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Jan 14, 2017
Love Live took off great with the brilliant 1st season, started to stumble with the 2nd, and lands in a real belly flop in this movie. I'm really quite sad to see it end this way.

What got me hooked from the start of the 1st season was the CG song/dance performances, and this movie lacks most of that. There are some CG left in the movie that looks cool but mostly it is just "regular" animation. The graphics are good, don't get me wrong, but I really liked that kind of 3D choreography with vividly moving camera angles that the first season brought.

Sadly I didn't ...
Jan 14, 2017
Kiss x Sis (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
So they needed five years to create... this? I guess we're lucky the story is totally non-existant so that we wouldn't have to re-watch all of the previous episodes every time a new one was released once every six months (or something), to keep up with the plot.

This is just pure ecchi, no more no less. No plot, no drama, no character. Just dumb fapping material. Kind of cute though, and very refreshing in the playful and innocent way it depicts matters that are totally taboo in the west.

There are lots of attempts at comedy that sometimes succeed brilliantly, but most of the time ...
Dec 23, 2015
Air in Summer (Anime) add
The original Air series was so good I didn't feel like taking the risk of watching the specials or movie, in case they'd mess up the overall experience. Now, several years later, I thought "meh, why not", and checked out the Summer OVA anyway. Turned out my fears were unfounded. These two episodes could easily have been merged into the TV series without affecting its quality. Sure, you get to know the secondary, "ancient", characters better, which enhances the aggregated enjoyment of Air. But at the same time, it'd slow the series down quite a bit. So I'm totally fine with the decision to keep ...
Dec 12, 2015
Alright, so Strawberry eggs probably doesn't resonate with everyone. It touches subjects such as cross dressing, hebephilia and rabid feminism, which aren't exactly uncontroversial in the west (or I suppose in Japan). Even if you approach this series with an open mind, you'll still have to get past the whacky story, the wierd jokes, the fanservice... All I can say is that Strawberry eggs hits a perfect wavelength for me personally.

Graphically it actually looks really good, especially for a high school anime, and even more especially considering it was made in 2001. Vivid animation, nice lighting effects and above decent character design.

The voice acting is ...
Feb 24, 2015
Mixed Feelings
A short but sweet show without any drama, comedy, ecchi, violence or epicness. So what's left to like, then? Well, a handful of cute characters, a couple of cute scenes, a cute moral or two, some cute music... Yeah, sorry, but when a show doesn't contribute more than "cute", I'm out. I don't mind slow slice of life anime, but there is a thin line between "slow slice of life" and "no story at all", and Candy boy ends up with the larger shoe on the wrong side of that line.

I have to admit it is a gorgeously looking anime, though. The artwork ...
Feb 24, 2015
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (21/26 eps)
Hope is the mother of all disappointment, right?

So... where did the cyberpunk go? All the yummy mood and atmosphere that the GitS movie brought is gone and replaced by a bright, clean and shiny world where it never rains. I get that a TV series rarely can stand up to a movie in terms of graphics, but the difference here is not technical, it's a design choice. This combined with the extremely episodic "mission of the week" format makes you think you're actually watching sci-fi CSI.

The main overarching plot is great, but it's spread out too thin in a tedious mess of one-shot episodes that ...
Feb 21, 2015
This is pretty much as good as you can get within the cyberpunk genre, and it leads the vanguard of philosophical anime. This is not an action flick, even though the few combat scenes are visually stunning and well directed.

GitS took my anime virginity back in '99 or so, but even though it tickled my curiosity, it turns out it wasn't the one that got me hooked on the anime artform per se. See, this movie isn't what you would call typical for anime as far as tropes, memes and dramaturgy go. It owes a lot to western stuff in that regard, mainly Bladerunner ...
Feb 20, 2015
Green Green (Anime) add
Yet another high school / Harem anime. A boys-only school gets a visit by a busload of girls, and the ecchi commences! Lots of panty shots, bare tits, asses and the occational bear rape. Simple plot and stereotypical stereotypicity aside, Green green is actually quite good. The comedy is top notch, with hilarious over the top ecchi-induced perv humor, and the romance plot is decent at the very least.

The graphics are rather bad all in all, but a big plus for the earthshattering facial expressions. While the art style is dated and boring, the characters are well designed and the animation is better than ...
Feb 19, 2015
Wolf's Rain (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Well, this certainly was interesting. A pre-apocalyptic world with both gothpunk, fantasy and sci-fi elements. Could have been a total mess, but the mashup actually works. Much thanks to the great graphic design that makes the dying ashes of the world really believeable. The strong cast makes for a great pallet to paint up the core structure of the setting and the music brings the mood to even higher levels.

Sadly, while the world itself is a masterpiece, the story that takes place in it, is not. It is a tale of the Journey variety, and an unusually boring one at that. The cast moves ...
Feb 17, 2015
Peach Girl (Anime) add
A cute and actually darn funny comedy during the first half, a gripping romantic drama during the second. Peach girl could easily have been one of the best love animes I have watched this far, have it not been for two things; graphics and repetitiveness.

The art style itself I have no problem with. It's pretty standard shojo with lots of eyelashes and flowers and stuff. There are lots of hilarious facial expressions during the comedy bits. And many of the still frames look absolutely gorgeous. The sad thing is, it is very inconsistent, well beyond the point where characters look like entirelly different persons from ...

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