he's told he's the 10th big shot...and he never read more
Sep 14, 2018
I was hoping.... Yeah, what was I actually hoping for? That the writing would get better and the fan service take a step back? Guess I was hoping in vain.

7 chapters in and we've already lost one of the main characters' credibility. *sigh*

Minor spoiler about the "Quest" ahead..

Remember Natsu? The guy RAISED by a dragon? Who LOVED Igneel and thought well of dragons except for the evil ones running rampant? Yup, the same guy now sets off on a quest to "seal" some dragons without even bothering to ask why. And initially he thought he'd just beat them to a pulp because he didn't think read more
Aug 27, 2018
Tried to get into it because I was bored but had to drop this because I couldn't stand to watch another episode.

- Winy MC is so winy, he'd cry if you took away his candy. Seriously. Most shoujo heroines are not as winy (and I still hate them o.ô; )
There's just a limit to how much an MC can cry. I think there's not a single episode where Deku is not sniffling or crying at some point. Don't get me wrong, I don't even mind the occasional emotional outburst...but here it just got to a point where it was plain annoying. Remember DBZ little Gohan? read more
Aug 27, 2018
[spoiler-free review from a female's standpoint]

Since anime for girls and women over the age of 12 are still somewhat of a rare good (unless you count the umpteenth music or reverse harem without plot anime - which I'm not a fan of), I've been checking out shounen and seinen anime as well. I'd like to encourage the female audience to give this a try, so I will be talking about some aspects girls and women may be more sensitive about when choosing anime/manga. Of course my review may also be of help to guys - I just chose to mention aspects that might not pop read more